Wake Up, MLS

Last night I found this article on Yahoo! and well, it kind of made me mad.  As you know, I’m Missourian and I live in St. Louis.  The same St. Louis who desperately deserves an MLS Franchise but isn’t getting one.  I can’t quite understand why Don Garber keeps at team out of the Gateway to the West, but he does in favor of places like Montreal and a second team in Los Angeles.  I’m going to make a case for a team in St. Louis because to me, it’s all common sense.

First off, St. Louis is a soccer hotbed in this country.  Let’s just take a look at all the players who have come from the area:

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Whatever Happened To….

As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from the blog for the last week or so but Weller has kept you updated.  Now the roles are reversed as Weller is headed out to Colorado for a ski trip and I now have a consistent internet connection.  So since we’re in the middle of Bowl Season NFL Playoff races, some Hot Stove baseball action and plenty of of sporting news…I’m going to talk about soccer.  Figures, right?

Anyway, this post stems from some Christmas break Fifa 10 at a friend’s house back home.  We were attempting to win the World Cup with the USA when Jozy Altidore got injured.  As we scrolled through the subs to find a replacement we ran across Freddy Adu.  We got to wondering what happened to the future savior of American soccer.  So I looked him up. Continue reading

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