Marty Brodeur, the Best Ever

Martin Brodeur

On Monday night New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur blanked the Pittsburgh Penguins to record the 104th shutout of his career.  That surpassed the great Terry Sawchuck for the most ever.  Just two games after setting the mark for the most appearances by a netminder, he shut down the vaunted attack of the reigning champions to top the 40-year-old shutout mark.

The 37-year-old Brodeur has spent his entire 17 year career with the Devils that has included three Stanley Cup victories, 9 All-Star Games, four Vezina Trophies, the Calder Trophy, and the first Canadian Olympic Gold Medal in 50 years.

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Stat of the Day (Career Road Victories)

I didn’t have to work very hard for this one, it came right off my Chicago Blackhawks tear-away calendar that I got for Christmas. Before we get to the stat, an early analysis of the calender. It’s been great so far because it not only includes some great Blackhawks trivia, but also great NHL trivia, which is where today’s Stat of the Day comes in.

Now, the Stat of the Day.

Only three NHL goaltenders have achieved 200 career road victories. They are: Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur and Ed Belfour. If I were guessing, I would have definitely picked Roy and Brodeur (probably one and two), Belfour might have taken a while to get. It’s just funny that these three guys all played, and some are still playing, in my lifetime. You don’t get too many of those “these are the only people to do this” lists that all have had their careers start and end within the last 20 years.

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