Colts Chronicle Update

I haven’t put up a link to the Colts Chronicle in a couple of days but it’s not because I haven’t been writing. I have a handful of posts up over there to link you to…

Some quick hitter thoughts from the ninth:

My predictions for the Week 1 games (I’m 0-1 so far, lol):

The Colts injury report for this week’s game against the Texans:

My full prediction of all 256 regular season games, plus the playoffs:

Finally (and most importantly) the preview to tomorrow game against the Texans:

Ok, off to go watch my Vols upset the Ducks! :)

9 Responses

  1. Weak one not looking so good for you…..surprised you expected the bungles to beat patriots

    • Yeah… I was WAY off this weekend, lol.

    • You really expected him to pick the patriots?

      They could be playing a local high school and he’d find a reason to pick against them.

    • I mean I am not really surprised if it was just this blog but with the colts chronicle I figure some reasoning besides a bungles fluke for picking the patriots to lose. THEY WILL NOT GO 0-16 or 1-15 WELLER. I promise. Also Hail to the Redskins, hail victory. Braves on the warpath fight for ol DC. Suck it cowboys

    • It’s not like I picked the pats to lose to the Bills… I picked them to lose to a team that won their division last year and made the playoffs AND had a good offseason.

    • Forgive me for not following the Bungles but who did they sign minus TO and draft picks?

    • I think Gibril Wilson was a solid pickup… and don’t forget that T.O. is very productive in his first couple years with a team (well at least if it’s a team with a decent quarterback, which negates his year with the Bills) so it wasn’t unreasonable for me to think that their offense would have a better showing.

    • Okay yes their O should have a decent showing but stopping the big three is no small task. Their running back by committie is not exactly horrible. I know you hate Brady but he is a top 3 QB in the league and few teams have been able to constantly show they can beat the patriots minus ACL tears.

    • committee*

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