Four More Years! Four More Years!

That’s right, it’s four more years for Bob Bradley and US Soccer.  His old contract ran through December and while both the US Soccer Federation and Bradley did their fair share of posturing with Juergen Klinsmann and Aston Villa, respectively, I don’t think anyone was shocked with the extension.

I’ve had kind of a love/hate relationship with Bradley over the last four years.  I don’t necessarily dislike him and I don’t love him.  I’ve questioned many of his personnel decisions but I don’t hate the results…usually.

We’ve won games we shouldn’t have (Spain) and lost games we should have (Ghana) so why not keep on that road?

Now, I don’t know how realistic of an option Juergen Klinsmann really was for Sunil Gulati and the USSF, but I’ll be honest, I’m intrigued.  I’m really intrigued.

Klinsmann has the international experience at the highest level as a player.  He was an integral part of West Germany’s 1990 World Cup winning squad.  He scored 47 goals in 108 international matches.  He played with some of the biggest clubs in the world including Inter, Tottenham, and Bayern Munich.  He’s also got the coaching experience as he guided Germany to a third place finish in the 2006 World Cup.  It’s safe to say that he works well under pressure.

Now, I’m not suggesting Klinsmann would be the savior of US Soccer and he would lead us to glory, but I know what I have with Bob Bradley.  I know he plays favorites.  I know he’ll occasionally put together a gameplan that leads the US to victory.  I also know he will start players who get us beat.  We haven’t had a foreign coach since the days of Bora Milutinovic in 1995.  Maybe it’s time for another one.

It’s just that “grass is always greener” thing.  Klinsmann has the European flair and “attacking spirit” according to German legend Franz Beckenbauer.  Just imagine if he could instill some of his attacking prowess into the able-bodied Jozy Altidore.  That would be scary.

But I’ll still continue to support Bradley and his team.  We’ll make a run toward Brazil in 2014 and produce a few great moments along the way before bowing out in the Round of 16 again (hopefully to a team who is actually better than us this time).  It will likely be the last go-round for Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey so hopefully Bradley can send them out the right way.

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  1. Given what Bradley has achieved it was hard to bet against him getting a renewed gi with the US Soccer . But what inherently needs to be done is for US Soccer and MLS to work much more closely together from the youth level on upwards in order to develop the burgeoning talent needed at the international level .

    Back in the UK those idiots ( English FA ) still have Capello dealing with the English national team. The fact that they tied themselves to him and that exorbitant contract speaks volumes as to their overall stupidity !

    tophatal …………. :)

  2. classic 17

    However unless money is forthcoming from MLS and US Soccer jointly then what’s in place as it now stands might not be enough. There’s also got to be a partnership with corporate sponsors as well .

    I’ll be doing some EPL pieces in the coming weeks as well as on La Liga (Spain) and Serie’ A (Italy). If at all interested I’ll provide you with a link to them once they’re up.

    Let me know what you think of the following ? Just click on the links shown to read .

    Wall St , Main St Who The Fu_k Can Tell The Difference Nowadays ?


    Go West Young Man , Make Your Fortune And Claim The Fame That Awaits You ……


    tophatal …………..

  3. classic

    It’s good to have a healthy debate rather than acting like children. That’s what makes the world a wonderous place to live in ! If only that could be applied to the idiots seated in Congress then the country wouldn’t be as screwed up as it now is ?

    tophatal …………

  4. classic

    This was a post World Cup piece as an indictment of FIFA and their sheer ignorance of something that they were fully aware that was happening in South Africa at the time of the competition.

    We’re Not All Created Equal Even When It Comes to Sports

    tophatal …………….

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