Why Do We Love NFL Football So Much?

We have another post via Mr. Wright. Here it is:

M.D. Wright


Yeah, why DO we love NFL Football so much?

That’s a loaded question, and everyone has their reasons. Here are mine:

For me, it means the best time of year is being ushered in. I get sick and tired of the summer heat after about mid July (especially if there is a dearth of BBQs and beach trips, which there have been over the past two years). By August, I can’t take it anymore. I love my Yankees, but I am not going to watch every game, every inning after having watched 120 games to that point in the season.

Despite what number crunchers construct with their “findings” (that there is only truly 20 minutes or so of actual “live action” during a given NFL game — an attempt at a rebuttal to those who say that the NFL is by far the most exciting and non-stop action-filled professional sport of them all), we love every nuance of the game. Just as those of us who love MLB baseball love the chess match that is the stratagem involved in baseball, we love NFL football for the same reason.

Sure, to the naked eye, a 3 yard run off tackle just looks like a guy running a ball and 11 guys trying to tackle him to the ground. They all fall down and get right back up and do it again. But what about everything that works in the midst of all that? For the coaches among us, 11 vs. 11 is like watching two well-oiled vintage cars in action… or watching the gears of a Swiss watch in motion. I wish I could be an offensive line coach one day. Alex Gibbs is somewhat of an idol to me. I am a cornerback by trade and idolized everything about Deion Sanders growing up, so while I favor defense all day, I love watching offensive line play. This is my personal reason for loving the Madden Franchise the way I do. My friends back then (the Austin brothers) and I would play Madden incessantly when it first came out late in ’89. I played because the Xs and Os were eye opening. I am a sucker for Xs and Os and watching plays go according to design.

Now, twenty years later, I’m even better (or worse, depending upon who you ask ha) about it. When watching my New York Football Giants, you’re just as likely to hear me get excited about watching Chris Snee pulling at Right Guard, or Shaun O’Hara executing a beautiful trap block to open a lane for Brandon Jacobs or Ahmad Bradshaw, or Rich Seubert on a nice kickout block behind Dave Diehl as you are to hear me hoop and pump my fist at a great catch and run by Hakeem Nicks or a fine interception by young Kenny Phillips (please get healthy BTW).

True football purists know the offensive line is where the game begins. Casual fans, fantasy football geeks and women who aren’t in the know (I preface this, because I have several female friends who know football better than some of the guys I know who THINK they know the game ha) will just look at QBs, RBs, WRs and maybe a DE getting a sack, or a LB/S with a jarring hit or a CB with an interception and completely ignore what occurs at the line of scrimmage.

I mentioned Alex Gibbs, because his lines everywhere he’s been (most notably Denver and Atlanta) were known for being smallish, but more agile and able to block in zones out in space. Denver had a long streak of guys getting 1,000 yards rushing as if it was as easy as rolling out of bed. Surely, it is not that trivial, but watching their zone blocking scheme (as much as I have hated Denver all of my life) was a joy to watch from a coach’s standpoint. It makes me want to go back to coaching. When August rolls around, these types of feelings arise.

Watching the Indianapolis Colts from 1999-2005 was even more fun. Be a fan of theirs or not, but from a pure football standpoint, and especially watching from an offensive line coach’s perspective, it was a thing of beauty. The Colts had a play (they still use it today, but it is not as effectively without Edgerrin James) that was their bread and butter. When executed to perfection, even the cameraman was faked out on occasion, not to mention the opposing defenses. The “Stretch Play”. The entire line shifts, almost military-like — in one direction, QB Peyton Manning would drift angular to the line in the direction the offensive line would move, and RB Edgerrin James (now Joseph “Bunny” Addai) and almost flailing/appearing to trip over his own feet last second, hand the ball off to James, who would have the option to pick whatever hole the offensive line provided through the zone blocking allowed by the Stretch Play. Defenses had to “stay home” because the Colts would also run their play action sets from this same formation. If the wrong LB or DB committed too hard to the run, WR Marvin Harrison or WR Reggie Wayne would be able to gain a step or two and that’s all it would take for a big play to occur. Same with the running game. If the LB or DB didn’t pick up on whether it was a run, James would get huge gains as a result. His first two years in the NFL were a testament to this.

