Early 2010 NFL Predictions

This isn’t going to be in depth. That will come later. I am planning on doing an in depth preview of each of the eight divisions and that will be when I offer my analysis and thoughts behind my predictions. This is simply me taking a brief (very brief) look at each division, keeping in mind what they did in the draft, what they’ve done this offseason, and all the knowledge of each team that I have accumulated over the years as well as my gut instinct about each one. I won’t be providing anything for this other than simply listing the final standings for each division, the playoff seedings and the winner of each playoff game. Most of which I will be deciding as I go. So without further ado…

Minnesota Vikings Baltimore Ravens
Green Bay Packers Cincinnati Bengals
Chicago Bears Pittsburgh Steelers
Detroit Lions Cleveland Browns
New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts
Carolina Panthers Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons Houston Texans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jacksonville Jaguars
East East
Dallas Cowboys New York Jets
Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins
New York Giants New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles Buffalo Bills
San Francisco 49ers San Diego Chargers
Seattle Seahawks Kansas City Chiefs
Arizona Cardinals Oakland Raiders
St Louis Rams Denver Broncos
Playoff Seeding Playoff Seeding
New Orleans Saints New York Jets
Minnesota Vikings Indianapolis Colts
Dallas Cowboys Baltimore Ravens
San Francisco 49ers San Diego Chargers
Carolina Panthers Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers Tennessee Titans

The wild card round is interesting because I have two teams on the NFC side playing against eachother that didn’t even make the playoffs last year. Here’s who I see winning those games:

Wild Card Round
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Packers @ Cowboys Cowboys Titans @ Ravens Ravens
Panthers @ 49ers 49ers Bengals @ Chargers Bengals

This makes for an eerily similar divisional round to this past year’s playoffs. Cowboys @ Vikings is the same, Ravens @ Colts is the same, Saints hosting the NFC West champs is the same, and the Jets host the Bengals rather than traveling to San Diego. Overall very similar matchups.

Divisional Round
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Cowboys @ Vikings Vikings Ravens @ Colts Colts
49ers @ Saints Saints Bengals @ Jets Jets

If I thought the Divisional round was too similar than the Conference Championship matchups should be down right disconcerting. Vikings @ Saints is the same and the Colts and Jets in the AFC Championship is the same only this time it’s in the cold weather of New York rather than the controlled dome climate of Indianapolis.

Conference Championships
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Vikings @ Saints Saints Colts @ Jets Jets

I know approximately 93.2% of you just fainted and had to be revived before reading on when you saw that I had the Colts losing in the AFC Championship. Well I truly do believe the Jets are going to be one of the best teams in the league this year, if not the best. I also believe that the Colts are one of the only teams that can beat them, if not the only team. However, the game would be played in the cold weather of New York which are not favorable conditions for the Colts so I give the tip of the hat to the Jets. If I had the matchup in Indy instead, I’d probably give the game to the Colts.

(NB: When I say the Colts may be the only team that can beat the Jets, I’m not predicting the Jets to go 16-0 as they don’t play in the regular season. Obviously upsets occur as well as injuries and other extenuating circumstances. I’m simply saying on paper the Colts are probably the only team that seems capable of matching up against the Jets.)

Super Bowl XLV
Saints vs Jets
Super Bowl XLV Champions: New York Jets

As I said above, I think the Jets are going to be one of the best teams in football if not the very best. Well it turns out I think they’re going to be the very best. They win their first Super Bowl since Super Bowl III in 1968, thwarting the Saints attempts at a repeat in the process. I told my dad within a few days after this year’s Super Bowl that I thought the Jets would win it next year, since then all they’ve done is made some fantastic acquisitions through free agency and had one of the best drafts in the league. I see no reason to change what I told me dad back in February.

20 Responses

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  2. Brief, very brief.

  3. I think the Jets will do great but not sure if they have what it takes to win the Super Bowl game.

    • I’d like to hear your thinking behind this… I don’t see any team in the league that is better than them… at least not on paper…

  4. The panthers?

    • I’ll be interested to hear this as well.

    • Jimmy Clausen is an AMAZING fit. They’re a run first team, with DeAngelo Williams (most underrated back in the league) and Jonathan Stewart so Clausen isn’t expected to come in and put this team on his shoulders and be some sort of hero or savior, plus he gets to throw to Steve Smith, who is a stud… the Panthers were 8-8 last year and 12-4 the year before that, making the playoff in the process. I anticipate Clausen coming in with a chip on his shoulder to prove all the teams wrong the passed over him with the first 47 picks. I expect this team to have a good year… they won four out of their last five games last year and that includes wins over the Vikings, Giants and Saints while the Vikings and Saints were still battling for the top seed in the playoffs and the Giants were fighting for a chance to get a wild card bid, so it’s not like the Bills win over the Colts at the end of the season… those teams were still giving 100% with something to gain from a win.

    • That’s a compelling case for the offense…but that’s only half the team.

    • Did you miss the part about them beating the Vikings and Saints at the end of last year? They held them to 10 and 7 points respectively and we’re talking about the top two scoring offenses in the league last year… they lost Julius Peppers but that really doesn’t concern me. I’ve always considered him a bit overrated. They picked up Aaron Francisco (Francisco… that’s fun to say) in free agency and I think he should be able to help out their secondary. They also got Eric Norwood, Greg Hardy and Jordon Pugh in the draft, who are all defensive players from the two best conferences in college football and they should all also be able to come in and compete for starting spots right away.

    • Also John Fox is a severely under-appreciated as one of the better head coaches in the league.

  5. Good to see you didn’t jinx your Colts before the season even starts! I can’t believe you don’t have Tebow and the Broncos winning the West :)

  6. Hi guys, nice article, I love all this stuff.

    Unsure about your Titans and Panthers picks, though now I look at it the NFC is looking a bit weak this year.

    I think the Texans and Raiders will suprise you this year. And unfortunately I think you could be right about the NFC west, come on the Seahawks!!!

  7. That looks about right on paper. I have:-
    a) Oakland being surprisingly good (and better than Kansas at any rate),
    b) Detroit finishing 3rd in the stongest of the NFC divisions.
    c) NFC East all beating one another up and the winner (unfortunately it might be Dallas) going straight down to Atlanta/Carolina at home
    I’d love to see Houston live up to their potential this year, but think they blew it in the draft.

    The beauty is that at least one top QB will go down for half a season – it’s usually more than one – and likely the same will happen for an O-line somewhere (please not the Seahawks AGAIN) and another teams key D-men. My money is on damage to McNabb, and, of course, to whoever gets the job at Buffalo, although the more entertaining hospitalee would no doubt be Kyle Orton, leaving a nice Quinn v Tebow quarterback controversy.

  8. fuck ur predictions none of u assholes no how to predict shit

  9. bitch

  10. When I first skimmed this article, I had to go back and check because I literally thought I must be reading something that was writen during last season’s playoffs.

    Really? Both conference championship games are the same as last year? That never happens. It won’t happen. Picks have to be original and thoughtful, because that’s usually the way it works out.

    The Vikings won’t be as good. The Jets might be, they might not. Looking more at teams like San Diego, Green Bay. Maybe even a surprise team.

    • I’m not sold on the Packers and I’m definitely not sold on the Chargers… I’ll be putting up division by division break downs when the season gets a little nearer. You’ll see my thoughts behind everything then.

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