World Cup Predictions

I didn’t  get to this before the Cup started and I’m barely making it here since Uruguay-South Korea has already started.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for our intents and purposes) the game is frozen with the Koreans about to take a free kick in the 4th minute.

Anyway, it’s time for some predictions because everyone loves them even if none of them are right.

Let’s get started

First up, I’m taking Uruguay 1-0 over South Korea.  Literally, as I’m typing this, Luis Suarez scored for the South Americans so I need this result to hold for another 80 minutes.  Maybe I should change that to 2-0. Nahhhh.

Later today we’ll get the game I’m really interested in between USA and Ghana.  Four years ago the African side ended the US hope of qualifying for the next round with a 2-1 win with the second goal coming on a bogus penalty call.  This time around, I think that score will reverse itself and be 2-1 for the US.

Tomorrow we’ll have the most intriguing game in the Round of 16 between Germany and England.  I’ll be pulling for the English but I don’t think they’ll overcome the Germans.  It’s going to be close one and fun to watch, but Germany will take it 1-0.

In the afternoon match Mexico will get its chance to avenge its overtime loss to Argentina.  However, they’re not going to.  Argentina wins 2-0.

On Monday, we’ll have two blowouts.  I’ll watch them, and I’ll enjoy them because there will be lots of goals.  Brazil will top Chile and the Netherlands will beat Slovakia by matching 3-0 scorelines.

Tuesday we’ll get a chance to see another South American squad when Paraguay beats Japan 2-1.

The late game that day will be an all Iberian clash between Spain and Portugal.  For me, outside of the North Korea thrashing, Portugal has not impressed me.  Spain will win this one 1-0.

Now you don’t have to watch the games because clearly these will all be correct.

4 Responses

  1. classic 17

    My weekend was made all the more worthwhile by seeing both the US and England bow out of the competition. As for the bitching and whining about the officiating. What’s so different there from what we’ve seen happen in the NBA and MLB with an ever increasing regularity ? Now can we have Alexi Lalas shut his god-damn mouth once and for all ? He bitches and whines like a geek who got invited to the prom but who came along with the ugly chick . What are his actual credentials to begin with ? He’s was an average player at best and a less than average MLS executive with a teams around the league including the Galaxy. It’s bad enough that ESPN have Steve MacManaman and Ally McCoist providing their less than succinct analysis without having to listen Lalas’ bloviated diatribe .

    England coach Fabio Capello is being paid $6 million a year and he couldn’t spot talent much less spell the word if you gave him an assist in the spelling by offering up the letters T _L_ N and T !


    • Yeah, I’d love to get paid $6 million to do nothing as well. Nice work, if you can get it. Apparently the US tried to get him first but we failed.

  2. Fabio Capello couldn’t spot talent in a strip club much less on a soccer pitch. Look let me ask you this who the hell picks a striker whose productivity at the international level is a meager 7 goals in 56 international appearances but leaves a creative and influential force at home because he believes that the player hasn’t produced good enough form at the club level. Only on an ass like Fabio Capello would do such a thing and the idiot sport’s writers in the UK say absolutely jack_s_it about it .

    Theo Walcott would’ve been head and shoulders above clod hoppers such as Emile Heskey and Peter Crouch . But as I’ve maintained you gets what you pays for when it comes to crap !


  3. Is Roger Goodell a modern day version of Gomer Pyle in terms of his overall IQ ?

    Click on the link provided to view the piece and then chime on in with a comment .

    Pitch Me Story Please ……. !


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