I love subtleties like that.

What I like about every team? (Hey, as a nod to my objectivity — to which some people playfully attempt to question at times during the heat of the season, I can speak good things about every team, since I watch them all at least 8-10 times a season apiece, right?) I’d just like to warm up the season, as we enter Week 2 of the preseason, and the regular season merely three weeks away, by whetting everyone’s palates even more for their respective teams.

Buffalo Bills.

Their fans love their drink, don’t they ha? And with a team like the Bills have had (no playoff appearances since the Music City Miracle 11 years ago), and that WEATHER, you have to give them credit. Their owner won’t spend money, they’ve had a revolving door of incompetent coaches since Marv Levy left and their GM Buddy Nix is trying to be a funnyman now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dqcd0dFGrnU

It pays to have a sense of humor in Buffalo, New York.

Miami Dolphins.

The Fins have a lot to look forward to this season. They have perennial 100-catch WR Brandon Marshall in tow. They got 5 years younger at LB by releasing Joey Porter and his 16 sacks to get beastly Mike LB Karlos Dansby. With a nice 1-2 punch of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams (swan song for Beadie Boy BTW), the Fins can contend. Their defense is going to be stout. And they know they can beat up on the Bills twice and maybe even trip the Patriots and Jets once apiece. And yes, we New Yorkers will hate you for your weather when we’re shivering at the new Meadowlands or looking outside of our windows at a foot of snow, while you sip cold ones in Zach Thomas jerseys with chipped numbers.

New England Patriots.

You know of my vapid hate for the Pats. I call them the Cheatriots for cryin’ out loud (and with good reason). But Pats fans must be excited to see Wes Welker’s progression from that ghastly knee injury. Tom Brady is playing mad (the Pats have reached the end of the line and now have to deal with Brady’s severely underpaid contract after putting it off for years) and may be entering his final season in New England. Randy Moss is in the same boat. He’s almost certainly not coming back after 2010. The Patriots have that last-call Celtics feel to them this year. They could easily go to the Super Bowl with their offense alone (their defense is decent, but not great by any means — enough with the Mayo comments, okay? One guy doesn’t nullify holes at 5 other positions) or be rendered 8-8. I think the fire in the respective bellies of Brady and Moss in a potential last hurrah will yield great returns for the Pats.

New York Jets.

The Jets have had more hype heaped upon them than any NFL entering a season in recent memory. A lot of it is warranted. They’ve signed a ton of veteran talent, from RB LaDainian Tomlinson, to CB Antonio Cromartie (FROM?!?!?!) to DE Jason Taylor (FROM?!?! ACK — DK will get that joke ha). However, they turned their backs on stalwarts such as G Alan Faneca and fan-favorite RB Leon Washington (FROM?!?!?!). And in similar contract disputes, they somehow do not want to pay the best CB in the NFL, Darrelle Revis, the money he is due. CB Nnamdi Asomugha received a market value contract that the Jets deem somewhat of an anomaly, but Revis is better than Asomugha and deserves the same money. I don’t care that Asomugha played out his contract or is older. Market value is market value. You know if Revis somehow lost it, or got injured, Tannenbaum would have no problem cutting him. PAY THE MAN.

Sure, NT Kris Jenkins is healthy and 40 lbs lighter, which only helps the Jets’ defense. And Revis will play. But the main focus when quelling some of this hype is to remember that your QB is a 2nd year player who threw 20 INTs (although his 2nd half of the season was not bad). The Jets go as Mark Sanchez goes, doesn’t matter that he has WR Braylon Edwards or WR Santonio (or, as some call him, San Antonio) Holmes, or that WR Laveranues Coles returns to the Jets for the 17th time in his career. If Sanchez doesn’t make strides this season, after single-handedly costing the Jets 4 games by my own personal count, then the hype will all be for naught.

