NBA Playoffs Preview – First Round

This is written by somebody who we are hoping will become a regular contributor. His name is Adam and he actually knows and follows the NBA which -as many of you know- is something we’ve been missing from this website. Either way, here’s his preview for the playoffs:

First off, I would like to say that I live in the greatest state for the NBA…Missouri, with two major cities St. Louis and Kansas City and a combined number of zero teams. So that means I have no team, but I love the NBA and always have since I can remember, of course I grew up a Bulls fan (who didn’t)!

The NBA seems to be somewhat rejuvenated from a competitive standpoint with a crop of true Superstars in LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, and many more. Sure the defense is still lax for most of the game during the regular season, but for the Playoffs it is different. That’s why I’ve always said that for the casual basketball fan or the NBA hater that the NBA Playoffs are the time to watch. It’s when the greatest players in the world play their hardest and for the NBA fan, it’s the best time of the year! Continue reading

The Oklahoma City Thunder (Yes, Again)

About a month ago I wrote a post, “The Oklahoma City Thunder (Again)” as a follow up to Bryan’s post, “The Oklahoma City Thunder.” Well here I am writing a third post in the series. I felt inclined to do this when I learned that this Oklahoma City Thunder team, was originally going to be called The Oklahoma City Barons. I actually already knew this, and I also knew that there were multiple other names that were possible candidates for the team. What I didn’t know however is how different the uniforms would have looked.

Now tell me that these don’t look infinitely better than the actual jersey that the Oklahoma City Thunder will be wearing. (Show below)

Tell me which jersey you think looks better in the below poll.

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