2010 NFL Draft Live Blog – Day 3 (Rnd 5)

Continuing Day 3 in a separate post to keep it from getting too crowded and confusing. You can see round four by clicking here and round six will be hereContinue reading

Review of Day 2

Yesterday we used the Review of Day 1 as our Friday 5. Today we’re doing a review of Day 2 just because we like making lists. We’re adding two more lists this time around. Just like yesterday we still have the five best picks of the day, the five worst picks of the day and the top ten players still available. Now we also have the five teams that are having the best and worst drafts so far (total from Day 1 and Day 2) tacked on at the end. Here they are: Continue reading

Friday 5 – Review of Day 1

Last year we did a Review of Day 1 for the 2009 Draft and Bryan and I decided that we enjoyed it so much last year that we would do it again this year. The difference this year is that Day 1 only consisted of the first round rather than the first two rounds so we didn’t have quite as much to address. So this time we’re simply doing top ten players still available, the best five picks of the first round and the worst five picks of the first round. Here it is: Continue reading

My NCAA Football Top 25 – Week 5

RK (LW) School Comment
1 2 Oklahoma The Sooner’s pass attack is scary. They go to Baylor this week and then get Texas and Kansas at home. Can they stay on top?
2 4 Missouri The Tigers travel to Lincoln this week to face the Cornhuskers. Mizzou hasn’t won in Lincoln in 30 years.
3 5 Louisiana St. Charles Scott has been a beast. LSU travels to Gainesvill next week. Can they hand the Gators their second straight loss?
4 8 Alabama With Kentucky this weekend and Ole Miss after that the Tide shouldn’t lose anytime soon, but if they look too far ahead Ole Miss could upset them just like the Gators.
5 7 Texas The Longhorns have a tough 5-game stretch coming up: Colorado, OU, Mizzou, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. If they can win all five then they might be the best team in the country.
6 10 Pennsylvania St Penn St is the front runner of the Big Ten now. Will it stay that way after facing Purdue, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio St in October?
7 12 Brigham Young BYU plays TCU on October 16, and Utah in the last game of the season but other than that, their schedule looks like a cake walk.
8 11 Texas Tech From October 25 to November 22 the Red Raiders have a tough 4-game stretch: Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma St and Oklahoma. Can they survive that?
9 3 Georgia At this point it seems that a loss to Alabama is nothing to be embarrassed about, and because of that the Dawgs stay in my top 10.
10 14 South Florida Pitt comes to town on Thursday, can the Bulls string together back to back convincing wins after beating NC St by 31 this past week?
11 1 Southern California Well that was embarrassing.
12 13 Auburn They’ve only lost to LSU, but their win over my Vols wasn’t exactly convincing. Auburn better watch out because they travel to Nashville this weekend, and I think Vandy will be ready for them.
13 6 florida I’m trying not to laugh… Go Rebels!
14 15 Ohio St. They travel to Wisconsin this week, which should be a good game, and will likely prove to be meaningful later in the season.
15 17 Utah The Utes get Oregon State at home this week. Can the Beavers pull off back to back upsets?
16 18 Boise St. The Broncos look good, and don’t seem to have a tough game on their schedule until the last game of the season against Fresno St.
17 19 Kansas The Jayhawks need to win their next two game against Iowa St and Colorado because after that it’s Oklahoma and Texas Tech.
18 9 Wisconsin They blew a big win against Michigan, and now that Ohio St has Beanie Wells the Badgers could be in trouble, especially considering after this week’s game against the Buckeyes they have to play Penn St the following week.
19 22 Vanderbilt Vandy looks good, and they look to show Auburn just how good when the Tigers come to town for “GameDay” this weekend.
20 29 Oklahoma St. The Cowboys look good but after this weekend against Texas A&M they have to face Mizzou, which I don’t think anybody would look forward to at this point.
21 28 Virginia Tech The Hokies have bounced back from their disappointing season opener at East Carolina, now the look to try and take back the ACC.
22 26 Oregon The Ducks look to be the second team from Oregon in as many weeks to beat the USC Trojans.
23 25 Fresno St. It should be easy sailing from here on out. At least until they meet up with Boise St in the last game of the season.
24 NR Connecticut UConn plays North Carolina this week, who are looking for a way to get ranked. If the Huskies aren’t careful they could get upset.
25 16 Wake Forest After losing to Navy I’m not sure they still deserve to be in the top 25, but I’ll let them hang in here for one more week.

Others to note:
26 NR Michigan St.
27 NR Maryland
28 NR Tulsa
29 NR Kentucky
30 NR Ball St.
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