Let’s Define A “Truck”

According to dictionary.com a truck is defined as “any of various wheeled frames used for transporting heavy objects.”

Job well done. A great post if I do say so myself.

No, just kidding, this post is not about  a lorry -as the Brits call it- but instead it’s about the word “truck” as a verb, and more specifically the meaning it has acquired with football connotation. Most people know this term, but for those of you that don’t it is in reference to when a player (usually in possession of the ball) flattens or “runs over” his opponent – like a truck.

tim tebow hebert truck

This is not an example of somebody getting trucked

The reason I am drawing attention to this is because Tim Tebow was recently credited for “trucking” Kyries Hebert, a safety for the Cincinnati Bengals, who is listed as a third-string strong safety on their website’s depth chart. Let me start by telling you a bit about Mr. Hebert. He played his college ball at UL-Lafayette and was signed by the Minnesota Vikings in 2002 as an undrafted free agent but failed to make the team. For the final game of the 2002 season the Houston Texans added him to their active roster, but he never got on the field. After that the Texans cut him.

For 2003 he was out of luck with nobody to sign him. So for four years (2004-07) he went up north to play in the CFL (Canadian Football League) for the Ottawa Renegades and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Then finally in 2008 he found his way back to the NFL, inking a two year contract with the Bengals. During the 08 and 09 seasons Hebert was a solid contributor on special teams tallying up a grand total of 36 solo tackles in those two years. He will turn 30 in early October and is likely hoping that he’ll still be helping out on the Bengals coverage at that time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Kyries Hebert is a hard working, great guy. While doing the research for this article I found his official website and read the letter he wrote on it to his fans and it seems as though he does a lot to give back to the community and is most certainly a story of somebody who had to work his tail off to achieve his dream suiting up for and contributing on an NFL team. However, when it comes to the standards of the NFL he’s not exactly a great player. Actually, he’s essentially completely unknown and dispensable.

So you’ll have to excuse me for not jumping up like everyone else to praise Tebow’s debut performance of 13 attempts for 8 completions 105 yards and zero (none, zilch, nada) touchdown passes… against third and fourth string defensive players. I was going to give you some links to a bunch of articles written by those who went all starry-eyed when they saw Tebow’s mediocre stat line, but I don’t need to do that because you can simply type “tebow debut” into Google News and it will provide you with about a thousand links – and I’m not exaggerating. I was going to quote these article and pick them apart point by point, but there are entirely to many quotes and articles to sift through and proving them wrong would be entirely too easy.

Instead let’s take a look at some of the comments left by the readers of these articles, who are also sipping on the blue and orange kool-aid  (which conveniently works for both the Broncos and Gators) which -I might add- are two colors that when mixed together make brown, and let me remind you that brown is the color or a certain “sh” word… and no, I’m not talking about shoes. Either way, comment number one is provided for us by 795re of youtube when he commented on this video:

And the comment is as follows:

Tebow would OWN!! Ndamukong Suh!! Tebow would truck his ass and flatten Suh!! Tebow is a beast!!”

Now let me start by saying that I read through this entire comment thread and nobody had mentioned Ndamukong Suh (the Detroit Lions first round draft choice) at all. And for those that don’t know, the Lions and Broncos are not rivals, they aren’t even the same conference, let alone the same division. Tebow and Suh were not rivals in college, and as far as I know these two have never competed in as much as a friendly game of Candy Land. So why this commenter decided to drag Suh into the conversation I have no idea, but since he did let’s go ahead and address it.

While Hebert -who was supposedly trucked by Tebow- is bigger for a safety, weighing in at 222 pounds (Tebow is 245) he is nowhere near the size of Suh, who carries 307 pounds on his 6’4 frame and don’t think he’s just your average big-n-ugly lineman either. There were numerous reports about him around the time of the NFL combine stating that he had hardly any body fat and that it’s remarkable how big he is without looking fat. So while Tebow can probably truck some of the smaller members of your local girl scout troop, the only way he’s ever going to be trucking Ndamukong Suh is if he does it with an actual truck, and even then I wouldn’t necessarily bet against Suh.

Let’s move on to comment number two, which is from the same youtube video but is by GatorBaitIn08 (I’m editing out certain words and replacing them with a more politically correct version – those changes are all in brackets):


This is a classic comment from one of those fans that doesn’t actually know a single thing when it comes to the sport they’re debating about. First off Tebow didn’t own anybody. Period. He had a dime-a-dozen day against a defense comprised in large part of players that won’t even make the Bengals final roster. Tebow’s longest pass of the day that wasn’t out of the shotgun (let’s not forget that’s one of the question marks about him – can he take snaps under center?) was for seven yards. Also he didn’t truck “that safety” (aka: Hebert) but we’ll get to that later. And he didn’t prove to “all the haters that he can play.” He had two rushing attempts and thirteen passing attempts in the last twenty minutes of the first preseason game. Anybody who thinks that anything can be determined after twenty minutes of a preseason game is clearly delusional.

My favorite part about this though is when the commented says, “he still has the same throwing motion but still scored a TD with his legs!” Well let me tell you something, idiot. He had to score the touchdown with his legs because his unchanged throwing motion wasn’t good enough to score a touchdown with his arm. I’m also not entirely sure what it means to be a winner in his religion. I didn’t realize religion was a competition. I won’t touch that though… I also won’t touch on the fact that this person felt the need to comment in all caps with random, unnecessary exclamation points to boot.

