Tebow to the Jets

ESPN has reported that Tim Tebow (plus a seventh round pick) has been traded to the Jets for a fourth and sixth rounder. As I mentioned in my mock draft, this was a trade that was expected to happen, it seemed to just be a matter of time before the details were hashed out.

The fun part about this is that my two least favorite quarterbacks are now in the same division together, and in that same division, the Bills have been putting together one of the best defensive lines in the league. I might write more on this later, but figured I would just put this up in the meantime.

Best RB Single Season Performance

Today, just like most days, I was perusing random football statistics. I came across something (I don’t even remember what it was now) and started wondering if Reggie White’s 1987 season was the best season for a defensive end of all-time. Then I wondered if 1987 harbored both the greatest season by a defensive end of all-time and the greatest season by a wide receiver, with Jerry Rice. Then I started to ponder if it was possible to pin down the greatest single season for each position.

For whatever reason, I started looking at running backs first. This was either a good idea or a bad idea depending on how you want to look at it, because there have been several incredible seasons by running backs that could be argued as the single greatest ever. I started by putting together a list, including all of the 2,000-yard rushing seasons, the top five rushing TDs in a season, top five all-purpose TDs in a season, and top ten yards from scrimmage in a season.

Barry Sanders, my favorite running back of all-time

There was obviously some overlap in these groups, so I conveniently ended up with a list of 20 seasons.

(Listed in chronological order after the jump.) Continue reading

Fantasy Football

I know that to some (okay, most) of you out there the fact that I’m writing a post in mid-June about fantasy football may seem ridiculous and Bryan would agree with you. But to me, simply having just finished a fantasy draft, knowing that fantasy leagues all over the country are beginning to be organized and the simple fact that I have a fantasy team already means that the actual NFL season is less than three months away. The excitement that this induces cannot be captured by any word (or set of words) currently in existence in any human language, but I wouldn’t necessarily rule out Shyriiwook. Wow, I’m a nerd. Anyway, the point is that the NFL season is rapidly approaching and so I signed up for an early fantasy league. Continue reading

WaB Field Trip

Yesterday the writers of the blog you’re reading made the trip up to Kansas City for the titanic clash between the Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills.  Since Columbia is exactly halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis there are about 50% Rams fans and 50% Chiefs fans.  It gets to the point where these two fan bases argue about who is better, etc. (though not much of that happens this year).   Because of this, I’ve only been to one Chiefs game in my life and that was only to see Peyton Manning play.  So on Friday when I was offered a chance to see the self-proclaimed “Greatest Fans in the World” in the “Loudest Stadium in Football,” I took them.

n16830756_39466211_1147I realize that they’re 1-10, so the fan base won’t be quite what it was in years past.  Either way, the stands were half empty at halftime.  Not impressive.  We probably wouldn’t have stayed for the entire game except it cost $22 to park.  Between us, we had $17 in cash and luckily Weller found a $5 bill in the side of his car door.  The lady in toll booth seemed to think we were pretty funny while we tried to decide how would were going to pay for parking.  I thought I was going to have to cut off Weller’s fingers and barter with those.  He’s lucky.

Once we reached our $22 parking spot and I decided that it was odd that $22 didn’t get me a parking spot where I could see the stadium, we made our way inside.

I actually watched a whole lot less of the game than I thought I would.  You would think that a game which featured 85 combined points might hold my interest a little bit.  It didn’t.  I spent most of my time pulling for Rian Lindell field goals for my fantasy team.  He got me 18 points, and could have had more if the Bills ran up the score like the Oklahoma Sooners.

All in all, it was a good trip.  Nothing terribly exciting, but it was fun.  The Bills ended up winning 54-31and we were some of the final 27 fans left in the stadium at the end.  Next time you hear a Chiefs fan talk about how great Arrowhead is, pull up this article.  Arrowhead will never, ever be Lambeau Field.  I wish they’d stop saying that.

Oklahoma anyone?

After tonight’s beating of Texas Tech, I want no part of Oklahoma for the rest of the year.  (Also, given Mizzou’s track record against the Sooners, I didn’t want any part of them to begin with.)  I guess we’ll settle all this next week.  I was really pulling for Texas Tech so I could post some great Mike Leach quotes, but alas, that just wasn’t to be. 

Anyway, I’m headed to the Chiefs-Bills game at Arrowhead tomorrow.  I haven’t been to a Chiefs game in about five years, so we’ll see how this goes.  I really don’t care who wins the game since I don’t like the Chiefs and don’t care about the Bills.  I guess the Chiefs’ record is worse than my Rams, so I need them to win so we’ll get the better draft pick.  Full report tomorrow.

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