Reviewing My Field of 68 Prediction

Alright, I’m an idiot because I forgot that the Great West tourney winner doesn’t get an automatic bid, but other than that I did pretty well with these predictions, missing only three. I got three of the four #1 seeds right, with North Carolina taking one of them instead of Missouri.

After the jump I’ve listed my prediction again, with the teams I got correct in green and the teams that I was wrong about in red and a strikethrough with the actual team next to it in black.

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My Predicted Field of 68 for 2012

The Big Ten Tournament just ended with an close win by Michigan State over Ohio State and the selection show for this year’s NCAA tourney starts in about half an hour, so I’m putting up my predicted field of 68 just for kicks. I did this in 2009 and 2010 and only missed two or three (I believe) both years, so let’s see if I can find similar success this time around.

I’m simply listing my predicted 68 teams in alphabetical order because I don’t have time to predict the seedings right now.

Either way, the list is after the jump.

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