Tragedy At The….World Sauna Championships?

Until about 30 seconds ago, I was going to write about former Tennessee Vol JP Arencibia and his historic Major League Baseball debut.  With his first four swings in the bigs he managed a measly single, double, and two homers.  But….he didn’t die so he gets trumped.

So as you can tell by the headline, someone died at the World Sauna Championship in Finland.  I will try not to speak ill of the deceased…but…are you serious?

Reports indicate that one of the two finalists, Vladimir Ladyzhensky, passed out seven minutes into the event.  The recorded temperature was a balmy 230 degrees Fahrenheit.  The other finalist was five-time champ Timo Kaukonen who was taken to Helsinki and treated for “severe burns” but is in stable condition.

Ossi Arvela, the event organizer is on record as saying that the event probably won’t be held anymore.  No kidding.  You can check out the official website here.  Perhaps not surprisingly, it doesn’t say much.

After not much research I know that the point of these competitions is to stay in the boiling hot (literally) sauna for as long as possible (without dying).  They’ve been holding these things since 1999 and all the men’s champions have been Finnish while the women had a three year stretch where Belorussian Natallia Tryfanava stood the heat and last year saw a Russian woman take home the crown.

I understand that someone just died in this competition, but did it really take that much to realize that this was a terrible idea?  I’m all for testing the limits of human strength and stuff but I’m not this dumb.  It would’ve been pretty awesome to see them burst into flames, I guess.

That’s pretty much all there is to it…a guy died at a World Championship of dumb stuff.  I wonder if they’re going to cancel the Sauna World Tour this year.  I’m bummed, I had tickets.

5 Responses

  1. That’s just….. stupid. I feel terrible for the guy’s family.

  2. I really hope they don’t end this… I was already qualified for next year’s tournament.

  3. Oh for goodness sake. What will they think of next? Such a sad way to go out.

  4. It’s kind of the way I feel about competitive eating contests. I’m just not sure why people get so into stuff like this. I’d rather be normal, and not be famous for anything…

  5. This has Darwin Award written all over it.

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