Our third quote is from someone commenting under the name Joel on this article by Doug Farrar of Yahoo sports. Here’s the comment:

I like how rivers is proven so his mechanics are fine, but tebow is a rookie and hasn’t proved anything so he has to work on his. Did phillip rivers win a national title? two? a heisman? no, ok, i guess he does have to prove things then. Did anyone notice that while tebow was playing against third stringers he was also playing with third stringers? two easy dropped passes and he would have been 10-13 with close to 200 yards, guess thenhe’d still have to work on his mechanics, oh and that goal line hit he took that he got right up from? how’d that bengal player do that hit him, is he still on the ground? Did anyone notice the time orton had in the pocket after he stepped up once, give any qb that time (even tebow) and they can have the slowest release ever and would still have a good percentage of completed passes. I’ll take tebow, you can have crapford or jimmy clausen all day long.

Well Joel, let me explain some things to you real quick. You’re right, Tebow “is a rookie and hasn’t prove(n) anything” and because of this he needs to work on his throwing motion. If he doesn’t change his throwing motion and is successful in the NFL (not going to happen) then he will no longer need change his throwing motion because he will have proven that he can succeed with it. See how that works? Once a player has proven that their technique works, the technique is no longer questioned. Kinda funny, but only funny because you don’t seem to understand it. Also did Tim Tebow win a national title? Two? No. The Florida Gators won two titles while he was on the roster, but I believe it was a team effort, and not Tebow by himself out there. Also, one of those two titles you speak of, Tebow wasn’t even the starting quarterback – it was Chris Leak. And please explain to me how two dropped passes, if completed, would have given Tebow close to 200 yards in that game. He had 105, which is 95 short of 200. It’s extremely unlike that two more completions would have given him 95 more yards, and yes, even then he would still need to work on his mechanics.

As for having time in the pocket, I believe the stat most commonly heard on this is that a quarterback in the NFL can expect to have about four seconds (on average) in the pocket behind a fairly good o-line. If you go back and watch the video above again and try to pause it at the exact moment that Tebow gets hit, it’s right at about four or five seconds, so don’t try to make an argument for him not having enough time in the pocket. He has an unbelievably slow release and it’s going to cost him. Only in the future it will likely be players like Dwight Freeney and Ray Lewis crushing him rather than Jeromy Miles. And what in the world do you have against Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen? And why didn’t you include Colt McCoy? Oh and I’ll take Bradford and Clausen all day long, and with them I will out play Tebow all day long.

Now for a comment on the same article from pmrobbins:

It looks to me like there are some haters towards Tebow. Anytime anyone is great (no matter their “mechanics”), people will respond out of jealousy and resentment. Tebow will be successful in the NFL just as he was in college. I’m so tired of sport obsessed d-bags (that never have and never will step on an NFL field) critiqueing a great player whom they have never met and have never worked with and never will. We need more guys like Tebow in the NFL that actually are committed to the game and not just to what kind of deal they can work out for next season. I look forward to all these writers eating their words about how Tebow won’t be a good quarterback in the NFL! And hey writer…”his throwing motion could be compared to Charles Barkley’s golf swing?!!! Come on man!…you’re definitley some wine bag hater that is a fan of one of the many teams Tebow beat the crap out of in college!

I’m going to just go ahead and  use what Bryan had to say about this quote:

Let’s turn this around for a second.  “It looks to me like there are some haters towards [author Doug] Farrar. Anytime anyone is great (no matter their “writing style”), people will respond out of jealousy and resentment. Farrar will be successful as an NFL writer just as he was in college. I’m so tired of sport obsessed d-bags (that never have and never will step into a news editing room) critiqueing a great writer whom they have never met and have never worked with and never will.”  Good comment, moron.

Well said, Bryan. Though on this comment I would like to point out that nobody defending Tebow ever talks football. All they do is quote his accomplishments in college and then say how great of a person he is as though they know him better than any of the rest of us who have never met him. Guess what, people didn’t think Tiger Woods would have ever cheated on his wife and look what happened. I hope some similar scandal comes out about Tebow somewhere down the line.

Another quote from the same article, this one written by Dante:

…Timmy is approaching the NFL just like he has approached every other challenge that he has in life: He gives his best, he listens to his coaches, he walks the walk, and he makes adjustments. Is he overhyped, no way. America can not talk about this kid enough, because as long as we are talking about Timmy, we aren’t talking everything that is bad in the world. We are talking about a son anyone would love to have, a friend anyone would be blessed to know, and a teammate everyone will love to have around. As long as we talk about Timmy, we aren’t talking drugs, bad attitudes, and selfish millionaires that only try hard in their contract year. So, if you want to down on Timmy and you don’t want to hope the best for him, perhaps you should reevaluate what is important to you about sports.

Again I’m going to supply you with Bryan’s take:

This is the one that angers me the most.  You know what we’re also not hearing about?  Jeremy Maclin’s adoption into an all-white community as the only black kid.  Kerwin Stricker going through the exact same thing.  L’Damian Washington watching his mother die at a high school basketball game and then having to make the decision to leave his brothers and sisters to play college football at Mizzou.  Yeah, I realize that’s only one school that I know the best…who knows how many more stories are just like that, if not better.  How many people would know Michael Oher’s story if it weren’t for a movie?  Yet everyone knows that this kid from an upper-class family circumcised some Filipino kids.  Stupid.

Bryan makes a phenomenal point here. There are countless stories that none of us have heard about athletes who do great things for their community and with their lives away from sports. That’s not what makes headlines though, apparently unless your name is Tim Tebow. Another example that I’ll add to Bryan’s list is the story of Scott Fujita that Bryan himself posted back in March about how Fujita donated a ton of money to Haiti, or the post I just published a week ago about Eric Berry being a great person, or how about Kyries Hebert who Tebow supposedly trucked this past weekend. Hebert donates a bunch of his own time and money (from a much smaller paycheck than Tebow’s I might add – about a fourth the size actually) to his hometown high school in Eunice, Louisiana.

