Friday 5 – Favorite Highlights

This is going to be short because I have a lot I need to do but figured this would be a good way to start my day. I’m simply putting up my five favorite football highlights. This isn’t including anything that has personal, emotional or any other sort of biased attachment or they would simply be plays from the Colts Super Bowl XLI win, the win during that year’s AFC Championship game, Peyton Manning throwing his 49th TD in 2004, the Vols 1998 National Championship and one of my favorites from Peyton at Tennessee. But alas, none of those will be included. These are just highlights that I love to watch over and over simply because of how awesome they are as football plays, not because they had any sort of meaning (to me or anyone) or influence over a game or season. This was hard to narrow down to five so there are a ton of honorable mentions, but I’m sure all those will come up in the comments. Let’s get started:

5. Barry Sanders makes a fool out of Harlon Barnett

Now almost any Barry Sanders highlight from this video could go here, but this one is a personal favorite of mine. This was either in the 1993 or 94 (can’t remember which as I was only 5 or 6 years old) season and Barry Sanders turns Harlon Barnett all the way around like an idiot. Start the video at the 2:41 mark if you only want to see that play. Though if you have the time, I recommend watching the whole thing.

4. Marvin Harrison gives Ellis Hobbs nightmares

This one might be considered biased, and I may be subconsciously influenced by the fact that it’s a highlight of my favorite team against my most hated team, but I really don’t think so. I just can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of awareness, concentration and body control that it would take to make this catch. I literally just watched it three times before remembering that I was watching it for a reason and came back to writing this post.

3. Tyrone Prothro catches the ball behind Jasper Faulk… what?

Bryan is going to think this one should be higher on the list, and I’m sure he’s not along. Unfortunately this is my list and I’m doing what I want. It makes number two in the youtube video I’m using, though similar to the Barry Sanders one almost any of these five highlights could have made my list as well. However if you only want to see the Prothro catch start it at the 1:45 mark, but again, if you have time you should just watch all of it.

2. Aaron Moorehead does WHAT?!

This is the only video I could find of it and it is just horrific quality but all you need to know is that he essentially over ran the pass (or it was under thrown, your choice), so it hits him in the side of his head while he’s running full speed, then it hits his shoulder pad and rolls down his back and without even hardly slowing down he catches the ball behind his back and runs into the endzone for a touchdown. Moorehead only had 31 career receptions and despite this one being his best one it technically isn’t even one of them because it happened it preseason.

1. Sheldon Brown annihilates Reggie Bush

I love this highlight. Reggie Bush gets eaten alive. I have nothing against Reggie Bush but he just gets JACKED. I can watch this over and over and over again. I know there are bigger, better and batter hits out there but this one just ropes me in. And when he tries to hop up and save face like he could just shake it off but then goes back down and starts trying to crawl toward the sideline it just makes me think about how bad that must have hurt. I mean seeing him get literally knocked clean off his feet and his body just bent in half is a pretty good indicator of pain too, but you know there are TONS of times that players get hit hard and it hurts like hell but they hop up and play it cool at least long enough to get to the bench, so for him to try to do that but go back down again lets you know that Sheldon Brown is a bad, bad man.

Feel free to add your own list and critique mine in the comments.

2 Responses

  1. I’m surprised that you didn’t have Bo Jackson leveling the shiznik out of Brian ” The Boz” Bosworth ? Perhaps Boz was the most overrated player ever to have entered the NFL !

    At the time Bo not only knew football and baseball but Bo knew everything and then some !

    Alan Parkins

  2. Nice.

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