Week in Review…Kind Of

Well last week was quite a whirlwind but for some reason the sports world didn’t stop for me.  I can’t figure out why.

Anyway, I’m home now and so I figured I’d do a little quick hit post and try to cover the big stories that happened while I was gone.  We’ll see how it goes.

First up we had the Home Run Derby that I DVR’d and watched last night after we made it home.  Regular commenter chappy was at the Derby and mentioned Hanley Ramirez as being the most impressive player there.  I’d have to agree with him.  Hanley was consistently putting balls halfway up the bleachers in the 450-470 foot range.  While he didn’t get the victory or the longest homer of the night, (Matt Holliday took home that honor with a 497 foot blast) Ramirez stole the show in my opinion.

Next came the actual All-Star Game which I saw briefly on the international ESPN feed in Barbados.  I saw the last three outs by the AL and like everyone else, I was wondering why ARod was left on the bench.  Then I realized I was in Barbados, the NL won and I didn’t really care.  Good for us, I guess.

Earlier that day (I think, all the days blended together) we found out that longtime Yankees owner George Steinbrenner suffered a heart attack and died in his Florida home.  I’ve always been a Yankee hater so Steinbrenner was public enemy #1 for me while I was growing up.  One thing I certainly did admire, however, was his intense will to win.  I may hate the way he went about it, but the man certainly did everything he could to win.  Baseball lost a big personality when The Boss died.

At some point the Atlanta Braves traded their starting shortstop Yunel Escobar and pitcher Jo Jo Reyes to the Toronto Blue Jays for Alex Gonzalez and two prospects.  I have never been a Yunel Escobar fan since he debuted and from everything I read, Bobby Cox agreed.  Too much hot dogging and showboating for me.  Now having said that, I won’t deny his skill even if he’s been struggling at the plate this year.  The move seems really strange given the Braves position at the top of the National League standings.  When was the last time the team with the best record in the league traded their starting shortstop in the middle of the year?

Today USC announced that they’re giving back Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy.  Cool, guys.  Now I’ve totally forgotten about all the rampant cheating!

The NHL’s version of a diva finally agreed to a contract today only to see it rejected for circumventing the salary cap.  Gary Bettman finally decided to draw the line at Ilya Kovalchuk’s 17-year, $102 million dollar deal.  Too bad he didn’t do that with Henrik Zetterberg’s deal.  We could’ve ended this problem before it started.

Finally, Spain defeated the Netherlands in the World Cup Final the day after my wedding.  We decided to take our Honeymoon starting on Monday so we could stay and watch the game.  See why I married her?  Anyway, I was pulling for the Dutch  but Spain was the better team.  Arjen Robben certainly should have scored at least once but Spain really controlled just about every facet of that match.  I was disappointed that the referee decided to play such a role in the game, giving out a record number of cards in a game that wasn’t worthy of a record number of cards.  How he ended up red carding John Heitinga and not Nigel de Jong for his karate kick to the chest is beyond me.

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  1. Good thing there isn’t a ton going on in the sports world, you picked the perfect time for a wedding and honeymoon!

    All-Star weekend wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped, but sometimes things are just anti climactic…

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