So now that I’ve made a nice full circle out of this and brought it all back to Kyries Hebert and the topic at hand of whether or not he did or did not get trucked by Tebow, I’m going to make my final points. First let’s take a look at some indisputable “truckings” because these ones are text book, and keep in mind that they’re mostly against very solid, All-Pro defenders:

First, Brandon Jacob trucks Brian Urlacker:

Then Adrian Peterson trucks Al Harris, and this one is a thing of beauty:

Here you get to see Mike Bell truck Daniel Bullocks:

Now back to Adrian Peterson and this time he’s trucking William Gay, and if this isn’t the definition of “trucking” then I don’t know what is. He runs the defender over and keeps going.

So with all those fresh in your mind, so that you have a good idea of what it means when a player “trucks” another player, here is the video of Tebow supposedly trucking Hebert:

As you can see, there were three people in that collision: Tebow, Hebert and linebacker Abdul Hodge (number 52) and if you ask me, Hodge is the one who laid the biggest hit. Tebow and Hebert kinda hit shoulders and deflected off in different directions but Hodge, who weighs 236, seemed to get a pretty good lick in on Tebow and actually knocked him into Hebert. You can see it best when the show the angle that starts at the eight second mark. Either way nobody was trucked.

If you want to see somebody get trucked, let a Tennessee boy show you how it’s done. This is Jamal Lewis absolutely annihilating Bart Scott. Lewis doesn’t have the ball in this case and as I said above, when a trucking occurs the player is “usually in possession of the ball” but that doesn’t mean it’s always the case and this is one of those rare cases when a player doesn’t have the ball but still finds a way to truck another player:

And as a good rule of thumb, if you want to see a bunch of players getting trucked, just watch a Earl Campbell highlight video:

Just to wrap things up, this isn’t a trucking exactly, but it is a vicious stiff-arm that Jonathan Stewart lays on Ronde Barber and is certainly worthy of being shown here:

Do you agree with me? Disagree with me? Have a different take on it completely? Think Tebow did truck Hebert? Think I’m crazy? Think I have the wrong view on Tebow all together? Let me hear about in the comments.

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  1. You use the word “truck” or a variation of it 30 times in this post.

  2. HA!HA!HA! Great job of supporting your debate on Tebow and great comments from Bryan. Loved the red and yellow kool-aid analogy, too.

  3. Oops! I meant blue and orange kool-aid! What ever was I thinking?!

  4. Great post! I love all the TRUE truck video links you included in your post. Tebone has a ways to go before he shows he’s NFL quality.

  5. Man, I didn’t think there would be this much of a Tebow frenzie, but I guess there is. I think it’s funny that people are acting like he’s going to start week one, when he might not even start all season! I’m loving the Raiders D-Line this year. I hope they get to “truck” Tebow a few times this year!

  6. “colts19” you spent a lot of time on one play in one PRE-season game by 3rd string players on both sides of the ball. You can find literally anything on the internet-you were going to dissect each article and point out how wrong it was point by point? Why the extreme interest in bashing Tebow?
    Can’t remove the TD no matter what you write. He did well for his first snaps ever at the NFL level.

    • Not sure if you meant to change it to Colts19 or if that was just a typo, but either way Colts18 would be Peyton Manning and Colts19 would be Johnny Unitas, and either one is light years ahead of tebow in terms of quarterbacking abilities.

      Yes, I did spend a lot of time on one play in one preseason game, you know why? Because it was fun and I enjoyed writing it. Funny how that works… it’s my blog, so I write what I want.

      And no, the only articles I was going to prove wrong point by point were those that were so deeply immersed in the tim tebow love fest that they were close to drowning in it and I was going to throw them a life preserver to keep them from going under.

      I have extreme interest in bashing tebow because he’s not a good quarterback. And he went to florida. I enjoy bashing him, just like I enjoy bashing tom brady. I think tebow’s fake. He’s a lie. Just an image.

      And no, I can’t remove the TD no matter what I write, but the funny thing about that, is they still lost. So the TD didn’t matter. And no, he didn’t do well for his first snaps ever in the NFL. He didn’t.

  7. This blog is a fail because all the guys you are comparing Tebow to are not quarterbacks.. Tebow can’t run like a freaking pure runningback as a QB.. he’s too smart for that.. if he ran like a pure runningback he could do just as much damage as those guys.. Tebow is STRONGER than SUH. No Joke. He’s stronger than most the lineman and Linebackers in the NFL.. he’s a freak of nature. And that is even limiting his weigh lifting so he doesn’t hurt his flexibility passing.

    Here is what Tebow did as a pure runner as a FRESHMAN.. straight out of highschool..


    • This is such a ridiculous comment. I love it.

      Ok, first I’m not comparing him to quarterbacks, because he’s not a good quarterback, he has to try to make plays with his legs because he sucks as a pocket quarterback. You know who else makes plays with their legs? Running backs. So yes, I’m comparing him to running backs. And he’s not a smart football player AT ALL. If he were a smart football player he wouldn’t be holding onto the ball so long, he’d shorten the time of his release and he’d learn that in the NFL you can’t take off and run like that (against first string defenses) and not expect to get annihilated. When he takes off and runs with the ball he does try to run like a pure running back, he’s just not as fast or quick.

      As for tebow being stronger than Suh? Are you freakin kidding me? I’d bet tebow himself wouldn’t even claim that. Let’s look at some numbers real quick:

      Suh’s max bench: 470 lbs (via ESPN)
      Tebow’s max bench: 450 lbs (via some fan discussion board)

      Suh’s max reps at 225 on bench: 32 reps (via official NFL Combine results on the NFL’s official website)
      Tebow’s max reps at 225 on bench: 27 (via some guy’s homemade youtube video)

      Those number are officially recorded for Suh, and are just message board rumors about Tebow’s best, and Suh’s are STILL better. There is no way that tebow (or his fans) should even begin to try and claim that he is stronger than Suh. That’s just stupid. Your comment is stupid. You’re stupid.

