2010 NFL Draft Live Blog – Day 3 (Rnd 7)

Day 3 moves on to the seventh and final round. You can see the fourth round here, the fifth round here and the sixth round here

208. New England Patriots (Via Washington via St Louis) – Thomas Welch, OT, Vanderbilt

Big reach.

209. Buffalo Bills (Via Detroit) – Levi Brown, QB, Troy

Good value for the Bills here.

210. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Cody Grimm, S, Virginia Tech

A slight reach.

211. St Louis Rams (Via Washington) – Marquis Johnson, CB, Alabama

Uh… this is not the Alabama player I’d have taken at this point… this is a huge huge reach.

212. Miami Dolphins (Via Kansas City) – Chris McCoy, OLB, Middle Tennessee State

Pretty big reach.

213. Detroit Lions (Via Seattle) – Willie Young, DE, North Carolina State

Great pick for the Lions here.

214. Minnesota Vikings (Via Cleveland via Detroit) – Mickey Shuler, TE, Penn State

A pretty big reach.

215. Oakland Raiders – Jeremy Ware, CB, Michigan State

Huge huge reach.

216. Buffalo Bills – Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa

Fantastic pick for the Bills.

217. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Via Jacksonville) – Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State

Amazing pick. Tons of value here. I thought Watson would go WAY before this… as in three rounds earlier.

218. Chicago Bears – J’marcus Webb, OT, West Texas A&M

This is a reach. Plenty of better linemen available.

219. Washington Redskins (Via Miami) – Terrence Austin, WR, UCLA

Austin is a decent speed receiver, I don’t think he’s the best one available though.

220. Philadelphia Eagles (Via Detroit via Denver) – Jamar Chaney, ILB, Mississippi State

Great pick for the Eagles. I thought Chaney would go two rounds ago.

221. New York Giants – Matt Dodge, P, East Carolina

I just don’t understand this. They could have likely picked him up as a free agent.

222. Tennessee Titans – Marc Mariani, WR, Montana

This is a dreadful pick. HUGE reach.

223. Carolina Panthers – R.J. Stanford, CB, Utah

This is a reach but not too bad of one.

224. San Francisco 49ers – Phillip Adams, CB, South Carolina State

Not a good pick. At all. I guess they’re allowed one pick like this after the great draft they’ve had though.

225. Denver (Via Tampa Bay via Pittsburgh) – Syd’Quan Thompson, CB, California

Great pick by Denver. Phenomenal value. I keep going back and forth between thinking the Broncos are having a horrific draft and a good draft.

226. St Louis Rams (Via Atlanta) – George Selvie, DE, South Florida

This is a great pick by the Rams. I’m glad they made at least one pick that Bryan can be happy with.

227. Houston Texans Dorin Dickerson, TE, Pittsburgh

Another player that I thought was a full back but is being listed as a tight end by ESPN. Either way this is a fantastic pick by the Texans. Great value.

228. Cincinnati Bengals – Reginald Stephens, OG, Iowa State

Huge reach by the Bengals. They should have waited and grabbed him as a free agent.

229. Washington Redskins (Via New England) – Erik Cook, OG, New Mexico

I’ve never heard of Erik Cook. Bad pick.

230. Green Bay Packers – C.J. Wilson, DE, East Carolina

Outstanding pick by the Packers. Fantastic value with this pick.

231. Washington Redskins (Via New England via Philadelphia via Denver) – Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia

Stellar pick here after a dreadful one just two picks ago. Great great value.

232. Denver Broncos (Via Tampa Bay via Baltimore) – Jammie Kirlew, DE, Indiana

Another bad pick by the Broncos. Gigantic reach.

233. Arizona Cardinals – Jim Dray, TE, Stanford

Followed by an even bigger reach from the Cards.

234. Dallas Cowboys – Sean Lissemore, DT, William & Mary

Not a bad pick here. He’ll add some decent depth, it is a slight reach though, but in the seventh round that’s gonna happen a lot.

235. San Diego Chargers – Dedrick Epps, TE, Miami

Huge reach from the Chargers. Epps wasn’t even worth drafting.

236. Seattle Seahawks (Via New York Jets) – Dexter Davis, OLB, Arizona State

Decent pick here by the Seahawks. It’s about where I thought Dexter Davis would go.

