Revisiting Brandon Phillips’ Short Playoff Stint

Two posts in one day?!  Yeah.  That just happened.

It’s the top of the 8th and the Reds are clearly looking like a team that will once again not score any runs.  That will lead them to a 3-0 sweep at the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies.  There’s no shame in that, obviously, the Phillies are a good team.  However, our old friend and Brandon Phillips went and opened his mouth again before the playoffs started and because of that, we’ll put him under the microscope.

We’ll start with the good.  In Game 2, Phillips led off the game with a homer.  He followed that up with a single and double.  Good work.  His team still lost the game 7-4.  But really, that one game makes him the best hitter on the Reds during their minimal playoff stay.  Yipee!

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Tom Brady Hates the Jets. Brandon Phillips Hates the Cardinals. So What’s the Difference?

By now you’ve probably heard Tom Brady’s comments about the HBO reality TV show “Hard Knocks.”  If not, you need to read more sports news:

Honestly, I haven’t turned it on,” he said in a casual manner. “I hate the Jets, so I refuse to support that show.

Also, by now you’ve heard of our old friend Brandon Phillips’ comments about the St. Louis Cardinals:

Instead of posting his comments here, I’m going to link you to our friends at Doin’ Work because we like them.

I may not agree with them, but it’s good work nonetheless.  Anyway, what’s the difference here?  Why do I like what Tom Brady said and not like what Brandon Phillips said?

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