      Also tebow is not a freak of nature. Guys like Clavin Johnson and Dustin Keller are freaks of nature. Not Tebow.

      As for the video, that was him against LSU. In case you don’t know LSU is a college, it’s a university, thus not an NFL team. If nothing else, that video proves that tebow SUCKS as a passer. That “jump pass” at about the 2:16 mark is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever seen. It’s embarrassing, and it’s a disgrace to the sport of football and quarterbacks everywhere.

  8. If you think Tebow is fake and a lie you are deluding yourself.

    People assume that because Tebow does things differently than other QBs that he has not skills or talent. The reality is it is his competitiveness that causes him to do those things. Tebow could get the ball out faster preventing hits.. or just be a pocket passer and not run.. or throw accurately if he wanted to. He does all these things to make himself more efficient than your normal QB. But in the process it makes his game look ugly.. but look at the results. he had the best performance of any rookie Qb with significant playing time.

    The reality is that I think guys like you make knee jerk reactions about Tebow’s ability because you ASSUME he is hyped when you see his game that doesn’t LOOK like a polished pocket Qb.. but the reality is that Tebow is just a freakish talent who can break those rules to be more successful. Then when he is so successful it drives you even more crazy because you won’t admit you were wrong to begin with.. then you end up hating the guy even more. This is how the Tebow hater nation was born,.

    • What in god’s name are you talking about? He doesn’t CHOOSE to have a slower release or not be a pocket passer! That’s insane! In fact that’s one of the single dumbest things I’ve ever heard… There have been TONS of reports talking about how he’s been working so hard to try and shorten his release, and now you’re trying to claim that he has a long release because he WANTS to, or because it somehow makes him more competitive or efficient? What’s wrong with you? That statement is so unbelievably idiotic, it makes me wish I could donate some of my intelligence to you just out of pity. He’s not more efficient than the “normal QB” he’s not even more efficient than second string QBs!

      And how do you figure he had the best performance of any rookie quarterback? Because he was playing against third and fourth stringers against the Bengals? Yeah, that really compare. Jimmy Clausen was playing in the first quarter against the Ravens starters and second string. Sam Bradford came in at for the very beginning of the second quarter against the Vikings. Similarly Colt McCoy came in during the second quarter against the Packers. And if you need me to tell you that the Ravens, Vikings and Packers have three of the best defenses in the league, then you really don’t know enough about the NFL to be attempting this debate – though that much is already clear.

      I KNOW he is over-hyped, and he flat out ISN’T a polished pocket quarterback. And he can’t break “those rules” to be more successful. He hasn’t even been kind of successful in the NFL yet. He hasn’t failed yet either, but he certainly hasn’t been successful, nonetheless “more successful”… You’re the one making “knee jerk reactions” by saying his already successful or “when he is so successful” I’m simply saying that with his current throwing motion and style of play he won’t last more than a handful of years in the NFL and will never be a solid starter. And if he is, I won’t hate him more. My hate meter is already at the max, so I’ll just continue on hating him just as much as I do right now.

  9. Hey guys – what is the biggest truck in the world?

  10. Show me where you are getting suh’s weightlifting numbers.. I id this research before and his numbers were significantly LOWER than Tebows. If he is lifing more now it still shows he was lifit ng less than Tebow in college.

    Tebow broke the leg press record at his school BEFORE he was even enrolled there.. he did it after eating lunch when he was visiting the school and they were recruiting him.

    You think Florida can’t get athletes? If that isn’;t freakish I don’t know what is.. and on top of being a freakish pure athlete.. he can also throw as well as elite QBs.

    And again.. Tebow does things different than other QBs.. to the untrained eye of the hater they see this as a lakc of skill.. but it’s Tebow competitiveness.. look at Ben Roethlisberger.. is he not skilled? He is a two time superbowl winner yet he holds the ball for AGES.. you think he does it because he can’t throw? No.. he doe sit because he is trying to get a bigger play. Same exact thing with Tebow.. only Tebow is to times the physical specimen BigBen is..

    And the only reason Tebow has a weird throwing motion is because he played baseball an was a pitcher.. so his natural throwing motion has a pitcher’s motion in it. And he STILL dominated the SEC like no other QB has before.. even with his unorthodox mechanics.

    It’s also hilarious to me how everyone is making a big deal about Tebow dominating backups when no one ever said jack when Bradford and Colt McCoy were Heisman candidates even getting more votes than Tebow despite the fact they were playing highschool caliber defenses their whole college careers compared to the SEC defenses Tebow was facing.. with just as much talent on their own teams as Tebow had on his.

    Anyway.. keep making your genius comments here.. this blog is going to be hilarious when Tebow is dominating the NFL. Just like reading the posts of people who doubted Tebow in college..

    • Watch this video: http://www.chacha.com/topic/ndamukong-suh
      They say he benches 470 at about a minute in.

      Where are you finding your info? Tebow being stronger than Suh. Breaking florida school records while he’s still in high school? I’m gonna need LEGIT sources before I even kind of begin either of those statements.

      I never said florida can’t get athletes… I just said I hate tebow because he went to florida… and no, he can’t throw as well as elite QBs. He isn’t half the quarterback that Peyton Manning or Drew Brees is… or even Matt Ryan or Mark Sanchez for that matter.

