Friday 5 – Best Goal Ever?

Alright guys, I know I’ve been slacking.  Between our fan mock draft and suddenly getting a job, WaB has suddenly taken a back seat.  So now that things have slowed down for the weekend, it’s time to get back in the groove and what better way to do that then with the first Friday 5 since the end of January.  Apparently we’ve both been slacking in that area.

Also, before we get started everyone needs to go to this website.  A couple of my old roommates (one is periodic contributor here) decided to start a blog about movies.  I may even give them a post or two before it’s all over.  Go read it.  Go bookmark it.

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Friday 5 – Play-By-Play Announcers

Alright, we have our first ever Friday 5 from Mr. Wright, who you all may remember from his weekly posts that I put up during the NFL season, with both his Bettor’s Guides and the Power Rankings. He did a top five Play-By-Play announcers list on his site, and told me I should feel free to re-post it over here. So here it is:

My Top 5 Play-By-Play Announcers Of All-Time
M.D. Wright

***EDITOR’S NOTE: New series of favorites — as we move up to the broadcast booth and pick the favorites there.

Mind you, I am not excluding the Tom Brookshires and Don Criquis of the world, but I can only speak on the 25+ years that I have been watching sports. So I will stick with what I know and not who I’ve only HEARD ABOUT.

Without further adieu, here is my Top 5 Favorite Play-By-Play Announcers of All-Time (that is, 1979-Present ha). Also, this list is about guys I’ve actually listened to regularly or nearly daily on local stations or during network TV. Guys like Vin Scully, who I’ve only heard call 30+ games and other legends like that are not being ignored, I am doing this for the purposes of highlighting the guys who I actually hear most — and not agreeing with everyone who likes to do a Who’s Who list of icons and legends in the broadcasting booth. Continue reading

Friday 5 – Reasons to Watch the Winter Olympics

Okay, I’m going to be honest, this isn’t exactly the top five reasons to watch the Winter Olympics. It’s more so of a list for the top five things to look at while watching the Winter Olympics. In short this is a cop-out Friday 5, where I’m listing the five best looking female athletes that will be competing in the Winter Olympics this year.

The Honorable Mention for this one goes to Hilary Knight of the United States Women’s Hockey Team. Here’s a picture of her, and the top five after the jump:

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Friday 5 – Winter Olympics

As Weller pointed out on Wednesday, I was recently informed that I got a job with the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  I’m going to be headed out there either on January 25th or February 4th (they’ll let me know tomorrow) and I’ll be back on March 3rd unless they keep me around for the Paralympics which take place immediately after the Olympics.  I will be a “Venue Systems Manager” (OoooOOOOoooo) which means I’ll be in charge of the transportation of athletes and media from the Olympic Village to the venue.  Basically I’ll be making sure that all the buses are running on time, carrying all the people they’re supposed to carry, and making sure that everything is ready for them when they step off the bus.  I was also told specifically, “This is a stressful job.”

But I was also told that it’s a blast and I’ll be meeting all kinds of people from all over the world, which excites me.  I do plan on taking my laptop, though I don’t know if I’ll have internet access or how much time I’ll have to give updates, but I’ll try my best.  Now onto the Friday 5.

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Friday 5 – Saturday Edition! (Again)

Exactly three months ago -on September 26- Bryan did a Friday 5 on Saturday, helping pick up the slack from me being out of town and him not knowing that I wouldn’t be able to do the Friday 5 that week. Well this time around it’s me picking up the slack for Bryan. He went home for the holidays and the internet at his parent’s house is out. I knew this and therefore also knew he wouldn’t be able to write a Friday 5, but give me a break, it was Christmas. I wasn’t about to write a post any longer than the one that I did write.

That means we are having second ever special edition Friday 5, which simply means we didn’t get around to doing it on Friday and thus had to do it on Saturday. This special Saturday edition is going to be the top five NFL games this week based on how much they will have an impact on the playoff picture. Continue reading

Friday 5 – Shockingly Dumb Plays

Last Sunday I was watching The Cleveland Show with my fiancee.  While Cleveland Jr. was making a stupid comment about something I made an offhand remark about how I imagined Leon Lett being a whole lot like the young, animated character.  Think about it for a second, you’ll laugh.

Anyway, she didn’t know who Leon Lett was so I had to use the magic YouTube to show her.  She laughed at him.  That’s where the inspiration for this Friday 5 came from.

I didn’t take game importance into account here, so if you make a stupid mistake in a World Series game, it was weighed just as much as a regular season game between two sub-500 teams.  Game circumstance was a factor, so if the screw-up caused your team to lose it gets a little more credit.  The final criteria was that it had to be an actual play so Marko Jaric and his backward jersey don’t count.  Still funny, though.  Let’s get to it.

5. Dan Orlovsky – I said last year that this play should be shown every time the Detroit Lions are mentioned until they win a Super Bowl.  You can make fun of Donovan McNabb for not knowing the overtime rules all you want…at least he’s never done this.

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Friday 5 – Top Non-BCS Bowl Games This Year

This is going to be a list of the most intriguing games in this year’s bowl season. I will be discarding them because (in theory) those are the most five intriguing match-ups to begin with. The only criteria I’ll be looking at is if I think it will be a close game, if it has any history behind it and if there are any story lines to go along with it. Alright, well we might as well just jump into it. Continue reading

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