Baltimore Ravens.

I think the Ravens will ultimately be the team to beat in the AFC. Look at what they’ve done. Quietly, at that. They drafted Sergio Kindle (to get younger at the LB spot — and addressing the hole that Bart Scott left when he joined head coach Hollywood Rex Ryan with the Jets), and while Kindle cracked his skull in the offseason, he can be a veritable SCHTUD once he’s healthy and cleared to play. Ray Lewis is Ray Lewis. 35 years old and all, he’s still RAY LEWIS. Terrell Suggs is going for blood this season. Their secondary is their weak link, but a lot of that can be masked if the front seven plays to capabilities. The Ravens actually have a potentially good offense for the first time in their history, though. QB Joe Flacco has one of the best arms in the NFL. He throws Jeff Blake-like deep balls (you know, Blake’s deep balls would leave the screen they were so high — Blake was legendary for this), and now they have two receivers who can actually CATCH (see Mark Clayton and Derrick Mason’s dropped passes that cost them 2 games last season) in WR Anquan Boldin (FROM?!?!?!?!?!) and WR Donte Stallworth (killed a guy, but did 30 days in county, Burress shoots himself and basically ends his career, Vick kills a few mutts and loses two years of his prime — don’t get me started). The Ravens are gonna be scary, especially with young Ray Rice at RB (FROM?!?!?! New Rock City) handling duties.

Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals will be nothing if not entertaining. WR Terrell Owens joins his buddy Esteban in the WR corps. QB Cursin Carson Palmer won’t have any excuses for having such a poor season as he did last year. RB Cedric Benson has another chance to prove he’s not a bust and last season was no fluke. And that Bengals’ defense? IT MIGHT JUST BE BETTER THAN IT WAS LAST YEAR. LOOK OUT.

Cleveland Browns.

Well, you know, the Browns know how to drink…

Pittsburgh Steelers.

They have to be thanking God that their in-house rapist got off easy. They have a boatload of injured players coming back healthy this season. Optimism reigns supreme in training camp in Latrobe. Their running game is suspect, but the Steelers love their chances with guys healthy. I won’t argue with them, even though I hate the Steelers just as much as I hate the other NFC East teams, New England, San Francisco and Denver.

Houston Texans.

Is this FINALLY the year they break out of the 8-8/9-7 doldrums and make the playoffs, winning 10-11 games as they are capable? They have the best WR in football. They have a defense that got better as time wore on last season, but it always seems like something is missing. QB Matt Schaub hasn’t been able to stay healthy, but say he does this year? Is this the year they FINALLY get over the hump? After seemingly 5 straight years of being a .500 team?

Indianapolis Colts.

Yawn. The Colts will win 13 games this year. Book it. Everyone knows this. I know it. Tom Mulcahy knows it. Weller Ross knows it. The bum who always holds the door for people at Duane Reade thinking they’re gonna give him money for it on Broadway and 50th knows it. Eventually you just wonder. Their offensive line is getting older. Manning is 34. Addai can never stay healthy. Their defense has always been fragile, but yet always gets the job done with Master Injury Lister Bob Sanders always out when the season is on the line. They could win it all. Seriously. They have guys healthy who didn’t play in the Super Bowl, who very well could’ve swung the game for the Colts. Look out.

Jacksonville Jaguars.

Hard to grasp what they’re doing there. Del Rio looked like he had lost the team at one point last season. QB David Garrard did NOT have a good year. RB Maurice Jones-Drew is a Fantasy Football dream. People will take a punch in the face in order to get MJD’s 15 rushing TDs on their fantasy squads this year. The Jags misuse FB (should be RB) Greg Jones (FROM?!?!??!), though. After Fred Taylor was pushed out unjustly, that was the time to split carries between Jones-Drew and Jones. The Jags were already a top rushing team.

