Preview: Blog Poll Top 25

I thought I’d put up a quick post previewing the top 25 rankings that Bryan and I will be submitting for this week’s College Football Blog Poll. Obviously there is a big game tomorrow night between Boise State and Virginia Tech, who we ranked second and seventh last week respectively. So while putting up an entire top 25 would be rather pointless, I’m going to point out some thoughts on what will be changing from the rankings we submitted last week because of the games from yesterday. If you need a reminder of what our top 25 looked like for the preseason when we submitted it to the Blog Poll, just click here.

My thoughts in quick-hit, bullet point form after the jump:

  • Apart from the loser of tomorrow’s game our top ten shouldn’t change too much. I’d consider moving flipping Oregon and Ohio State (last week Oregon was third, Ohio State fourth) but I’ll wait to see what Bryan thinks.
  • The florida gators are sloppy and slow. Don’t let the final score of their game against Miami (OH) fool you -it was 34 to 12- because the gators were outplayed by the Red Hawks, who had four (!) red zone field goals! If they hadn’t been choking in the red zone all day they would have had 28 points easy, and they also played the large majority of the game without their starting running back. I’m going to be pushing for the kids from the swamp to drop way down the rankings from where we previously had them at 12.
  • Similar to Oregon and Ohio State, I could move Miami (FL) in front of Wisconsin (14th and 13th respectively last week) but I’m not exactly going to push for it.
  • We had USC (University of Stupid Cheaters) at 15 last week and they only beat Hawaii by 13. The can drop out of the top 20 in my book.
  • Our rankings fo 17 through 19 last week were LSU, Pittsburgh, Oregon State, and North Carolina. Pitt and Oregon State lost to Utah (just out of the top 25) and TCU (sixth in our rankings last week) respectively. Both will likely drop out of the top 25, though neither were shameful losses.
  • LSU and UNC on the other hand are an interesting topic. LSU beat UNC by six and the Tar Heels should’ve had a touchdown on the last play of the game. On top of that UNC was without 13 key players -nine of which were starters, I believe- and LSU was up by 20 a few minute into the fourth quarter. The argument could certainly be made that the Tar Heels should rise in the rankings and that LSU should fall. I’ll be interested to get Bryan’s take on this when we talk about it later.
  • The only other note I want to add is that I now have a much more optimistic view for my Vols. Both Ole Miss and florida looked bad yesterday, and LSU certainly seems beatable. That’s three games on our schedule that I was counting as losses. If we can win two of those games plus one of the two against Georgia and South Carolina, we’re suddenly looking an 8-4 season. Two days ago I was worried we weren’t going to be bowl eligible.

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