Draft Order Week 3

I made this a regular post last year and I plan on doing it again.  As long as the Rams are terrible I’ll have this little spreadsheet so I’ll have something to look forward to.  We did win this past weekend against the completely hapless Redskins so I no longer have to pray for that lone victory; we got it out of the way early.

So anyway, if the season ended right this second the draft order would be as follows*:

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Blogpoll Week 5 ***UPDATED***

In what seems to be a recurring theme around here, I don’t have any time to post this.  As most of you don’t know, Weller and I went to Denver this past weekend and caught the Rockies thrilling extra inning, walk off victory against the Giants on Saturday and then the Colts win over the Broncos on Sunday.  Then we drove all the way back to St. Louis overnight so I could work in the morning.  That leaves precious little time to post.

So I’ll just give you our early Blogpoll for Week 5 with no reasons to back it all up.  That will come tomorrow night, I promise.

As always, disagree in the comments.

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Blogpoll Week 4

Alright, I’m a day late on this because I’m lazy and I’ve been playing lots of video games.  I did get this entered in the official site, though, so good for me.

Anyway, here’s last week’s poll and here’s this week’s poll:

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Giants @ Colts preview

Over on Colts Chronicle:


Week 2 NFL Predictions

Blogpoll Week 3

I was all set yesterday to write a glowing review of the Rams opening weekend victory over Arizona Cardinals while heaping praise on the best young quarterback in the history of sports, Sam Bradford.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  The Rams lost.  I lost my will to post.  It happens.

So instead you’ll get our Blogpoll for Week 2 and some of the reasons behind it.  As always leave some opinions.  We may just change some stuff if we think you’re right.

Here’s a look at Week 2.

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My Reaction to The Colts Loss

On Colts Chronicle…


Colts Chronicle Update

I haven’t put up a link to the Colts Chronicle in a couple of days but it’s not because I haven’t been writing. I have a handful of posts up over there to link you to…

Some quick hitter thoughts from the ninth:

My predictions for the Week 1 games (I’m 0-1 so far, lol):

The Colts injury report for this week’s game against the Texans:

My full prediction of all 256 regular season games, plus the playoffs:

Finally (and most importantly) the preview to tomorrow game against the Texans:

Ok, off to go watch my Vols upset the Ducks! :)

Colts Captains and Umpire Rule

Two more posts for Colts Chronicle.

Captains announced:


Alteration in the new umpire alignment and the rules that go with it:


Fifteen Years Later, It’s Still Impressive

Fifteen years ago yesterday Cal Ripken Jr. suited up and took the field for the 2,131st consecutive time.  From May 2nd, 1982 until September 6th, 1995 he ran out to shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles in every single game they played and in doing so he broke the Iron Horse Lou Gehrig‘s “unbreakable record.”

I was nine when Ripken broke the record and I watched the entire game in my parents’ bedroom.  I remember certain parts really well, like Ripken’s 4th inning homerun off the immortal Shawn Boskie, his 22 minute lap around Camden Yards, and unveiling the numbers on the warehouse across the street.  Other things I don’t remember quite as well, like the final score (4-2 Orioles over the Angels), and anything else that happened.

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