Danario Debuts

Back on August 23rd I wrote this post about former Missouri Tigers wide receiver Danario Alexander signing with the St. Louis Rams.  I was excited then and I was even more excited about his NFL debut today.

After the Rams lost their leading (only?) receiver last week when the turf monster in Detroit decided to attack Mark Clayton, they really had nowhere to turn except Alexander.  He had been assigned to the practice squad and questions lingered about the health of his knee following the fourth operation.  Plus, he’d been brought on late had a playbook to learn.  Still, he showed the Rams enough to get activated for today’s game against the Chargers.  I wasn’t sure if he’d just serve as a decoy or a 3rd down/5th wide receiver or if he’d actually get some playing time.

Turns out, he did a whole lot more than I expected.As I type this, the Rams are trying to let the Chargers win with 2:24 left in the 4th quarter.  There’s still a little time and a little need for him to increase his stats.  But if he does nothing else, he leads the Rams 72 yards on four catches including a spectacular 38-yard touchdown that is looming large as they protect a 20-17 lead.

Even my most optimistic predictions didn’t come up with this.  I was thinking maybe one or two catches for 20 yards.  In fact, just being in the game was acceptable.  Just for a little icing on top, he almost blocked a Nate Kaeding field goal.  I’m really pumped about his future with the team.

I decided to take a look at some recent first round picks and compare their debuts, just for my own amusement.  This is how it shook out:

Player Team Draft Yr Receptions Yards TDs
Danario Alexander STL N/A 4 72 1
Demaryius Thomas DEN 2010 8 97 1
Dez Bryant DAL 2010 8 56 0
Darrius Heyward-Bey OAK 2009 1 18 0
Michael Crabtree SF 2009 5 56 0
Jeremy Maclin PHI 2009 2 12 0
Percy Harvin MIN 2009 3 36 1
Hakeem Nicks NYG 2009 2 18 0
Kenny Britt TEN 2009 4 85 0
Calvin Johnson DET 2007 4 70 1
Ted Ginn Jr. MIA 2007 0 0 0
Dwayne Bowe KC 2007 3 42 0
Robert Mechem NO 2007 1 19 0
Buster Davis SD 2007 2 15 0
Anthony Gonzalez IND 2007 0 0 0
Santonio Holmes PIT 2006 1 6 0
Braylon Edwards CLE 2005 2 16 0
Troy Williamson MIN 2005 0 0 0
Mike Williams DET 2005 1 3 1
Matt Jones JAX 2005 2 22 0
Mark Clayton BAL 2005 5 44 0
Roddy White ATL 2005 0 0 0
Average 2.6 31.2 0.2


Clearly, it’s one game but this was fun.  Guys like Roddy White clearly went onto decent careers.  However, I think it’s also clear that Danario Alexander is a future Hall of Famer.


7 Responses

  1. Nice good to see he helped beat the Chargers, too bad my raiders couldn’t take advantage of their loss… I hope he works out for you guys. Is he worth a flyer in fantasy leagues yet?

  2. yeah, me too. I have a league where we have too many players starting, so there’s slim pickins on the wire. I’ll probably pick him up and see what happens…

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