WMD: 1998 Colts vs 2010 Rams

This segment of WMD (Weller’s Musing and Divination) came via a suggestion from Bryan, which he mentioned in this post. The suggestion was to compare the 1998 Colts team with the 2010 Rams team. The ’98 season was Peyton Manning’s rookie year with the Colts and this 2010 season is obviously going to be Sam Bradford’s rookie year with the Rams. The Colts were coming off an abysmal 3-13 season that landed them the top pick in the 98 Draft. The Rams are coming off an abysmal 1-15 season that landed them the top pick in the 10 Draft. Colts top receiver, Marvin Harrison was entering his third season and had yet to really put together a great season. Rams top receiver, Donnie Avery is entering his third season and has yet to really put together a great season. It was Colts head coach, Jim Mora’s first year with the team. It’s Rams head coach, Steve Spagnuolo’s second year with the team. The Colts star running back, Marshall Faulk, who was easily the best player on the team, was entering his fifth season and was coming off a good season in which he was able to play in three more games than he had the previous year. The Rams star running back, Steven Jackson, who is easily the best player on the team, is entering his seventh season and is coming off a great season in which he was able to play in three more games than he had the previous year. The Colts had finished dead last in the worst division in the league the previous year. The Rams finished dead last in the worst division in the league last year. Also, when all else failed the Colts had the small bright spot that was their punter, Chris Gardocki. And, when all else fails the Rams have the small bright spot that is their punter, Donnie Jones. Continue reading

2009 NFL Ranking Formula (Week 6)

I finally got back-to-back weeks with my power ranking formula. With the Saints beating the Giants we are with one less undefeated team, which is making things more and more interesting. This also leaves us with that question that always seems to be asked: who will the last unbeaten team be? The Vikings and Broncos both have two very difficult games coming up. This week the Vikings play at Pittsburgh then next week are at Green Bay followed bye week, while the Broncos have a bye this week but the next two weeks are at Baltimore and then against the Steelers. The Colts and Saints should both win this week, playing away games against the Rams and Dolphins respectively. Then the Colts get the 49ers at home and Texans at home, while the Saints get the Falcons at home and Panthers at home. That two game stretch look more difficult for the Saints but I wouldn’t be surprised to see both teams start 9-0 or 10-0. They both have just one or two more games that look dangerous and other than that it’s relatively easy sailing.

I would still like to add a few more sources to come up with the average rankings but I’m just not sure which ones I would use. If there are any suggestions let me know. Also, The formula I made for this will become more and more accurate as the season goes on, because as of right now the win percentages are being greatly influential over the final outcome due to the fact that each game makes up a greater portion of teams win percentage. The more games that are played, the more it will water down that impact and the rankings as a whole will become more accurate. Continue reading

2009 NFL Combine Preview

With the NFL Combine starting tomorrow, I thought that now would be a good time to take a look at what we have to look forward to over the next week. For those of you that don’t know, the NFL Combine is an annual event held each year for players entering the NFL Draft. They are put through a series of workouts and tests so that their results can be recorded and viewed by teams interested in the prospects.

The year’s prospects participate in general workouts that test their overall athleticism and position specific drills that demonstrate the players skills. The players are also measured and weighed so that they are all under the same conditions, and can be given their official size.

There are six general athleticism workouts that go on at the Combine: 40-yard dash, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 3 cone drill, and shuttle run. Continue reading

Draft Thoughts for Bryan

First let me say that this won’t interest a whole lot of people, and will only probably intrigue people that are fans of an NFL team drafting in the top 10 or just want to gather as many different thoughts and perspectives on the 2009 NFL Draft as possible. With that out of the way, let’s get down to it.

As many of you know Bryan is a huge Rams fan and because of this he is already looking ahead to the draft for obvious reasons. So he asked me “if the Lions take Andre Smith and you were drafting for the Rams, what would you do?” This was an interesting question, because I believe (and Bryan agrees with me) that the Rams goal for the first round should be to get one of the top 3 offensive tackles in the draft: Andre Smith, Eugene Monroe or Michael Oher. They are all easily top 10 players on my big board. So what I told Bryan is that if I couldn’t trade down to a spot where I thought Monroe or Oher would still be available, then I’d reach for Monroe, but that I’d definitely be trying to trade down to get something extra out of it. He said that in addition to the team’s 2009 first round pick he’d also want a first rounder in the 2010 draft as well, but that he might settle for the team’s 2009 second rounder.

Next Bryan asked me how far I would trade down and who it would be with. This was a harder question to answer than I would have first thought. My answer to the first part of the question was simple: “I’d say we need to stay in the top 10, preferably the top 8, but I think top 10 would be fine.” The second part of the question was much more difficult. I first needed to find a top 10 team that was behind the Rams and had a big enough need for a player to jump up to the second spot because a team currently in front of them would likely take that desired player. After that I then had to figure out who I thought the remaining teams would draft to see if one of the previously mentioned offensive tackles would still be available for the Rams. Continue reading

Can you say karma?

By now most of you know how much of a boiling hatred I have for the new england patriots. I remember practically dancing while I wrote this post and making Bryan write this post because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it in a non-biased way. At this point you might be asking yourself “what could he possibly have to complain about with respect to the patriots now? They failed to make the playoffs and they lost to the Colts this year. He should be happy” and my response to you is that I am happy, but I read something that made me even happier.

Let me explain. Continue reading

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