2010 Fan Mock Draft – Main

Welcome to the Master List of our interactive fan mock draft where the readers make the picks. We have each team being represented by a different person and they make the picks that they think are best for their team. Each person has six hours to make their pick and then the next person is on he clock

Since last year’s draft got really cluttered and hard to follow, we’re going to keep this master list at the top of the site. You can click here to read the thoughts behind each selection in the first round, you can click here to read the thoughts behind each selection in the second round, and you can click here to read the thoughts behind each selection in the third round. Make sure to check in often to see who has been selected by which team and who is still left on the board. Continue reading

Rams Draft

As you all know, I’m blessed with the curse of being a St. Louis Rams fan.  About ten years ago, it was a great thing.  Now we’re the laughingstock of pro football.  I guess we’re not the Lions, but you get the idea.  It’s bad.

Anyway, we have a decision to make with the upcoming #1 overall pick in the draft.  With many obvious holes to fill and no real chance to contend next year, (or the year after…or the year after…) I’d like to give my strategy for the upcoming draft.  This might give away my picks for the upcoming Fan Mock Draft, but I have the #1 pick and a few back up plans.

Let’s get started with that first pick.

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Draft Update – Divisional Playoff Edition

After this week’s completely uninteresting games (Chargers-Jets aside, I guess), the draft landscape has changed once again.  The Jets win has launched them down even farther and the Ravens will wonder what could have happened with pick 21.  Without further ado:

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Draft Update – Wildcard Edition

Four more teams learned their draft fate this weekend, so that changes things just a tad.  That gives me an excuse to write another one of these posts.  Let’s do it.

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Draft Update – End of the Regular Season Edition

Well, the Jets emphatically clinched their playoff bid and left the Texans in the unenviable position of the best first team out of the playoffs.  Jacksonville and Chicago finished with the exact same records, same opponent records, same division records, but Chicago’s conference record was 5-7, while Jacksonville’s was 6-6.  That means Chicago will pick ahead of Jacksonville in the draft.  Of course, when I say Chicago, I mean Denver because the Bears traded away their first round pick to the Broncos as part of the Jay Cutler trade.  Got it?

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Draft Update – Week 17 (Late Game Edition)

Now that the late games are done or easily in hand, here is the up to the second draft update.

The Chiefs win has ruined their chance of getting Eric Berry as the Bucs will surely pick him up with the 3rd pick.  In fact, the Chiefs are now down below the Redskins who will probably snag Russell Okung without any problems.  Here is the order without the upcoming Jets-Bengals game:

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Draft Update – Week 17 (Early Game Edition)

The Rams have officially locked up the first pick in the draft thanks to another dismal performance.  Ndamukong Suh, come on down!  Anyway, here is the draft order after the early games.  I’ll put up a second one after the late games and maybe another about the Jets-Bengals game tonight.

Obviously, most of this will change after the late games.  I’m not going to figure out tie-breakers until after those games since they will probably change anyway.  The important part is that the Rams and Lions are locked in to the number 1 and 2 spots respectively.

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