There Is Nothing Else Like It.

The game day experience in Knoxville is unparalleled by any other team in the country. From the atmosphere to the traditions, it’s all phenomenal. The Vol Walk, Saluting the Hill, Running Through the T, well over 100,000 fans going crazy and singing Rocky Top, the Pride of the Southland Band, tailgating, the first-rate ladies, and most importantly of all watching some great football being played.

Montario Hardesty (2) had 18 carries for 160 yards and a touchdown.

Montario Hardesty (2) had 18 carries for 160 yards and a touchdown.

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The Orange and White Game

enterAs many of you know on Saturday I was at Tennessee’s spring scrimmage, known as The Orange & White Game. If I remember correctly this was the first time I had been at Neyland Stadium for a game since I watched Travis Henry get carted off the field in a game against Vanderbilt. I went with my friend Jason, who was visiting me from Kansas. Jason seemed pretty blown away by the atmosphere here in Knoxville and in Neyland Stadium. At one point he compared the experience of the spring training game at Tennessee to that of an actual regular season game day at Kansas. Welcome to the SEC. Continue reading

New Recruiting Technique

Be original.

If that’s what the new coaching staff for Tennessee football was going for then I would think it’s safe to say that they achieved it. There are multiple reports that multiple coaches ripped off their shirts and got everyone fired up at Tennessee’s Junior Day, where more than 100 high school players were in attendance to see if they would want to be part of Tennessee’s 2010 recruiting class. I have certainly never heard of anything like this happening. Continue reading

Tennessee Coaching Staff

On New Year’s Day I wrote a post about Tennessee Football’s new coaching staff despite the fact that there were still quite a few vacant positions. Two weeks later, I wrote another post to bring more news of the Tennessee coaching staff but there were still vacancies. Then, shortly after that the complete coaching staff was in place, and for whatever reason I didn’t write about it. So now here I am, nearly two weeks after National Signing Day and finally getting around to report on the complete staff for the Tennessee Vols Football team. Here it is: Continue reading

Why I’m Excited for the 2009 Tennessee Vols Football Season


It’s simple, I am so ridiculously excited about our defense for next year. Let me start by pointing out a few defensive players that I think we will miss next year: DB DeAngelo Willingham, LB Ellix Wilson, LB Nevin McKenzie, DL Robert Ayers, and DL Demonte Bolden. Though we will definitely notice the absence of each and every one of those players, I only see Ayers and Bolden being drafted this April. With that out of the way, I’ll go ahead and bring up the good things. Continue reading

Raheem Morris Named Bucs New Head Coach



Those might be two of your first thoughts after reading that heading, and nobody should hold either reaction against you. Less than a month ago Raheem Morris was the defensive backs coach for Tampa Bay, and was promoted to Defensive Coordinator after my Vols hired Monte Kiffin, who had been the Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator since 1996. Bryan wrote a post yesterday about Jon Gruden being fired as the Bucs Head Coach. This was a big enough shock for me, but now, the very next day they announce that their new Head Coach will be Raheem Morris, a 32 year old, who just over three weeks ago was a positional coach, I don’t even really know what to say. Continue reading

Another Update On Tennessee’s Coaching Staff

As many of you may have noticed it’s been about 12 days since my last post, you may have also put two and two together to figure out that this just about dates back to my Colts early exit from the NFL Playoffs. Last year when we lost to the Chargers in the playoffs, Peyton later mentioned that he didn’t even see Eli’s NFC Championship victory the following week because he takes a week or so to let himself get over the final loss of the season without thinking or worrying about football. I decided to follow in his footsteps and did my best to not think about sports for a whole week after that miserable Saturday. I was planning on my return post being about Tony Dungy’s retirement, but then I got sick, so here I am now almost another week gone, writing a completely different post. But enough with the excuses, let’s get down to it. Continue reading

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