Road to the Final Four

A few weeks ago I started wondering about what teams/schools have had the easiest route to the final four. As soon as the bracket is announced every year people start talking about which top seeds have the “easiest” bracket and who will have the best chance of making it to the Final Four.

Whenever these conversations take place, I immediately think “doesn’t it have more to do with which region has the most upsets, rather than what the other top seeds are in the region?”

For example, this year you would have likely looked at Xavier (a 10-seed) and thought they wouldn’t even survive the first weekend, because even if they managed to upset 7-seed Notre Dame, they would then have to face 2-seed Duke in their second game. Well, Duke got upset by 15-seed Lehigh, and next thing you know Xavier is a favorite in their second game and went on to make it to the Sweet 16.

Baylor didn’t even have to play a single-digit seed until they lost to Kentucky in the Elite Eight. They played 14-seed South Dakota State in the round of 64, 11-seed Colorado in the round of 32, and then 10-seed Xavier in the Sweet 16.

The amazing thing is that I came up with those two examples by only looking at one half of one region in one year’s bracket. Imagine what we could find if we looked at all four regions from every tournament from this¬†millennium.

That’s exactly what I did. Check it out after the jump. Continue reading


Chasing Brett Favre and Dan Marino

Peyton Manning ranks third all-time in passes completed, passing touchdowns, and passing yards, with Brett Favre ranking first in all three, and Dan Marino second. Favre and Marino also rank first and second, respectively, in passes attempted, with John Elway third and Manning fourth.

I’m going to take a look at each of these four statistical categories and see what exactly it will take for Manning to catch Favre and Marino. I’m going to ignore Elway’s passing attempts, because he’s only 40 ahead of Manning, which could easily be accomplished in the first game of the 2012 season, and would be surprising if it didn’t happen during the second game. Continue reading

Tebow to the Jets

ESPN has reported that Tim Tebow (plus a seventh round pick) has been traded to the Jets for a fourth and sixth rounder. As I mentioned in my mock draft, this was a trade that was expected to happen, it seemed to just be a matter of time before the details were hashed out.

The fun part about this is that my two least favorite quarterbacks are now in the same division together, and in that same division, the Bills have been putting together one of the best defensive lines in the league. I might write more on this later, but figured I would just put this up in the meantime.

2012 NFL Mock Draft I (03/21)

I realize that normally by this time, I have over 15 mock drafts up, but considering I hadn’t posted anything at all for about eight months until my Field of 68¬†Prediction¬†(and it’s review) I think it’s forgivable that my first 2012 mock draft isn’t being posted until about a month before the draft itself. I also realize that I’m probably going to be putting up a second one soon because it sounds like that a trade is going to go through in the near future with the Broncos getting a draft pick for Tim Tebow.

Consequently, in an attempt to avoid having my mock draft becoming worthless shortly after I post it, this mock draft is only going to be three rounds. Obviously with the compensatory picks expected to be announced next week after the owners’ meeting (March 26-28) and the fact that there are still some free agents to be signed -I just read that the Broncos plan to sign (or at least meet with) Jeff Saturday, Brandon Stokley and Jacob Tamme- I may be putting up my next mock draft sooner rather than later anyhow.

Either way, let’s get down to it. The mock draft itself is after the jump.

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Reviewing My Field of 68 Prediction

Alright, I’m an idiot because I forgot that the Great West tourney winner doesn’t get an automatic bid, but other than that I did pretty well with these predictions, missing only three. I got three of the four #1 seeds right, with North Carolina taking one of them instead of Missouri.

After the jump I’ve listed my prediction again, with the teams I got correct in green and the teams that I was wrong about in red and a strikethrough with the actual team next to it in black.

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My Predicted Field of 68 for 2012

The Big Ten Tournament just ended with an close win by Michigan State over Ohio State and the selection show for this year’s NCAA tourney starts in about half an hour, so I’m putting up my predicted field of 68 just for kicks. I did this in 2009 and 2010 and only missed two or three (I believe) both years, so let’s see if I can find similar success this time around.

I’m simply listing my predicted 68 teams in alphabetical order because I don’t have time to predict the seedings right now.

Either way, the list is after the jump.

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