237. Minnesota Vikings – Ryan D’Imperio, ILB, Rutgers

Cool name. Bad pick. Massive reach.

238. Indianapolis Colts – Ricardo Mathews, DT, Cincinnati

I just have to trust Polian. This draft is killin me.

239. New Orleans Saints – Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State

Decent pick by the Saints. About where I thought Canfield would be coming off the board. The Saints might have had the best draft this year.

240. Indianapolis Colts (compensatory pick) – Kavell Conner, OLB, Clemson

Finally! I LOVE this pick! GREAT VALUE!

241. Tennessee Titans (compensatory pick) – David Howard, DT, Brown

Big big reach..

242. Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory pick) – Doug Worthington, DE, Ohio State

Another big reach. Steelers have not drafted well

243. Philadelphia Eagles (compensatory pick) – Jeffrey Owens, DT, Georgia

Fantastic pick by the Eagles. This is really good value.

244. Philadelphia Eagles (compensatory pick) – Kurt Coleman, S, Ohio State

Back to back awesome picks by the Eagles.

245. Seattle Seahawks (compensatory pick) – Jameson Konz, FB, Kent State

This is a decent pick. It’s about where I thought Konz would be selected.

246. Indianapolis Colts (compensatory pick) – Ray Fisher, CB, Indiana

Homer pick? This pick sucks. Ugh.

247. New England Patriots (compensatory pick) – Brandon Deaderick, DE, Alabama

This is a decent pick here. It confuses me though, I don’t think Deaderick can play in a 3-4 system, and that’s what the patriots run.

248. New England Patriots (compensatory pick) – Kade Weston, DT, Georgia

Haha, I didn’t even think Kade Weston would be picked up as a free agent.

249. Carolina Panthers (compensatory pick) – Robert McClain, CB, Connecticut

Good pick for the Panthers. It’s relatively decent value.

250. New England Patriots (compensatory pick) – Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State

This is unfortunately great value for the pats.

251. Oakland Raiders (compensatory pick) – Stevie Brown, S, Michigan

Uh. I certainly didn’t expect him to be drafted. I guess they let Old Man Davis pick the last one.

252. Miami Dolphins (compensatory pick) – Austin Spitler, LB, Ohio State.

Another player that I didn’t even think would be picked up as a free agent.

253. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (compensatory pick) – Erik Lorig, DE, Stanford

Another player I didn’t think would be in the NFL next year.

254. St Louis Rams (compensatory pick) – Josh Hull, ILB, Penn State

Big reach… but at least it’s a linebacker from Lineback-U.

255. Detroit Lions (compensatory pick) – Tim Toone, WR, Weber State

Mr. Irrelevant!

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  3. Just caught up with round 7, after getting up at 2 am yesterday to catch up with rounds 2 and 3 before driving to Belgium and back. After Round 1 went on to 3.30 on Thusday night, It is now early sunday morning here and I’ve just had 10 hours sleep since wednesday night.

    Normally, (in the Ruskell years) I stay up until 2 am-3 am on day one and then go to sleep feeling thoroughly ####ed off, but Pete Carroll, that was spectacular. If you continue as you started, we may win some games next season (meaning not just vs the rams). You get an A. (An A+ would have involved picking up Geno Atkins/Mitch Petrus when I was screaming at you)

    Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Ian Dowie at Hull City. They were relegated from the Premier League today, (baring a miracle even less likely than Detroit winning next years superbowl with an unbeaten season). My lot Burnley join them tomorrow, I suspect.

    • Yeah, I saw my Hull City boys were gonna be relegated. Oh well, hopefully we can bounce back up next year… as for the draft, you have very good reason to be excited for the turn the Seahawks have taken. I think the 49ers are out in front for the NFC West but both the Seahawks (especially with this draft) and Cardinals certainly have good shots as well… and then there’s the Rams…

    • We’ll be in for some epic Hull City-Leeds struggles next year in the Championship. If it weren’t for three horrific months at the start of the year, we’d already be planning our ascent. We just wanted to make it interesting.

    • Being a Seahawks fan and a Westham fan its been a great weekend, for anyone that doesn’t know it was Westham that stayed up over Hull.

      I think Faneca would be a superb end to a great of season for the Hawks. Slightly worried about the 49ers though. This years dark horse – Oakland! Mark my words!!

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