      I don’t disagree about Roethlisberger. I’ve also said for years (you can ask those who know me) that I think he’s a severely overrated quarterback. However, he holds on to the ball too long and that’s just bad decision making, it’s not bad decision making COUPLED with a dreadfully bad/long throwing motion.

      Being a pitcher in baseball is a HORRIBLE excuse for having a poor throwing motion as a quarterback. Both Dan Marino and John Elway were drafted by Major League Baseball teams (so they really played baseball, not just in high school) but didn’t have cracked out throwing motions as a quarterback.

      You do realize that Bradford and McCoy played in the Big 12, right? While the Big 12 defenses aren’t as good as SEC defenses, it’s a little naive to call them “high school caliber” when they contained TONS of players that were taken in the first round of the NFL draft: Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy, Earl Thomas, Sean Weatherspoon…

      Please come back throughout the season and future seasons to remind me how much tebow is dominating the NFL… because I’ll bet you won’t have the courage to come back here if and when you’re wrong and he’s a bust.

    • I also just google “tim tebow breaks weight lifting record” and “tim tebow breaks leg press record” and nothing legit came up at all. Heck, nothing even not-legit came up.

  11. Tebow DOES choose to play his way.. he knows he can take more hits than the average QB so he will stand in the pocket longer.. if you think Tebow cares about getting hit in the pocket you don’t know jack about Tebow.. He does that because he is looking for the big play.. not soft and dumping it off like the rest of the soft weak QBs out there. He is willing to do that because of his incredible competitiveness. This is why ignorant fans question his “slow” release.. of course he will try to make his release a little more orthodox if he thinks it will help him at times.. but he will still hold onto the ball in the pocket to make a big play.. and people will still blame it on his throwing motion even though he is holding the ball higher..

    The only reason he would bring the ball so low anyway is because he held the ball lower because he knows he can run with the ball if the play breaks down.. are you trying to tell me that is a negative? Of course it isn’t.. but ignorant haters will use it as one anyway.. just because their favorite QB couldn’t run to save their life..

    And if you don’t realize how successful and efficient Tebow was in college you really should just hang this blog up right now.. even before Tebow’s dominance humiliates you in the future…

    And Tebow was dominating 1st string talent in a game type scrimmage the Broncos had before the preseason games so ithere goes you theory about it being third stringers..

    Heck.. the third stringers are probably playing harder than starters anyway in preseason because they are trying to keep their jobs against all the odds. Those third stringers Tebow was facing were playing like it was the superbowl anyway because of Tebow’s star power.

    Most watched high intensity pre season game ever when he was playing..

    But again,.. I just tell you this so I can come back and laugh at you when I am proven right emphatically.. if you can’t see Tebow’s talent I honestly feel sorry for you on many levels..

    • Took awhile to read this far, and don’t think I’m going to continue. I just have to ask Choco if you watched any of those Gruden camp things they did on ESPN? You know when he got in all the rookie QB’s faces and told them what they sucked at. Anyways, his main thing he wanted Tebow to work on was getting the ball out faster. He had a laundry list of other things for him to work on, but that was the first thing he needs to address. If you can’t get the ball out when you want to quickly, you will not succeed in the NFL.

    • Chappy is the voice of reason. Thanks for that.

      Good call on not reading any more. They only get worse from here.

  12. This is one of MANY article talking about how tebow was working to fix his throwing motion before the draft and during the offseason:


    ALL quaterback care about getting hit in the pocket. I’m not saying he afraid to get hit, but it’s bad for the team (in more ways than one) if the quarterback gets hit, nonetheless multiple times.

    This is hilarious… when you talk about the “soft weak QBs” who use dump off passes it reminds me of that Rex Grossman parody. Hahahaha. Either way, I’m not talking about him taking a long time to hold on to the ball, I’m talking about the actual time it takes from the moment he starts to throw from the moment the ball leaves his hand.

    Quarterbacks aren’t supposed to hold the ball low because it increases the risk of a fumble, and I believe that was made evident in the preseason game we’re talking about. Yes, I realize the fumble was reversed but, it still shows he’s at risk for fumbling like that.

    When did I say he wasn’t successful in college?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All the NFL teams have those scrimmages, but the key is that it’s STILL A PRACTICE. That doesn’t disprove any theory. There was a DB for the Colts that had THREE interceptions in their scrimmage but SUCKED in the first preseason game. The scrimmage is WAY different from the real games.

    They were playing like it was the Super Bowl because they were trying to make the final roster NOT because they were playing against tebow and were awed by his “star power” – and with that point, you’re clearly now just grasping at straws.

    “Most watched high intensity pre season game ever when he was playing..” I don’t even know what you were trying to say with this point.

  13. hahaha See.. Suh, look at his scrawny squat limit. Tebow squated 680!

    And look at his measly bench there. Tebow was benching 400 plus out of highschool!


    Out of highschool:

    “Not even at a Nike-sponsored combine workout in Tallahassee earlier this summer, when where even the participating linemen couldn’t match Tebow’s bench-press performance: 185 pounds 38 consecutive times.”

    As for the leg press thing you are just going to have to take my word for it.. it was in several articles.

    Dude.. just stop.. you are making a fool out of yourself!

    Just wait until Tebow is dominating even more in the NFL.. then it’s really going to be comical.. you probably made this big post because you ALREADY know you are wrong.

    • I don’t care about squat limits or bench press numbers. Jacques McClendon (went to Tennessee and now plays for the Colts) bench presses 645 and squats 730 (both school records at Tennessee) and that doesn’t immediately make him the most powerful offensive lineman in the league – heck, he’s not even a starter for the Colts.

      There’s more to being a powerful football player than weight room number and I guarantee you right now, that if Suh and Tebow squared off against eachother it would be a joke and Suh would flatten him with next to no effort.

