As many of you know, and probably saw, the ESPYs were on last night. For those of you that don’t know, the ESPYs is an annual awards show hosted by ESPN. This year Samuel L. Jackson hosted the show and did a pretty good job. There were funny parts and on the whole it went well but I think there have definitely been better ESPY nights in the past. We did get a small glimpse at what a day in the life of Peyton Manning is like, which was obviously my favorite part of the night. We also had some eye-candy on hand with two of my top three favorite super models being in attendance; Miranda Kerr and Marisa Miller. I would also like to add that Marisa Miller is a Vols fan, just to throw that out there.

On to the results: Continue reading

Focusing On The Important Super Bowl Issues…

I realize we haven’t actually put up any sort of real Super Bowl reaction,  but this is too important to go unnoticed.  Lost among all the talk of one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played and the performances of Larry Fitzgerald and Santonio Holmes was the shocking change in Kurt Warner’s wife.

Being a St. Louis Rams fan, I’m well acquainted with Mrs. Warner and her odd style.  I remember her calling into a local St. Louis radio station to defend her husband after the hosts criticized his poor performance.  I remember the cameras always finding her in the stands, despite her shockingly unnattractive looks.  Last night, it took until the fourth quarter to realize that she had changed a bit since leaving the Lou. Continue reading

The Ineptitude of the Cardinals Franchise

I’m talking about the football team. The current Arizona Cardinals. The former Chicago and St. Louis Cardinals. Not the baseball team Albert Pujols plays for now.

Anyway, this is a paragraph straight from the latest Sports Illustrated, which has an article about those Super Bowl-bound Cardinals. I had to post this. It’s like 10 stats of the day in one, and just hilarious in general. So enjoy the following quoted excerpt.

“Still, coaches have enjoyed job security compared with Cardinals quarterbacks. Since 1960 the team has had 39 starting QBs. In 1950 Jim Hardy threw eight interceptions in the season opener. In late ’73 Gary Keithley had a passer rating of 0.00 in consecutive weeks. In 1981 the Cards snapped a nine-year streak without a quarterback sneak. And yet, in ’95, they allowed a 76-yard sneak to Kansas City QB Steve Bono, one of the slowest players in the league.”

That’s just downright hilarious.

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