Who would stop this? And it would alleviate the pressure on Garrard. The Jags’ defense has been average at best with only CB

Rashean Mathis even mattering on that side of the ball. They foolishly let DT Marcus Stroud go to Buffalo, thus breaking up a tough tandem that he formed with DT John Henderson. They were unblockable. But without that type of force now, the Jags’ defense is nothing special.

Tennessee Titans.

People need to calm down about RB Chris Johnson. Just because Peterson has the Tiki Barber fumbling disease does not make Johnson all-world. He had a career year. He could very well get 2,000 yards again (although in doing so, it would yield the same outcome record-wise for the team). He kind of reminds me of Marcus Allen in his Oakland years a bit, in that Allen got numbers, but the more his numbers increased, the team began to lose (there is much more to it than this, an entire column-worthy).

They still need to prove they can pass the ball when necessary. They aren’t a good come-from-behind team (despite the Arizona game last season). QB Vince Young has to be the one making plays or else they’re an 8-8 team again. They’ll be fun to watch because of the fantasy impact though. And their battles with Indy.

Denver Broncos.

Knowshon Moreno will be a fantasy sleeper this year. You heard it here. I don’t know what Denver’s plan is otherwise, though. I’m reaching to find any bright spots, with their best player being lost for potentially the season just a week or so after signing the richest DE contract. But hey, Moreno IS a bright spot, so I’m not missing out on my obligatory positive comment for each team right ha?

Kansas City Chiefs.

They have a lot of pinball game scores.

Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders will win the AFC West. BOOK IT. Campbell is no JaMarcus Russell, nor is he Ken Stabler. But like Al Davis or not, his comparison to Jim Plunkett CAN BE apt. We haven’t seen Campbell in a meaningful game yet, so we won’t know for sure. Getting out of Washington at least removes the excuses about instability with his coaching staff. But when I was little, I LOVED watching those NFL Films videos of the 1970s Raiders (I’m convinced I’d be a Raider fan today if I were born 10-15 years earlier). John Madden was/still is THE MAN. Those guys knew football. I watched the NFL Films footage of the 1980 Raider season, narrated by NFL Films Legend John “The Voice of God” Facenda. I watched them win the Super Bowl by beating “Jaws” and the Iggles to a pulp. I watched Plunkett have clutch (not great numbers, but CLUTCH) plays all season. I watched Al Davis say “this is ah (our) finest owah (hour).. this is da finest owah in the his’try of the Oakland Raydiss… and I’d like ta welcome home the hostagiss” (the Americans caught up in the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war) and I will say that Campbell can be what Plunkett was that season.

And the Raiders’ defense is actually VERY GOOD. Aside from boneheaded play by Russell, a few bad calls that went against them and last second losses, the Raiders could’ve easily won 10 games last year. Scoff if you will, but I watched them play 8 games last year. I feel very strongly about this.

San Diego Chargers.

Hey, they are my second team, but I don’t feel good about them. They’ve become what the Cowboys are. Pass happy. Dallas may be able to run the ball a little better, but offensively — the Chargers are all-world when it comes to scoring. Defensively, they have a couple of individual players who get it done and a bunch of nondescript players who don’t really make plays. Just like Dallas. Top-heavy teams usually do not win. The Saints were an opportunistic top-heavy team, so they were the exception (more on them shortly). If LT Marcus McNeill and WR Vincent Jackson play, then the Chargers will win 9 or 10 games and tie the Raiders (the Raiders will win 10). But if they don’t… I don’t have high hopes.

Dallas Cowboys.

As I just wrote about the Chargers, the same holds true for the Cowboys. They look a lot better on paper than they’ll actually be. No, I’m not speaking as Mike the Giant fan here. This is objectively-speaking. WR Dez Bryant was a STEAL where Dallas picked him in this season’s draft, only making an already very good offense even better. QB Tony Romo will have numbers for days. RB Felix Jones will get feature back carries this year and they still have RB Marion Barber and RB Tashard Choice, who was huge for them last season. With TE Jason Witten, WR Miles Kardashian and Bryant eventually benching WR Roy Williams, why can’t Dallas score 34 PPG this year?

