Friday 5 – Favorite Highlights

This is going to be short because I have a lot I need to do but figured this would be a good way to start my day. I’m simply putting up my five favorite football highlights. This isn’t including anything that has personal, emotional or any other sort of biased attachment or they would simply be plays from the Colts Super Bowl XLI win, the win during that year’s AFC Championship game, Peyton Manning throwing his 49th TD in 2004, the Vols 1998 National Championship and one of my favorites from Peyton at Tennessee. But alas, none of those will be included. These are just highlights that I love to watch over and over simply because of how awesome they are as football plays, not because they had any sort of meaning (to me or anyone) or influence over a game or season. This was hard to narrow down to five so there are a ton of honorable mentions, but I’m sure all those will come up in the comments. Let’s get started: Continue reading

A Fantastic Post

I read this over on 3SIB, and just had to link to it. This is a wonderfully written post, by a BAMA blogger. The fact that he is from the Crimson side of 3SIB and not the Big Orange side is certainly something to keep in mind while reading it. Here is the link:

Consolidated Preseason NCAA Football Rankings

I have compiled NCAA football preseason rankings from a wide range of sources. I’m linking to each one and then including a chart at the bottom showing the rankings side by side and then put in an average ranking for each team and also and adjusted average. The adjusted average only includes the rankings from sources that actually included the team in their rankings. Rivals and Sports Illustrated are the only two sources I used that ranked all 120 teams. I took the top 70 from each of those sources and came up with 75 schools. For the rankings that didn’t have a school included, I gave the excluded schools a default ranking for that source that would be the next highest rank. So if a source only ranked their top 25 then the other 50 teams on my list that weren’t included automatically got the ranking of 26. That way the fact that they would impact the averages in comparison to one another. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section below. Continue reading

The SEC Basketball Tournament

secYesterday I put up my predictions for the Big 12 Conference Tournament, and as promised I am putting up my SEC predictions today. I have a little more bias when it comes to the SEC side of things, so please forgive me when you disagree with my picks. An interesting tid-bit that has always intrigued me is that the SEC and Big 12 both have 12 teams in their conference, and both are divided into two divisions of six. The weird part is that for the Big 12 conference tournament, they seed all the teams 1 through 12 regardless of division, while the SEC seeds the two different divisions 1 through 6 and has it set up so that for the first round no two teams from the same division are matched up against one another. Continue reading

Another Update On Tennessee’s Coaching Staff

As many of you may have noticed it’s been about 12 days since my last post, you may have also put two and two together to figure out that this just about dates back to my Colts early exit from the NFL Playoffs. Last year when we lost to the Chargers in the playoffs, Peyton later mentioned that he didn’t even see Eli’s NFC Championship victory the following week because he takes a week or so to let himself get over the final loss of the season without thinking or worrying about football. I decided to follow in his footsteps and did my best to not think about sports for a whole week after that miserable Saturday. I was planning on my return post being about Tony Dungy’s retirement, but then I got sick, so here I am now almost another week gone, writing a completely different post. But enough with the excuses, let’s get down to it. Continue reading

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