2009 NFL Combine Preview

With the NFL Combine starting tomorrow, I thought that now would be a good time to take a look at what we have to look forward to over the next week. For those of you that don’t know, the NFL Combine is an annual event held each year for players entering the NFL Draft. They are put through a series of workouts and tests so that their results can be recorded and viewed by teams interested in the prospects.

The year’s prospects participate in general workouts that test their overall athleticism and position specific drills that demonstrate the players skills. The players are also measured and weighed so that they are all under the same conditions, and can be given their official size.

There are six general athleticism workouts that go on at the Combine: 40-yard dash, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 3 cone drill, and shuttle run. Continue reading

February 2009 – Important Events

This is something new that I’m going to try to do each month. I will give each date and list important events, games and/or something in sports history that have happened on that date. I will do my best to provide at least one thing for each day. If I forget anything feel free to let me know if a comment. Without further ado, here it is: Continue reading

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