The thing is, outside of DeMarcus Ware (who, contrary to popular belief, was shut down most of last season), maybe Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer — both of whom benefitted from Ware’s double teams, they only have CB Mike Jenkins as a true playmaker. Sure, they only yielded 15 PPG, but those stats are skewed a bit. And teams CAN have their way with Dallas. I don’t see where they addressed their glaring weakness at LB (outside of Spencer) and that could very well have their defense looking a lot like the Giants’ did last season in some games.

New York Football Giants.

Naturally, I am optimistic. And after writing a 1,200 word piece the other day, I’m gonna keep it short. Everyone (fingers crossed about young Kenny) is healthy, QB Eli Manning has RBs Jacobs, Bradshaw, WRs Steve-12, Manningham, Nicks and emerging Barden, with TE Boss, and emerging young Bear Pascoe breathing down Beckum’s neck for backup dibs. If we stop throwing to FB Madison Hedgecock in the flat (Johnson may replace him) and running screens at the goal line and sweep plays with Jacobs on 3rd and 4 (Gilbride, you die if you do this in 2010), and stay healthy, we will be a Top 5 offense again, after tailing off late last season.

Defensively, the Giants are healthy and have a coordinator whose philosophy and schematics are similar to those of John Fox and Steve Spagnuolo (or “Spagnola”, as Troy Aikman says it), meaning GIANTS DEFENSE. Haters will deny it, but last year is LAST YEAR. These guys are healthy and ready to play. Hand Dallas the division if you like, but healthy, the Giants are Super Bowl contenders again.

Philadelphia Eagles.

They have a lot of high hopes for young QB Kevin Kolb. I don’t see it. Two games against porous defenses is a “body of work” now? They’re going to regret letting McNabb and Westbrook walk. And all-world WR DeSean Jackson won’t be “sonning” dudes if Kolb is spending 5-7 plays on has back being sacked or knocked down during the pass.

I do like TE Brent Celek, though. The guy makes clutch catch after clutch catch. I think RB McCoy can have a big season if the Iggles don’t forget about the running game as they do perennially (they were as bad as a 35/65 ratio run/pass at one point last season).

Washington Redskins.

Optimism abounds in Lanham. Donovan McNabb feels like Joe Montana to long-suffering Skins fans. The Skins have a Who’s Who of Has Beens at RB, though. It’s Clinton Portis’ job to lose, but he has been slowed the past 2-3 seasons by multiple injuries. No matter. If he’s hurt, they have Brian Westbrook. If he’s hurt, they have Larry Johnson. If he’s hurt, they have those two no-names who finished the season for them last year.

I think McNabb is going to make the Iggles wish they had kept him. Does he kill drives with his passes that skip at WRs’ feet? Yes. Does he choke at times? Yes. But the man does WIN. A lot. More than most Skins fans under age 25 can claim their team has — since the Skins have been largely irrelevant since 1992.

I agreed with DT (now NT) Albert Haynesworth and his stance. Call him what you want, but much like one of my former employers did me upon hire, they told me they were hiring me to do one thing in the initial interview, then lied and switched it. I quit. And Haynesworth’s situation is no different just because he makes millions and I was just making peanuts. It’s a principle. The Skins lied and cheated (if you don’t catch the irony from a historical standpoint of the name of the team and the way its owner operates, then get your IQ game up ha) to get him from Tennessee, now they have an albatross on their hands. The man is simply the best in the game and UNBLOCKABLE in a 4-3 set. Skins fans, silly as many of them are, side with management and new Head Coach Mike Shanahan in their scathing remarks about Haynesworth holding out of camp. You nullify the man’s effectiveness by using him as a Casey Hampton/Kris Jenkins-like NT in a 3-4 set. Sure, Orakpo and Carter will benefit from Haynesworth eating up 2-3 gaps at times, but did you really pay the man $100M to be a space eater? No. He wasn’t worth that money anyway. No defensive player is. Unless he’s Lawrence Taylor’s clone. But you had a bigger, more unblockable version of Warren Sapp in his prime, capable of 15-18 sacks in a given year and turning him into an overpaid Jim Burt.