      Oh and he benched 185 lbs 38 times. Awesome. Again Suh did 225 lbs 32 times, which is more impressive.

      And there is no way I’m taking your word for it that he broke the leg press record while he was in high school. Not a chance.

      I also love that you think I’m making a fool of myself. I’ll take that to heart while my website generates hundreds of thousands of views – not exaggerating.

  14. The only reason Tebow was so concerned aobut his throwing motion is because all the NFL pundits said it was an issue.. so to show he was coachable and to appease them he worked on it.

    But again.. the real issue is that tebow holds the ball low becaus eof his running ability.. when he takes the snap he holds the ball low in case he needs to scramble.. It would take MORE time to raise the ball up.. then drop it again if he has to scramble then raise it back up again to throw… Would you rather have Qb that can’t run just to shave a couple nano seconds of his windup? Gimme a break.. ALSO.. Tebow could have changed his throwing motion long ago like Marino and Elway.. but why did he need to in college since he was the MOST successful Qb in college football history?????

    So he never messed with it.. The instant he got out of college he started working on it. Also.. in college you really don’t have time to work on your motion off season.. and you can’t do it in season because you mess with your accuracy. They have rules about working with players in the off season.

    And you said those scrimmages meant nothing.. Tebow faced first team team and had a much better showing than Quinn or Orton.. people said Tebow put on an absolute show. Put him with first teamers against Bengals you probably see the same thing.. even if it is ugly.

    It’s hilarious too though.. everyone makes a big deal about the hits Tebow ltok in that game.. first of all.. one of his blockers missed a block and double teamed one of the guys causing the big hit. AND those weren’t even big hits.. Tebow got drilled like that every game in the SEC. He seriously doesn’t care.. Listen to his interview the next day he is laughing about it saying how excited he is to be playing real football again. I actually think he likes it. haha and considering he never missed a game in college and ran more physically and recklessly than any QB in SEC history.. I think he can handle it just fine. The one time he was knocked out it was also a huge fluke.. he had the flu AND hit his head on his own players MASSIVE knee.

    • You have to be joking. As in I genuinely don’t believe you’re arguing this. There is no way that anybody out there would actually, legitimately be making the points you’re trying to make and believing them.

  15. Those bench press numbers from Tebow are out of highschool! haha

    And Tebow benched 460 in college when his coaches made him stop.. he was a sophomore.

    And he weighs a hundred pounds less than Suh.. you can say bench and squat don’t matter.. but guys are drafted off those measurables.. also.. you can’t say throwing style and technique matter so much then say bench and squat don’t matter.. again.. you are making a fool out of yourself.

    Also.. considering BigBen has more superbowl wins than Peyton Manning how can you claim holding on to the ball is a bad decision>

    drew Bress is also a guy they said could never dominate..

    Kurt Warner was a box boy at a grocery store.. what’s the moral of this story? can you figure it out?

    I will find the leg press article just to put you out of your misery haha

    • He doesn’t weight a hundred pounds less that Suh, idiot.

      Being strong while training in the weight room is different from being strong on the field in a game.

      A bad throwing motion while training in practice is still a bad throwing motion on the field in a game.

      It’s a team sport.

      They said Drew Brees couldn’t dominate because of his height, not because he couldn’t figure out how to throw the ball correctly.

      Kurt Warner didn’t have a bad throwing motion.

      The only way to put me out of my misery right now would be by admitting you’re joking about all this so I don’t have to put with your horrifically uneducated comments anymore.

      Also Michale Vick, Steve Young, Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, Steve McNair, Daunte Culpepper, Fran Tarkenton were all very successful as scrambling quarterbacks and none of them had slow releases like tebow or held the ball like tebow…

      Oh and Dan Marino is one of the most prolific passers in NFL history and John Elway went to five Super Bowls. So don’t even begin trying to compare Tebow’s success to theirs.

  16. Boo-ya-ka-sha!


    The weight training room is full of stories, but one of my favorites is about Tebow’s first trip there as a high school player and the Superman feat he pulled off.
    Tebow had come to take part in a one-day Friday Night Lights Camp. It started about 7 and now it was 10:30 p.m. and most everybody had left. He and Marotti were sitting on bench eating hamburgers when Tebow said:
    “Coach Mick, let’s go do that leg press.”
    “What leg press?” Marotti asked.
    “Remember that leg press you were talking about?”
    “Oh, yeah, yeah. But Tim, it’s 11 o’clock. There’s nobody here.”
    “I need to do it, coach Mick.”
    So they go back into the old weight room and Marotti put the weights on the leg press that had been used earlier in the day. Tebow asked how many reps the previous guy had done and Marotti said, “Oh, 26 or so.” He really wasn’t sure.
    “I don’t remember how many I told him, but whatever it was he did five more than that number.”
    The Tim Tebow legend began building before he ever set foot on campus as a Gator.
    Tebow racked the weight, the two of them shook hands, hugged and said goodbye.
    Meyer happened to be coming down the elevator when Marotti stopped him and said: “Coach, I don’t know if this guy can throw the ball, but he’s is a winner. There aren’t too many people in the country that would do what he did at 11 o’clock at night. His determination, his focus and his drive are what we’re looking for.”

    • Great. Congrats. That’s from a gator fansite. Even if it is true, I still resort to what I said about strength in a weight room not necessarily translating onto the field. Plus he didn’t break the school record, he did more than whoever else had previously gone that day.

  17. “””You have to be joking. As in I genuinely don’t believe you’re arguing this. There is no way that anybody out there would actually, legitimately be making the points you’re trying to make and believing them.””””

    There has never been a QB like Tebow before.. this is why people who think they are experts don’t understand how he does what he does.. I have studied Tebow’s game as much as anyone baring his coaches..

