Not a sport.

I have gotten into this debate multiple times in life, and was reminded of it this evening when eating at Cici’s Pizza and there was a table next to us full of girls and guys who appeared to be on some sort of athletic team together. I could easily guess this much as I had grown up being a member of countless sports teams and with them all being in athletic attire I figured it was a safe to assume that they had just gotten out of practice and decided to all go out to eat together. I did struggle at first though, trying to guess in my mind what kind of team they were on. They were much too old to be in some sort of little kid’s coed league (soccer, baseball, etc) where the boys and girls play with and against one another, so my next thought was track. Track was “my sport” in high school and I just didn’t get the track vibe from this group.

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Annual NFL Awards

Our best commenter, Michael, has again requested a post. That was two weeks ago, so it’s about time I put it up. It won’t be as in depth as I had originally intended, but this is it. Here is a list of the major awards given out on a yearly basis in the NFL with my picks for who should win each for the 2008 season: Continue reading

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