WMD: The Chase – Peyton Manning

As everyone knows, Brett Favre has retired and then not retired and is now in limbo for what seems like the 900th time. However, for this installment of WMD (Weller’s Musing and Divination) I’m going to be assuming that Mr. Indecisive is actually staying retired and won’t be returning. I realize that it’s a coin-flip and is really anybody’s guess at this point but just bare with me. I’m making this assumption so that we can take a peek into the future to see how far off -both quantitatively and in terms of time- Peyton would be/will be/is from breaking all of the major NFL career passing records if/when/now that Favre retires/has retired – I figure that if he can be indecisive when it comes to returning or retiring then I should follow suit and be just as indecisive with the tense of my verbs.

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My All-Time NFL Team

I actually put this together a couple months ago but I figured it was worth of being put onto this site. This is my All-Time NFL Team, as the title so cleverly suggests. Please keep in mind that I didn’t necessarily pick who I think is the absolute best for each position, but instead I picked players that I thought would work best together, granted a large majority of the time this overlaps with who the best player is at the given position. I also realize that I have this laid out like a depth chart and for all intents and purposes it is, but understand that with a lot of positions it would be on a primarily situational basis to determine who would be in and who wouldn’t be and you’d be splitting hairs to decide who’s actually better anyhow. Also note that for positions where I couldn’t quite make up my mind, I put two players – It’s my list, I can do what I want. With the obvious versatility that this team brings you would be able to run basically any defensive formation as well as any offensive formation, though I was originally taking formations into consideration when selecting players.

If you have any questions about why I picked or left off certain players, feel free to leave a comment and that way I can respond directly on the comment board so that if anyone else has the same question it will all be right there for them.

QB1: Peyton Manning SS1: Ronnie Lott
QB2: Dan Marino SS2: Ken Houston
QB3: Joe Montana/Brett Favre
FS1: Sammy Baugh
RB1: Barry Sanders FS2: Larry Wilson/Emlen Tunnell
RB2: Jim Brown
RB3: Ladanian Tomlinson CB1: Deion Sanders
RB4: Jerome Bettis CB2: Dick Lane
RB5: Walter Payton CB3: Mel Blount
CB4: Rod Woodson
FB1: Bronko Nagurski CB5: Bobby Boyd
WR1: Jerry Rice *LB: Dick Butkus
WR2: Don Hutson *LB: Ray Nitschke
WR3: Lance Alworth *LB: Lawrence Taylor
WR4: Marvin Harrison *LB: Ray Lewis
WR5: Terrell Owens *LB: Mike Singletary
WR6: Don Maynard *LB: Jack Lambert
TE1: Antonio Gates LE1: David Jones
TE2: Kellen Winslow LE2: Gino Marchetti
TE3: John Mackey/Dallas Clark
DT1: Joe Greene
LT1: Anthony Munoz DT2: Bob Lilly
LT2: Jonathan Ogden DT3: Merlin Olsen
LG1: John Hannah RE1: Reggie White
LG2: Gene Upshaw RE2: Bruce Smith
C1: Mel Hein P: Dustin Colquitt/Shane Lechler
C2: Dwight Stephenson K: Mike Vanderjagt/Adam Vinatieri
RG1: Jim Parker KR1: Devin Hester
RG2: Larry Little KR2: Gale Sayers
STP: Steve Tasker
RT1: Forrest Gregg *I was going to specify between inside and outside linebackers but I think that they are all versatile enough to play either so it doesn’t really matter.
RT2: Roosevelt Brown
Coach: Paul Brown/Bill Walsh
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