    Doubt my statements at your own peril.. You have already embarrassed yourself thus far.

    It’s amazing how people don’t get it though.. Tebow had the best showing of any of the rookies.. and he had people gunning for him more than anyone.. if he is so unpolished and has such poor skills then how do you explain this? Your excuse is his competition.. Yet apparently Tebow is moving up the depth chart on the Broncos.. he had more reps than Quinn in their most recent scrimmages.

    It’s funny how someone said Quinn had to be better than Tebow because he was an experienced NFL QB.. and they said Quinn would have been better than Tebow at Florida.. haha.. Then Tebow outplays him in the NFL. I am not saying Quinn is worse etc etc.. it was one game.. but still it’s pretty comical. Shows how people just have no clue..

    • No you haven’t.

      He didn’t have the best showing out of any rookies… look up the stats for Victor Cruz, Antonio Brown, Anthony Dixon, Geno Atkins, Pat Angerer, Daryl Washington, George Selvie, Reshad Jones, Mike Balogun, Daryl Sharpton, Keiland Williams, Joique Bell … or even Brandon Banks punt return numbers… all of them had better debuts than tebow.

      I said no such thing about Quinn… though recently one of tebow’s own receivers from florida said they would have rather had a normal, pocket passing quarterback throwing the ball to them than tebow.

    • Sounds like you have a crush. I don’t know if he swings that way but you can try. He might get a restraining order against you.

  18. RE Leg Press – Bench: It’s about competitiveness though.. that is what you don’t get.. this is why what I am telling you is so important..EVERYTHING Tebow does is about getting the competitive edge.. holding the ball.. throwing where he knows the the ball can’t be intercepted even at the expense of an incompletion.. running the ball and taking hits because he was so cautious and protective throwing the ball.. using a long windup to throw an extra hard ball because he knows it is less likely to be intercepted,..

    All of these things make his game look different than a normal QB.. but all of these things prevent turnovers and allow for bigger plays or more efficiency which help him win the game.. even though it “looks” ugly..

    This is why people saw that last game so differently.. this is why pros think he looks like he isn’t a real QB.. yet all he does is win. that’s what it’s all about for him. he doesn’t care how it looks.. he does all this because he has more options than any other QB..

    McDaniels recently said Tebow was the brightest QB he ever had at this stage of Tebow’s career.


      You’re getting more and more ridiculous, which is why I still don’t believe you’re being genuine and sincere, but that you’re actually just arguing for the sake of arguing without actually believing what you’re saying.

      All quarterbacks try to put where only their receiver can get it, not just tebow. He’s still playing in the same division as Eric Berry, who intercepted him more in his college career than anyone else, so Berry knows he doesn’t run becuase he’s so cautious with the ball. A long wind up doesn’t make him throw it harder. JaMarcus Russell can probably throw the football harder than anyone ever, yet he didn’t take a long windup throwing motions, AND his “harder” throws clearly didn’t make them hard to be intercepted.

      Those things don’t prevent turnovers. The reason it’s bad to do those things is because it puts him at a HIGHER RISK of turning the ball over.

      You say “all he does is win” but it’s a TEAM SPORT. It’s the ultimate team sport. He doesn’t win. His team wins. He doesn’t have more options than any other quarterback. That’s dumb. Stop being dumb.

      McDaniels hasn’t exactly had a track record as the brightest crayon in the box, so he can say whatever he wants.

  19. Tebow had the best showing of any rookie QB’s with significant playing time.. don’t be obtuse.

    “I said no such thing about Quinn… though recently one of tebow’s own receivers from florida said they would have rather had a normal, pocket passing quarterback throwing the ball to them than tebow.”

    I didn’t say you said that.. I said someone did.. and the receiver didn’t say what you are saying he did..Having a normal QB like Brantley might be better for a receivers numbers but not the win column. The fact you wouldn’t realize that shows everyone all they need to know.

  20. Tebow was arguably the most efficient passer in CFB history.. he had an incredibly low touchdown to turnover rate.. again.. you are just showing how clueless you are.

    And the interceptions Berry had were caused by his receiver.. both times. Even the announcer said that. And Tebow won all their games against Ten. LOL

    Dude.. seriously.. you are embarrassing yourself.

    You compared Tebow to pure runningbacks and aren’t even smart enough to understand the implications of that.. you claim Suh is stronger than Tebow an will manhandle him then I show you Tebow is stronger.

    If what you were saying was true then Tebow shouldn’t be so efficient.. IF Tebow was trying to play like a normal Qb and couldn’t do all the thing she can then you might have a point.. like if he used a slow deilivery and was supposed to throw on time then you would have a point.. but Tebow doesn’t have to do that. He can break the rules because he can do things other Qbs can’t.

    If this wasn’t proven already you wouldn’t have made this silly rant with no substance in the first place.

    • Alright, I’m responding to both comments at once, because I’m tired of having to respond twice every time…

      You said he had the best showing out of any rookie… and technically he didn’t have “significant playing time” according the the NFL’s official website 14 attempts was required for them to even list a quarterback among the rookies leading statistically…

      It helps the receivers get on the same page as their quarterback when they have a QB like that. And are you really ignorant enough to say it only helps with stats but not in the win column? Top four quarterbacks with most career wins as a starter in the NFL: Brett Favre (181 wins), John Elway (148), Dan Marino (147), Peyton Manning (131)… and ALL of them have normal throwing motions. And either way, it still goes back to what I’ve already said multiple times: It’s a team sport. Quarterbacks don’t win games by themselves.

      And no, he’s not arguably the most efficient passer in NCAA history. That would be Ryan Dinwiddie. It’s a fact.

