Colts 2010 53-Man Roster Prediction

Thomas at the rookie camp

Kevin Thomas at the rookie camp

This was extremely difficult to try and predict. For starters nobody has any idea what’s going on with Kevin Thomas. He appeared to have suffered a season ending knee injury a few months ago, but is now on the active roster. He was recently seen at training camp in high spirits signing autographs and had no knee brace and wasn’t limping or showing any favoritism to the injured leg. He has said he’s still doing rehab and that it’s getting better and better every day. Reports like that don’t sound to me like somebody who will be missing the entire season. Actually, on the contrary, those are typically things you hear about somebody who is aiming to be ready to play by the regular season. I don’t think that’s the case with Thomas by any means but it certainly makes me optimistic enough to think that we could have him ready to go before the end of the year.

Brandon James

Though speaking of players who have injuries and will hopefully be healthy before the regular season starts I’m still listing Charlie Johnson as the starting left tackle. The recent injury reports (or lack of them) with regards to him make me nervous but the rumor mill is pointing at it being a sprain which are typically injuries that take four to six weeks to recover from. So I’m hoping that if he does have to miss any of the regular season that it won’t be much. On a less happy note, I’m being forced to conclude that Brandon James will be making the final 53-man roster. He will primarily be a return man, and the last time we had a former Gator as our return man his name was Keiwan Ratliff and he fumbled a whole lot more than I wanted him to, especially considering that with this offense all you need from the return game is to get the ball back, you don’t need a great return. Just secure the ball and let Peyton & Co go to work.

Reggie Wayne being awesome

Finally, I realize I have 12 offensive starters. This is because I have no idea which three of the four receivers will end up being the top three. Reggie Wayne has locked up the starting spot wide left and most believe that it will be Pierre Garçon lining up wide right, but as for if it will be Anthony Gonzalez or Austin Collie seeing the most action as the third receiver, I just don’t know. It seems both are playing very well in training camp and neither is pulling away from or falling behind the other in the competition for that spot. So to simplify my life I’m just listing all four as starters. Either way, here’s the roster as well as my best guess at the players that will make the practice squad:

Offense Defense
Starters Starters Special Teams
QB: Peyton Manning LE: Robert Mathis K: Adam Vinatieri
HB: Joseph Addai RE: Dwight Freeney P: Pat McAfee
TE: Dallas Clark DT: Antonio Johnson LS: Justin Snow
WR: Reggie Wayne DT: Daniel Muir KR: Brandon James
WR: Pierre Garçon OLB: Clint Session
WR: Anthony Gonzalez MLB: Gary Brackett
WR: Austin Collie OLB: Philip Wheeler
LT: Charlie Johnson SS: Bob Sanders
LG: Tony Ugoh FS: Antoine Bethea
C: Jeff Saturday CB: Kelvin Hayden
RG: Kyle DeVan CB: Jerraud Powers
RT: Ryan Diem
Backups DE: Jerry Hughes
QB: Curtis Painter DE: Eric Foster
HB: Donald Brown DE: Keyunta Dawson
HB: Mike Hart DT: Fili Moala
TE: Brody Eldridge DT: Mitch King
TE: Jacob Tamme LB: Pat Angerer
TE: Gijon Robinson LB: Ramon Humber
WR: Taj Smith LB: Cody Glenn
WR: Brandon James S: Melvin Bullitt
OL: Jacques McClendon S: Mike Newton
OL: Jamey Richard S: Jamie Silva
OL: Mike Pollak CB: Jacob Lacey
OL: Adam Terry CB: Deshea Townsend
OL: Chris Marinelli CB: Kevin Thomas
Practice Squad
DB: David Caldwell
DB: Ray Fisher
QB: Tim Hiller
WR: Blair White
WR: Sam Giguere
LB: Vuna Tuihalamaka
DL: Ricardo Mathews
HB: Javarris James

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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