Which is perfectly fine with me as a Giants fan.

My son Santana Moss has to be genuinely pissed like his player card suggest whenever they show the lineups for the Skins. Here’s a guy wasting his prime on losing teams and he can’t even get a QB who can get him the ball until just now. Only now, Portis is getting old and they have offensive line woes, so Donovan might have to pull a few rabbits out of his hat to even be effective with Moss. I’d be tight, too.

The Skins defense can be shut-down level at times, though, but their offense has to generate points. I think it will, at least enough to get out of the cellar in the division this year.

Chicago Bears.

I don’t understand Bears’ fans’ optimism. Yeah, new season and all, but what did they do to improve? Please tell me.

I’ll wait.

No, nevermind, save your brain for less trivial things.


Julius Peppers isn’t going to matter. He’s going to get double teamed so often that he’ll resort back to his quitter ways by Week 4. The Bears have no running game. They have some potential at WR, but with the league leader in INTs (and he will again this season), is it going to matter that he can heave it 70 yards and even pass for 20 TD if he throws 25 picks?

Oh, and “only” 25 picks is my nice comment for the Bears. Otherwise, they stink to high hell. Cellar dwellers this year.

Detroit Lions.

I like what the Lions are doing. GM Martin Mayhew gets it. Matt Millen didn’t. No more wasting picks on WRs, which was stupid enough, but all of whom turned out to be BUSTS (except one and a half — Roy Williams being the half, and only because of the draft picks he yielded in the trade with Dallas and the one good season he had)? That’s just absurd. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson is gonna have a season for the ages. I like Matt Stafford. Best QB of the ’09 draft and we don’t need to wait 3-5 seasons to see that. Best arm, best accuracy, he’s a gamer. He showed me things (nh) in that Thanksgiving game even though they got roughed up. With Stafford healthy, a semi-decent running game and Johnson as his main target (along with TE Pettigrew — again, if healthy), the Lions have something. They still have holes, but they’re not as much of an eyesore as the Bears willfully are.

Oh, and young Lou Delmas is my SON. Keep an eye on him. I like that kid.

Green Bay Packers.Weapons galore for sleepy Rodgers. He’s gonna pass for 4,500 yards easily. He nearly won me a fantasy title in ’08, because I had the foresight to know he would do it that season. WR Donald Duke and the Driver still gets it done and although their running game is suspect with Suffern, NY native Ryan Grant being up and down, they do have a stifling defense — which may be even better with guys healthy (although they will miss this season’s dumbass of the year, Johnny Jolly — “Out For Season (Drank) in the middle of their defensive line).

Minnesota Vikings.Favre plays. Peterson doesn’t fumble. Sid Rice has a year for the ages. Young Percy gets over the headaches and makes plays like he did early in ’09, their defense continues to be stifling and old man Winfield is healthy, which means nightmares for corners in the division. It’s the Vikes’ division and conference to lose. They should pick right back up where they left off and surpass the Saints, who will fall back to reality after a luck-filled ’09.

Atlanta Falcons.Falcons win the NFC South. They don’t do anything great, which is the funny thing. QB Matt Ryan didn’t look like Matty Ice last year, but missing RB Michael Turner AND RB Jerrious Norwood for long stretches and WR Roddy White will do that to you. Those guys were fantasy dreams for me in ’08 (Turner and White), but ’09 was disappointing from a statistical and health standpoint for them both.

Healthy, the Falcons don’t make mistakes, they make enough plays, they run the ball and play solid enough defense to stay in games and have enough playmaking to win close games. The NFC South is allegedly the best in football, but I think it’s a matter of attrition than anything else. All of them (aside from the Bucs) will win 8-10 games. But the Falcons win 10, tying the Saints and owning the tiebreaker (remember, the Falcons played the Saints tough and should’ve beaten them in both games last year).

