WaB’s Thoughts on Conference Realignment


There has been lots of talk lately about possible conference realignment involving teams from almost every major conference in existence.  Unfortunately, I have been left without the benefit of the internet to help me with this post so you will truly be getting my completely uninformed speculation about what all is happening.  I have no inside information, but I like to think I’ve read enough articles to have some idea about what is going on.  There’s plenty of propaganda running around out there and tons of articles written with heavy bias so sifting through it all is not easy.  Plus, I’ve tried to set aside my own Missouri bias to see the facts; whether or not I’ve done a good job…well that’s for you to decide. Continue reading

College Football Week 2

Remember those good feelings that the Big 12 had after Week 1?  Forget them.

The Big 12 looked like the ACC out there.

I was at Mizzou’s squeaker of a victory, so I haven’t had a chance to watch a whole lot of the games.  I did get to watch the first half of Tennessee’s debacle before heading off to a tailgate.  Weller may have some sort of report on that later, unless he’s in an alcohol induced coma which is a a very real possibility.  Anyway, let’s get to whatever I was able to deduce from looking at box scores…

As I said before, the Big 12 had a big time hangover.

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Titanic Upset in the Northwest

As I’m sure everyone has known for almost 24 hours, the #1 ranked USC Trojans lost to the Oregon State Beavers last night.  Momentarily, this actually helps clear up the BCS picture.  Go undefeated in the SEC, go to the Title game.  Go undefeated in the Big XII, go to the Title game.  Because of this it also had (potentially) monstrous implications for my Missouri Tigers as well.  It was definitely odd watching a top ranked team go down knowing that it actually helped my team.  This was different for any Tiger fan born after 1960.

Anyway, the big debate raging over at Foxsports.com has been which conference is supreme.  It’s one of those never ending debates where true homers show their true colors, but I’ll go ahead and add my opinion just for fun.

SEC – They have won 4 of the 10 BCS Title games and they boast a front line of LSU, Florida, Auburn, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.  It’s really tough to argue against that.

Big XII – The Big XII is next in line to challenge the SEC’s dominance with 4 teams in the current Top 10: Oklahoma, Mizzou, Texas, and Texas Tech.  Nebraska adds to the prestige, and Colorado is a team on the rise.  They frighten me.

Big 10 – I realize the Big 10 is not good.  They are in this place because of Wisconsin and Penn St.  We’ll see how long those two last with their lofty rankings.  Penn St. faces Illinois this weekend which should be an interesting matchup.

ACC – Lots of rebuilding here.  I think Miami will be back in the title scene here in a few years, but their last two champions, Wake Forest and Virginia Tech, were nothing to write home about.  VA Tech lost to kansas for goodness’ sake.  Let’s see how they handle the Sea of Red in Lincoln this weekend.

Pac 10 – USC is still one of the best in the country, but after that, they have nothing with no other teams ranked in the Top 25.  Last week they went 0-5 against the MWC.  Ouch.

Big East – The Big East boasts West Virginia and South Florida…and that’s about it.  What’s that? WVU lost to East Carolina and Colorado?  Nevermind, the Big East boasts South Florida.

Mountain West – BYU, TCU, and Utah are all ranked this week.  They are still behind the BCS conferences, but they get a mention.  If TCU can somehow upset Oklahoma this weekend, the MWC will jump up a few spots.

Agree? Disagree?  Let me know.

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