Coming to Terms

I’m not going to write much about this game because quite frankly, I’m tired and I’m still pissed off about it.

The US lost to Ghana, blah blah blah.

Shouldn’t have happened.  Period.  Outside of the first 15 minutes and the only chance they got in extra time, Ghana did not threaten the US goal.  The difference in the game was that they capitalized on their chances while the US did not.  Anyone who tells you that the US was outplayed, outclassed, or out anything else’d in this game is just wrong.

After about 15 minutes the possession read something like 65-35 in favor of Ghana.  It finished 51-49 for the US.

The Yanks outshot Ghana 20-16 and had many, many more scoring opportunities.  Robbie Findley showed why he shouldn’t have started when he missed an easy chance in front of the net.  Michael Bradley missed a glorious chance when he rushed a shot from the top of the box.  Jozy Altidore really should have scored on a semi-break away from right in front of the net.  If Ghana really outplayed the US, then come up with three chances they had off the top of your head.  You can’t do it and they even scored twice.

I’m pinning the loss on Bob Bradley.  Don’t start Ricardo Clark…win the game 1-0.  Don’t start Robbie Findley…maybe win the game 2-0.

I said I’d be happy with a Round of 16 appearance and I am.  I just wish we’d have played better in a winnable knockout round game.

Anyway, I’ll stop there.  I may have some sort of wrap up post once the Cards current homestand is over, but I won’t promise anything.

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  1. Agreed.

  2. What matters at the end of the day ? Is it how the game was played or the result ? Plainly put the US lost the game because of their naivete and a complete lack of creativity and a lack of true goal scorer which I pointed out to you in one of your earlier pieces. Now you’ve got US Soccer President Sunil Gulati stating that a decision has to be made concerning Bradley’s future. That’s not where the problem lies . It’s the fact that the talent isn’t there and the coaching at the club level within MLS isn’t that great to begin with.

    Simply look at the teams within the league and then look at the foreign based players now on the roster and you can see the divergence in the talent level .


    • I actually pointed out the lack of goalscoring IN that particular post so we’re certainly not disagreeing there. I believe I said “If Donovan and Dempsey do not score, this team may not put a single goal in the net.” As you saw, they scored 4 of the 5 US goals.

      By the same token, I’d use your same “What matters at the end of the day” argument on the creativity issue. Lacking creativity insinuates that we did not create chances. As I pointed out, we certainly did that but we could not finish them….which we would be in agreement on.

      Finally, if Bradley doesn’t start Ricardo Clark, Ghana doesn’t score their first goal. He basically admitted his error by subbing him off within the first half hour. Ghana had no other chances in regular time. Full credit to them to finishing them, but the onus falls on Bradley for having the team come out so flat in every game. (Gerrard goal 4th minute, Birsa goal 12th minute, Algeria slamming the crossbar less than 10 minutes in, and Boateng’s goal in the 4th). In fact, that’s even worse after I type it out.

  3. classic ‘

    Do you honestly think that would’ve made a difference or are you simply clutching at straws in order to gain something positive from this all ?

    Both England and the US went into the competition hoping to do some great things. But clearly neither team or their respective coaches were ever really clear as to what their best formation would be .

    In the case of England …… Capello is as clueless as Paris Hilton would be in a room filled with doctoral candidates at Harvard ! She’d be asking for directions for the nearest Walmart or a pharmacy in order to get herself some feminine hygiene products.

    Like I said I’m glad that both teams are out so all of the bitching and whining can stop ! FIFA President Sepp Blatter apologizes for the fact that some referees made mistakes. Here you see that crap repeatedly happen in the NBA , NFL and MLB . Who’s whining then …….. in large part absolutely no one. This is all so friggin’ asinine to begin with !


    • I do think that had we put our best lineup forward, we would have won that game, yes. If Ricardo Clark is not in there to have that terrible giveaway, Ghana doesn’t score. But that didn’t happen and that’s why this post was written. It happens.

      As far as the last part of your comment, are you reading these posts as bitching and whining? If so, we’re not quite seeing eye to eye on these, my friend. Haha

  4. classic 17

    The real problem is what has been learned from the experience . Carping on about what went wrong won’t change a damn thing at at all. What now has to be done if for US Soccer Federation to asses the whole makeup from top to bottom in terms of the coaching the players part of the system being groomed at all levels for international play and move on from there.

    That’s what needs to be done ! U S Soccer President Sunil Gulati should now make that his primary goal in the leadup to the 2014 World Cup if the US is to have any ambition of qualifying for the tournament then .

    Who’d have thought that Brazil would bow out of the tournament losing 2-1 to the Netherlands ?

    Alan aka tophatal …………..

  5. classic

    And now Argentina has bit the dust. Pity because Lalas is now looking like an even bigger “goof ball ” with the picks and assumptions made . Why the hell was he hired by ESPN to begin with ?

    Alan …………

  6. […] won games we shouldn’t have (Spain) and lost games we should have (Ghana) so why not keep on that […]

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