Carolina Panthers.Matt Moore is Jake Delhomme in 2004 all over again. You can’t tell Panther fans that after they taunted me after Week 16 last season. The Panthers and Eagles are in for rude awakenings. Sure, the Panthers can run the ball all day, but how effective will that be? Their only receiver (Steve-89) will be double and triple teamed all year. None of their other WRs are threats and Moore will be getting sacked quite a bit.

I do like Williams and Stewart 1,450 for Williams this year, 1,275 for Stewart, 10+ TDs apiece. Basically their entire offense. Might use one of them in fantasy. They’re studs with yards and TDs.

But their defense is a joke. 8-8 team with Jimmy Clausen finishing the season. Mark my words on everything I said.

New Orleans Saints.After selling their souls to the devil in exchange for a Super Bowl last year, reality will set in. Their defense is NOT as good as the stats looked last year. They had Madden video game-level takeaways. You cannot live in the NFL expecting to duplicate that season to season or even week to week. And if you have to score 35-40 PPG in order to avoid losing (there were 3-4 games where they had to do this in order to salvage games where they were either being blown out or trailing late), can you really say that you are more good than lucky? There were 4 games last year where awful officiating benefited them (NOT including the NFC Championship).

Brees will still get 4,000 yards, but not that’s not 5,000. Makes a difference. Teams will copy what Dallas did to them in order to shut down their relative unknowns at RB and WR. It wasn’t WR Marques Colston that mostly beat teams, it was the no-name guys.

Their defense is returning the same players. The one plus is DE Charles Grant is healthy. But as good as FS Darren Sharper is, he IS 35 years old. I just do not find their defense impressive top to bottom. You can’t guarantee takeaways. And to use some Cam’ron wordplay, takeaway the takeaways and you can takeaway that Super Bowl trophy and a Falcons’ division crown is just a take away.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers.Young Josh Freeman can sure wing it.

Arizona Cardinals.They are gonna miss Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin. I think that while Beanie Wells can run the ball, teams will stack the box because QB Matt Leinart is atrocious. WR Larry Fitzgerald is gonna be begging for his way to the east coast by midseason.

In other news, my son DT Darnell Dockett (FROM?!?!?!?!) is the 2nd best DT in the NFC. Loved to see him stretch Leinart a few weeks ago ha.

St. Louis Rams.Bradford’s got insurance on his body, right?

San Francisco 49ers.I think Frank Gore surprises a lot of people this year. TE Vernon Davis finally gets it? What do you all think? I hope he does. MLB Pat Willis is the best Mike in football. I love watching him play. Reminds me a lot of his coach.

Seattle Seahawks.It’s gonna be fun hearing Carroll’s excuses all season, I’ll say that much.

In other news, it’s good to see WR Mike Williams resurface. At least one of the 18 WRs Matt Millen drafted (other than Johnson) has a chance to contribute in any capacity.


So yeah, all the hard hits, instant replays, storylines and rivalries are what most of us live for. God Bless Sundays at 1:05 pm. I look forward to eating like a king and downing cold ones (hopefully at least once at new Giants Stadium — no offense to Jets fans, but I’m gonna keep calling it Giants Stadium ha), yelling at Eli and Hedgecock, jumping up in disbelief at a play that Nicks made, or Jacobs’ annual ritual of TRUCKING Laron Landry. I also look forward to gaming Madden online (if I ever have any free time with Masters studies and real estate ha — my ID will be posted as soon as I get my new PS3). I love the Fantasy Football trash talk — I’m in 6 leagues right now.

I look forward to my status updates serving as message board-like fodder as fans of several teams chime in with their respective opinions. It’s the best time of year. Food, cold ones, football, camaraderie and trash talk. Friends crashing at friends’ houses for Monday Night Football, fantasy football trades and bragging rights. THIS is why we love NFL Football so much.

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