Danario the Ram!

I try to avoid posting about the NFL as much as possible because Weller has that area covered pretty much all the time.  This one, however, I couldn’t pass on.  One of my favorite players from my alma mater, Mizzou, signed on with my favorite NFL team, the Rams, as an unrestricted free agent…and he should get some playing time.

If you’ve followed this site much, or listened to me talk, I’ve been pushing for the signing of Danario Alexander for a while now.  I figure it’s a low risk-high reward type of move.  Alexander led the NCAA in receiving yards per game last year and was screwed out of passed over for the Biletnikoff Award because he didn’t go to Notre Dame.  About half the people at Mizzou are Rams fans, so this should add some TV sets, as well.

Physically Alexander is a crazy mismatch.  He’s 6-5 with a 46″ inch vertical.  Red zone threat?  I think so.  Last year, he totaled 113 receptions, 1,781 with 14 TDs.

So why would someone like this go undrafted?  The answer is simple:  four knee surgeries.

It does make sense that teams would be wary of spending a valuable draft pick on someone whose knee is pretty much bionic, but there’s not much risk in bringing someone in as a UFA.  I mean…46 inch vertical!

Let’s face it, the Rams suck.  They suck really, really bad.  Our receiving corps consists of DeSean Jackson Donnie Avery, Laurent Robinson, and some other people you’ve never heard of.  I think he immediately becomes our third best receiver (I think too highly of Laurent Robinson, I know).

Basically, I’m just really excited that my favorite offensive college player just signed with my favorite team.  I may even consider buying tickets in order to see someone who actually plays for the Rams now.

Danario Alexander stiff arms a KU defender en route to 233 yards receiving, a touchdown and a 41-39 Mizzou victory.

5 Responses

  1. Never really heard much about him. It sounds like when the Warriors signed Jeremy Lin. Won’t get much playing time, but a fan favorite already!

    • Yeah, he didn’t get a lot of publicity outside of Missouri and the Big XII, which is really disappointing. Just check out these stats from the last six games of the year:

      vs. Colorado 8 rec., 123 yds, 2 TDs
      vs. Baylor 13/214/1
      vs. Kansas State 10/200/3
      vs. Iowa State 11/173/1
      vs. kansas 15/233/1
      vs. Navy 6/137/1

      Those stats are borderline video game-ish. Actually, I don’t even put those numbers up on video games.

      I’m glad he’s getting a chance and I really think he’s going to play a lot if his knees hold up.

  2. Those are some solid numbers, I’m sure he’ll surprise some people if they keep him on and let him get out there. It’s not like they have a ton of options anyways, so why not see what he’s got!

  3. […] on August 23rd I wrote this post about former Missouri Tigers wide receiver Danario Alexander signing with the St. Louis Rams.  I […]

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