      I love that you think it’s me who should be embarrassed right now. It makes my day.

      We’re talking about his ability to run so I compared him to runningbacks… would you like me to compare him to other scrambling quarterbacks instead? I can do that and it will have the same outcome: tebow sucks.

      Eric Berry is better than tebow. Period.

      When did you show me tebow is stronger? You didn’t.

      Haha, you called tebow a “she”

      What can he do that other QBs can’t?

      Nothing is proven. He played the last twenty minutes of the first preseason game. NOTHING is proven yet.

  21. Tebow had the same number of attempts as Sam Bradford.. I would say that is significant. More non argument from you.

    Non of the guys you mentioned could run like Tebow.. many QB gurus have said Tebow has a very similar motion to Steve Young.. So does Favre!!!!

    Dinwiddle did not play in the SEC.. LOL That is like comparing a NBA playing to a Euro league player..

    So then show me a running Qb that trucked guys better than Tebow.. go ahead.. I want to see more fail.

    Eric Berry is better than Tebow? did dyou not see Tebow TRUCK Berry? He made him FLY! LOL

    Um.. Leg strength is more important than Arm strength.. Tebow’s leng strength DWARFED the 300 pounder Suh. That is total ownage.

    I can’t believe you commented on that typo.. that’s total desperation,

    Something is proven — that the critics were wrong.. Tebow has NFL talent. He showed that as best he could under the circumstances.

    • Hey, idiot. Look at this link:
      Notice the asterisk at the bottom that says
      “* To qualify for passer rating, the player must have thrown at least 14 passes/game. ” and they don’t list a single other player that doesn’t have 14 or more attempts no matter what stat you sort it by. So how are you going to call that a non argument? It’s a FACT. Plain and simple. You are trying to argue against indisputable facts.

      As for those players not being able to run like Tebow, I know they can’t and that was my point. They win with their arm, by being a pocket passer, like a quarterback is supposed to. Though I noticed you never addressed the fact that I brought up Michael Vick, Steve Young, Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, Steve McNair, Daunte Culpepper, and Fran Tarkenton.

      Find me these “QB gurus” you speak of. Give me quotes and links. You’re so full of BS, I’m not taking a single thing you say seriously unless you back it up with something.

      You said tebow was the most efficient college passer of all time. I said he wasn’t. You didn’t say the most efficient SEC passer of all time, now did you? Again, you made a statement. I provided a FACT that proved you wrong and you are now trying to argue with FACTS… though you might enjoy taking a look at this: http://www.secsports.com/news/default.aspx?ArticleId=287

      Quarterbacks are NOT supposed to be trucking people. They’re not. Whether they can or not isn’t the point. It’s stupid. ANY competent coach will tell you that. However if you want to talk about quarterbacks who can run better than Tebow… Let’s look at some numbers.

      In college tebow had 2947 rushing yards on 692 attempts. That’s an average of about 4.26 yards per attempt… that’s against college defenses.

      Now let’s take a peak at Randall Cunningham’s rushing stats in the NFL. He had 4928 yards on 775 attempts, which is an average of 6.36 yards per attempts… that’s against NFL defenses.

      Michael Vick has an average of 7.2 yards per attempt in the NFL. Donovan McNabb’s is 5.7, Steve Young’s was 5.9, Fran Tarkenton and Steve McNair both were at 5.4… so as you can see tebow really isn’t that good of a runner, even when compared to other scrambling quarterbacks rather than running backs.

      I believe I defined “trucking” in this post. And that is not what tebow did to Eric Berry. Though, you may want to check this out:

      and this:

      or this:

      By the way, NEITHER of those interception were the receivers fault. One was a HORRIBLE read by tebow and the other one was just a dreadful throw. As for if Berry is better? How about the fact that he was drafted 5th overall? Or how about his 60 million dollar contract? Or the fact that he’s already a starter in the NFL? Tebow was taken 25th, has a contract worth 11 million, and is still third on his depth chart.

      Tebow doesn’t dwarf anything of Suh’s. Stop being stupid. Seriously.


      It hasn’t been proven that he has NFL talent. It hasn’t been proven that he’s a bust. It hasn’t been proven that his throwing motion does or doesn’t work in the NFL. It hasn’t been proven that he can run against NFL defenses.


  22. Do I have to keep probing you wrong over and over again while you keep moving the goal post?

    Now I see why you are so bent by Tebow playing so well.. you obviously can’t admit you were wrong about Tebow..

  23. You can’t prove someone wrong that won’t pull their head out of the sand.. anyone that doubts Tebow’s talent at this point has had their head there a long long time.

  24. Let the games begin.

  25. Man, you are a very good writer. This is shown as you make the “victim” become a person (giving background and information from his site). As to your points, I personally, love when someone “trucks’ another, but I can’t stand the term “truck.” I would not define what Teebow” did as a “Truck.” Regarding Teebow’s future I think he was a great NCAA talent and I am very anxious to see what he does in the NFL. I personally think there is a large chance of a bust on his career. But, I love the move by Denver by taking the chance.

    • William, thanks for the comment! I agree on all counts… I don’t really like the term “truck” either, but I do enjoy it when it happens. I also didn’t see what tebow did as a truck, obviously. It will be interesting to see how his NFL career plays out though. Thanks again for the comment and I hope you’ll come back and check out more of the site.

  26. The Broncos love Tebow so much they just signed Orton to an extension hahahaha!

  27. You are totally wrong about Tebow. He will surpass every number ever put up by Elway.

  28. Rookie season for tebow: 82 pass attempts, completing 41 of them for 654 yards, 5 TDs and 3 INTs. That’s a dreadfully bad 50% completion rate and he also took 6 sacks. That’s terrible.

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