Friday 5 – ESPN Commercials

I’m going to go ahead and rule out all of the Peyton Manning ones right now, because I could do an entire Friday 5 on just those. However to make up for the lack of Peyton-love in this post I’m going to make this Friday 5 extra special, and go ahead and make it a Friday 10. There are just entirely too many awesome ESPN commercials. I can sit here and watch them on YouTube all day long, so I couldn’t limit myself to just five. So without further ado, here are my ten personal favorite ESPN commercials of all time… well at least the ones I could find clips for. There was a great commercial when I was in grade school and it was for the Stump The Schwab show where the contestant is asked “who is the only Chargers wide receiver to ever make it to the Hall of Fame” and then the camera goes down under the floorboards and there’s this little puppet character sitting there watching the show that’s going on right above him on a minuscule TV and he’s sitting there saying “Laaaaance Allllllworth! Laaaaance Allllllworth! Laaaaaaaaaaaaaance Allllllllllllworth!” over and over again. It’s easily one of my favorite ESPN commercials ever.

10. Pat Summitt

By tossing out all of the Peyton Manning commercials, I cut down severely on the likelihood of bias being a part of this post… and then I remembered this commercial.

9. Ladanian Tomlinson Mail Room

This one has always cracked me up. Not much else needs to be said about it.

8. Lebron James Throne

Another one that’s hilarious. When he sits down and the chair falls down even further then he goes over the the next cubicle and there’s a ginormous golden throne that says “King James” on the back it just slays me. I laugh ever time.

7. D-Wade Highlights

It cracks me up at the end when he says all seriously “when it’s ready” for the second time and then you hear him say “do you think we could add a couple more defenders in with CGI? That would make me look more like a hero – you know, a superhero.”

6. Steve Irwin awesomeness

I love anything that involves a florida gator getting beat up so this is a must for me when compiling a list of favorite ESPN commercials.

5. Old Timers Day

This is absolutely brilliant. I can’t say anything else about it.

4. Overseas Markets

How they ever got through filming this in it’s entirety without dying from laughter is beyond me.

3. Going Up?

This is a short one, but it’s great. The way the Devil just slowly shakes his head and the immediate scramble to get off the elevator before the door shuts is priceless.

2. Is It Weird…?

There are no words for this one. I love it.

1. Star Wars on ESPN

Star Wars is one of my favorite things ever. Ever. The only thing that immediately comes to mind that would top Star Wars is sports. So when you take the two and mix them, it’s like a dream come true.

There you have it. My top ten favorite ESPN Commercials of all time. Let me know which ones I missed in the comments section below.

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