Live Blog of The 2009 NFL Draft (Day 2)

To check out the live blog from Day 1, go here. To check out more of our concluding thoughts from yesterday, go here. Just like yesterday, I will be blogging and Bryan will be taking care of the comments. Today I won’t be providing quite as much analysis due to the fact that teams only have five minutes to make their picks on Day 2 which means I won’t have as much time to provide my opinion on here. Continue reading

Live Champions League Final

The second half just started and my roommate left his laptop in the living room, so I’ve decided to take this opportunity to post some thoughts. Man U really carried the play in the first half, and probably should have had three goals, but the stellar play of the hungry Petr Cech kept the Red Devils at bay. I had just gotten a text message off to my friend and Chelsea supporter saying Chelsea needs to step it up when Frank Lampard leveled for Chelsea. So, 1-1 at half, should be a good one.

Looks like the game is going to get a little testy in the second half. Both teams were pretty unhappy with the refereeing, namely Claude Makelele, who felt hew was unjustly cautioned for a challenge that bloodied Paul Scholes. I must say I agree with him.

Man U is just a touch off. That’s about the third time they’ve been a little too hard on crosses.

Great run by Essien there, I really thought he was about to score.

Drogba really needs to get in the play. He hasn’t done much but complain about his back and not make runs. Chelsea is playing much better at the moment though. Ballack was just given way too much room. Man U needs to be better with their coverage. Rio Ferdinand had been awful today, causing one goal and almost giving up another.

Makelele really needs to watch it. He’s already got another and probably deserved one there for his elbow on Hargreaves. I guess he’s even now.

It seems awful slick out there. Essien and Tevez just went down with minimal contact and Ashley Cole has already changed his boots. I feel like it’s just a matter of time before Chelsea puts one in here.

Man U is really on the defensive here. Chelsea hasn’t gotten inside the box much, though. Lots of long range efforts and corners.

And Ferdinand goes down with a leg cramp. His rough game continues. I think Tommy Smyth disagrees with my assessment of Mr. Ferdinand’s performance.

That was the best effort from Man U in a while. They’d just been trying to spring Tevez for the majority of the half.

Cristiano almost creates a goal by himself, but he probably should’ve crossed that ball instead of shot.

Maloud wants a penalty after being clipped by Ferdinand in the box. It was incidental contact, good no call.

Wow, Drogba with his first real effort of the game and it’s a beauty. That would have been a spectacular goal.

On the other end, Tevez can’t get anything to go for him. He’s very frustrated.

Ferdinand slips, allowing Chelsea to have quite a chance there. People are having a ton of trouble with the playing surface.

Looks like Joe Cole has taken Makelele’s spot for hounded the referee.

With 5 minutes left, it looks like the subs are readying themselves.

Tommy Smyth just said that there has been little good football. I’d agree with him in the second half, but there were many flashes of brilliance in the first half.

Ryan Giggs comes on for the still bloodied Paul Scholes. Let’s see if he can help United’s stagnant attack. My roommate just wondered aloud if Cech’s helmet would help him if he was hit in the head with a sledge hammer. I doubt it.

2 added minutes. Looks like we’re going to be headed to extra time. I’m trying to jinx it. Didn’t work. Overtime.

Chelsea really dominated the play in that half. Drogba’s effort was really the only time where they looked like they were going to score, even though they were in United’s half for most of the 45. I figured they were build on their early-half efforts and scratch one out, but they didn’t. United should make some changes here and try to get something going.

Great close control from Man U as they look better than they did all second half.

Florent Malouda is headed off in favor of Solomon Kalou. Malouda wasn’t overly impressive, so let’s see what Kalou can do.

I thought Chelsea had gone ahead, wow, Lampard cracks the crossbar from close range. They have to be frustrated.

In the recurring theme of the day, Tevez can’t get on the end of the Ronaldo cross.

Now Joe Cole has gone down with a cramp. The Man U fans are not happy with him.

Joe Cole is coming off for Anelka. Chelsea obviously feels like they can take this game and I agree with them. They will be kicking themselves if they let this one slip away.

Evra just had a great run and I thought Giggs had to score. John Terry just saved Chelsea’s hopes with a clearing header, what a play.

Now Wayne Rooney is coming off for Nani. Rooney had little affect except for one amazing long pass to Ronaldo that should’ve been finished.
Man U has looked much better as of late. Maybe Tevez will end his frustration.

First half od overtime comes to an end. Lampard should have finished his chance inside the six and Giggs almost put Man U ahead, hopefully someone will break through in the second OT so we avoid the shootout.

Someone just pointed out that Man U beat Chelsea in penalties in the Community Shield. That’s a little different than now, but it gives us something to go off of.

Wikipedia just told me that Man U won 3-0 on penalties. Pizarro, Lampard, and Wright-Phillips all missed, so it looks like we won’t have a repeat performance in that respect.

Vidic with a two footed tackle that earns him a yellow card. Drogba takes the free kick and misses. His effort was just about as close as Ballack’s earlier, so they won’t have much to fuss about in the dressing room after the game.

Man U suddenly pours on the pressure, but Tevez slips and a couple shots are blocked down. That was best they’ve looked in a while. Several players are down with cramps now, including Ashley Cole and John Terry.

Tevez is now getting into it with the entire Chelsea team, mostly Terry and Ballack. Vidic is now very hot at someone. A yellow card for Ballack, AND NOW DROGBA HAS BEEN SENT OFF! What a turn of events…oh his smacked Vidic, that’s why Vidic was so angry. What a terrible mistake from Drogba. Unbelievably childish from a player who should know better. Incredible.

Shocking turn of events. I’m in disbelief. My non-soccer roommate doesn’t care. I wish someone else was here for this. What was Drogba thinking? Vidic and Drogba had nothing to do with that, unbelievable.

Not much time now. Both teams are resigned to the shootout at this point.

Makelele is coming off now for Juliano Belletti for Chelsea and Anderson is in for Wes Brown for Man U. They don’t have time to do anything though, as the shootout is here.

The first shooter Tevez. Beautiful kick to his lower right. 1-0 United.

Ballack for Chelsea. Another nice kick to his right. Just kicked it too hard for Van der Sar. 1-1.

Carrick for Man U…fools Cech to his left 2-1.

The sub Belletti for Chelsea now…great kick to the lower right. 2-2 now.

Cristiano now…he stutter steps and IT’S SAVED BY CECH…what a bad idea.

Frank Lampard now. Van der Sar gets a hand on it, but it’s too hard. Chelsea in front

Owen Hargreaves with the best shot of the night in the upper left corner. 3-3 now.

Ashley Cole for Chelsea. Van der Sar gets another hand on it, but just can’t keep it out again. 4-3 and now Man U has to score.

Nani now. He puts it in off Cech. John Terry could win it for the Blues.

HE SLIPS AND PUTS IT WIDE! TIE SCORE! The turf really plays a part now.

Anderson for Man U just crushed it up the middle. Man U ahead.

Kalou has to score now. Nice shot to the top right. The tension is mounting.

And here comes Ryan Giggs. Cool as ever, lower right. United with another chance to win.

Anelka to shoot for Chelsea. SAVE BY VAN DER SAR! UNITED WINS!

United has the double and it’s despair for Chelsea. You have to feel for John Terry now.  The Man U players are going crazy in the Moscow rain.  What a game.

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