2010 NY Giants Preaseason Outlook

Mr. Wright wrote this a few days ago and I know that we have at least one person who was asking to read something about the Giants on our site (I’ll be writing something on the entire NFC East division soon) so I figured I’d borrow this and put it up. Here it is:

M.D. Wright

I see I’m not the only one who notices these things:

1. Hedgecock drops so many passes, ARDENT Giants fans nearly have heart attacks every time Manning threw young Madison something in the flat. I swear I yelled “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” several times last season.

2. Barden needs to be on the field.

3. Steve-12 is our Possession Receiver. Nicks is Michael Irvin 2.0. Manningham HAS to stop dropping passes. One drop cost us a game, another swung the momentum in a different game that ended up in a loss.

4. Goff better be ready to play. He looked lost after Pierce was hurt. Bulluck is solid, but he’s on the wrong side of 30 — I want youth at Mike, but we also need experience. It could work well.

5. Beckum might just lose his backup job (to Boss) with Bear Pascoe coming on. I want to make it up to Albany before camp breaks.

6. Canty and Bernard better play well this year, since they barely played AT ALL last year. At least this year we have alternatives if they stink it up early. I like young Linval Joseph and I think JPP is gonna be a STUD.

7. I dunno why we keep Wilkinson. But then again, we’ve had a revolving door at WLB since we (foolishly/prematurely) cut Jessie Armstead. Everyone who’s played the weakside ever since has either been a) SLOW b) past their prime c) poor tacklers or all of the above rolled into one. If Wilkinson is healthy, sure he can make plays, but even when he had the chance and was healthy, he didn’t do anything impressive.

8. I like young Clint Sintim. I hope he can shut down Witten and that clown who kills us for the Iggles.

9. People think Kiwi potentially starting over Osi makes Osi chop liver. Kiwi isn’t really a good fit at RE, but if Sintim is going to play SLB, where can Kiwanuka play? I honestly thought he was best suited at SLB that year when Stray was at LE, Osi at RE and Tuck lining up at every conceivable position (it seemed) in the front seven. Fewell is going to be doing a lot of what Spags did — you fools who keep saying the Giants have no shot at winning the division (the Cowboys are top-heavy until they show me something defensively on a weekly basis) need to knock it off with the nonsense.

10. I thought the Rolle deal was a steal. We got him for virtually nothing (comparatively speaking). I want Kenny healthy, so now he doesn’t have to rush back off the PUP. Kenny can become the best all-around FS in the NFL when he’s fully recovered. I stand by this. I feel very strongly about this. With Grant and Rolle back there, I feel a LOT more confident than the joke of a safety tandem we rolled out there last year. Heck, I was begging for James Butler at one point — and Giants fans KNOW it’s bad when you prefer Butler in ANY situation, but that’s how bad Can’t Cover Brown and Aaron Rouse (DEAR GOD) were all season.

11. I love our CB depth. We should be atop the league in INTs this year, especially with the pass rush we will have. RAWSE is back 100%, young Terrell got valuable experience last year. Webbie is back on course. Would’ve loved to see young LSU play, but that horrid wreck took away any chance of that happening.

12. Jacobs is fine. And as I said earlier, Bradshaw is gonna get his 160/800/7 regardless. We don’t need Jacobs getting 300 carries, so 250-275/1150/12 is in order for him.

13. Dave Diehl is still the man. I dunno if they’ll move him inside, because I honestly think Seubert (he and I were born mere hours apart on the same day, BTW ha) was solid last year. O’Hara is the only guy on the line that concerns me. He got pushed around quite a bit and a lot of the runs that were stopped in the backfield or for short gains were because DTs were in the backfield as soon as Jacobs and Bradshaw got the ball. We’ve got to look to fix that soon. Will Beatty can protect Eli’s blind side and Snee and McKenzie (when healthy and not getting nicked up every other game) are two of the best strong side linemen in the game. Diehl can play LT or LG, so Eli’s blind side and Jacobs’ cutback lanes will be there. Not to mention the ones Bradshaw creates for himself. And we get young Andre Brown back as well. I like our chances being back in the Top 5 (after being #1 in ’08) in rushing.

14. Tuck needs to stay healthy. No more Flozell leg whips to worry about, but we have had him dealing with shoulder, knee, ankle you name it — the past two years. Osi should be 100% a full year off the surgery.

15. Our kicking game makes me nervous. Ol’ Reliable Jeff Feagles (FROM?!?!?!) finally hung ’em up. Our punting kept us in games the whole time he was with us. And Law Tynes… SMH… he makes kicks that he shouldn’t (the game winner that nearly caused that vein in the middle of my forehead and the one that bulges — pause — next to your temple; to explode in celebration in the NFC Championship) but will miss so many maddening 31-yd FGs that you wonder why he’s even our kicker.

Lost in all this is the fact that Eli had a STELLAR year last season (4,000 yards/30 TD — virtually) and yet the haters still act like he’s a 53% passer for 2,600 yards, 17 TD and 15 INT with a 77.1 rating. With the strongest receiving corps that we’ve had since my youth (Ingram, Baker, McConkey, Bavaro, etc.) and a healthy running game again, I dunno why anyone thinks Eli won’t continue to excel. If Barden gets on the field as I’m calling for — LOOK OUT.

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