5 Transactions I’d Like To See

The glorious return to blogdom was supposed to happen on Sunday when Weller returned from wherever he was.  Since it’s now Wednesday and the last time I talked to him he was playing Monopoly in Indiana, I’m going to go ahead and start the revolution now.  Or as my wife put it, “You both suck, someone post something.”

This is for you, dear.

Anyway, the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline is this Saturday and there will be plenty of action before then.  So for our first post in a while I’m going to give you five moves that I’d like to see happen (or not happen, ooooo).

1. Stephen Drew to the Cardinals

The Cardinals have gotten very little production from their middle infield this year so Drew would become an instant upgrade.  I would love to say Dan Uggla should get the nod here but the Marlins have said Uggla will remain in South Florida for now.  Kelly Johnson is another option but his home/road splits are horrendous.  Get him out of Bank One Ballpark and he’s a completely different hitter (Which is why the Braves non-tendered him in the offseason).  Drew has shown 20 homer power and can hit for some average (not so much this year) but can probably be had for a B level prospect.

2. Ted Lilly to the Dodgers

Ted Lilly has put together some of the quietest good seasons in all of baseball with the Cubs.  In four years in Chicago he’s 47-34 with a 3.70 ERA and a 3.25/1 K/BB ratio.  Plus, he’s a lefty which bumps his value up a bit.  Chicago isn’t going anywhere this season and the Dodgers are looking to shore up their rotation for the stretch run.  Lilly wouldn’t come at a huge cost but would pay major dividends in LA.

3. Carlos Delgado to the Angels

Since Kendry Morales’s ridiculous celebration injury it’s been no secret that the Angels are looking for a rental at first base.  They’ve already made the move to get Dan Haren so they might as well reach out to the unemployed slugger .  He wouldn’t cost any prospects to get and he’s probably sign for the prorated league minimum.  Delgado would like to make a run at 500 homers (he’s at 473 right now) and he’s a great locker room presence.  This would be a low-risk, high-reward move for the for Angels.

4. Roy Oswalt to…the Astros

Oswalt has been rumored to be on the move to the Cardinals, Phillies, Dodgers and a host of other teams, but really, I don’t think it will happen, nor should it.  It has been no secret that Oswalt doesn’t want to pitch in Philly and that he does want to go to St. Louis.  The Cards can’t logically afford him with the impending mega-deal to Albert Pujols plus they don’t have a great farm system past Shelby Miller.  If Oswalt really wanted to be traded he’d approve a deal to Philadelphia and pitch with Roy Halladay.  If you’re going to be that difficult about it, just stay put.

5.  Joakim Soria to the Yankees

The Royals have one of the best closers in baseball.  That’s like having the best salad dressing in the world with lettuce leaves that are brown.  Yes, he’s signed on a club-friendly deal through 2014, but the Yanks have already offered catcher Jesus Montero, one of the top prospects in baseball, straight up for Soria.  The Royals do have a stud catcher in the system, Wil Myers, but a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.  Plus either one would become a valuable commodity down the road.  Rumor has it that Soria has the Yankees on his no-trade list, but I’m considering that a rumor for now.  The Royals are kind of silly for turning this one down.

3 Responses

  1. So, if you couldn’t get Drew, who is next on the list for the Cards?

    I think Soria is the biggest name that hopefully doesn’t go anywhere like NY. He’s going to help out whoever he goes to making close games shorter! If your the Royals why wouldn’t you hang onto him though?

    • If we couldn’t get Stephen Drew, I guess I’d say Kelly Johnson, but his OPS at home is a healthy 1.031 and a not so great .677. That’s a shocking difference. He’s a lefty which would be nice since Pujols, Holliday and Ludwick are all righties and Colby isn’t hitting right now. I’d love to see Dan Uggla as well, but he’s not going anywhere.

      I guess I should’ve prefaced the Soria part with “If I don’t think the young pitchers will be ready for a run by 2014.” If Aaron Crow, Tim Melville, and Mike Montgomery are capable of winning the Central by then….sure, keep him. I’d say trade him for Montero which gives you two of the top catching prospects in baseball. If they both pan out, one becomes trade bait, plus they both develop around the same time as Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer.

      But yes, keeping him isn’t a horrible idea.

  2. Yeah, I guess they should sell high on Soria since they aren’t going anywhere, and they already traded away Callapso. Guillen is gone soon, so they may as well pick up a near can’t miss prospect while you can.

    Tick tock, Tick tock, two more days for the Cards to do something!

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