USA-Brazil Friendly Action

I briefly forgot about this game after the Cards and Reds had their little dust up in the first inning.  I think those fireworks have ended, so I’ll settle for Yahoo updates.  Brandon Phillips is 0/7 in the series.  Just sayin’.

Right now, the US is 0-0 with Brazil….now it’s 1-0 Brazil.  Perfect timing for them.

Anyway, we’re kind of sending out our World Cup team one final time before we turn our eyes toward 2014.  Brazil is fielding a young side, but as with all Brazilian sides, they’re very, very skilled.

The first 10-12 minutes of this game were very good for the States, there was plenty of movement, possession and solid passing.  This last 25 minutes or so have been all Brazil and all ball chasing for us.  This is the way Brazilian fans were hoping their team would play in the World Cup.  The catalyst for Brazil’s attack has been the young star, Neymar.  The 18-year-old Santos striker has caused all sorts of havoc for the US backline.

He and 20-year-old Alexandre Pato have impressed me more than anyone on the field.

As if he heard me…he just scored a gorgeous goal.  2-0 Brazil.

This is a clinic, where was this at the World Cup?  Dunga really made a mess of the South African side.  Mercifully, the first half is now over.  I’ll go ahead and post this and watch the Cards until halftime is over…

Looks like three subs for the States as we start the second half.  I don’t think any of it is going to matter.

Brazil just hit the post.  Yep.  This is really just damage control at this point.  Hold them to one goal this half, maybe steal one if you can…make the final score look better than it really was.

I’d say at this point it’s half USA looking terrible and half Brazil looking great.  We’re just chasing the ball around the field at this point.  Any sort of attack is a counter attack and that ends up being a two on five situation.

Well, USA scored….but we did it illegally.  At this point, I’ll take it.  Wonderful cross, though.

A couple more changes here.  Clarence Goodson and Robbie Findley are in, Landon Donovan and Carlos Bocanegra are out.

I’d love to pull out some good things that are happening in this game, but I haven’t seen anything worth mentioning.  I guess I could talk about all the Brazilians, but that’s not really fun.

And Brazil just crashed one off the post…again.  John Harkes just called in a clinic.  I believe I used that exact analogy in the first half.

…Well, I’ve really zoned out for the last 15 minutes because we’re getting hammered so I’ll do my post game analysis now:

Brazil is good.

5 Responses

  1. Haha I watched for a little bit, but it looked like a NBA team playing a D-League team. Thanks for the recap though, because I couldn’t get into it!

  2. I couldn’t watch. Of course, I was just eagle-eyeing my death rays at Brandon Phillips and Johnny Cueto, and it was much more fun for me to watch them suffer.

  3. hahaha Your post game analysis made me laugh. “Brazil is good.”

  4. people are stupid

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