2010 NFL Draft Live Blog – Day 3 (Rnd 5)

Continuing Day 3 in a separate post to keep it from getting too crowded and confusing. You can see round four by clicking here and round six will be here

132. St Louis Rams – Michael Hoomanawanui, TE, Illinois

Bryan can’t be happy with this. A huge reach here. Hoomanawanui didn’t do much in college, has durability issues, and poor separation skills. On the other hand he is a good blocker and plays with a competitive edge.

133. Seattle Seahawks (Via Detroit) – Kam Chancellor, S, Virginia Tech

Very solid pick here by the Seahawks. They continue to have a great draft.

134. Philadelphia Eagles (Via Tampa Bay via Cleveland) – Ricky Sapp, DE, Clemson

A phenomenal pick for the Eagles. HUGE value here.

135. Atlanta Falcons (Via St Louis Rams via Washington) – Dominique Franks, CB, Oklahoma

Great pick here by the Flacons. Amazing value out of this pick.

136. Kansas City Chiefs – Kendrick Lewis, S, Mississippi

HAHA! Worst pick in the draft. This is DREADFUL. I didn’t think there was a chance Kendrick Lewis would be drafted.

137. Denver Broncos (Via Cleveland via Philadelphia) – Perrish Cox, CB, Oklahoma State

Good value here for the Broncos. I think this makes two picks for them now that weren’t reaches, ha.

138. Oakland Raiders – Walter McFadden, CB, Auburn

This is a bit of a reach but I can’t criticize it too much.

139. New York Jets (Via Seattle) – John Conner, FB, Kentucky

This is a reach but honestly at this point the Jets could draft from the local girl scout troop and I’d still have them as my early Super Bowl favorites.

140. Buffalo Bills – Ed Wang, OT, Virginia Tech

This is basically where I expected Wang to go. Good pick by the Bills.

141. Chicago Bears – Joshua Moore, CB, Kansas State

Decent pick by the Bears. A small reach but it’s certainly not a bad pick.

142. Kansas City Chiefs (Via Miami) – Cameron Sheffield, OLB, Troy

What? Really? I didn’t even expect Sheffield to be picked up as an undrafted free agent. Worst pick in the draft right here.

143. Jacksonville Jaguars – Larry Hart, DE, Central Arkansas

Yay, more ridiculous reaches for the Jags.

144. Houston Texans (Via Carolina via Kansas City) – Sherrick McManis, CB Northwestern

Well I thought the Chiefs had locked up the worst pick of the draft just two selections ago. Then the Texans came out of nowhere and picked Sherrick McManis. I can’t even comprehend this pick.

145. Miami Dolphins ( Via San Francisco) – Nolan Carroll, CB, Maryland

Not a horrible pick (especially considering what we’ve seen over the last few picks) but it’s certainly not a good one. This is definitely a reach.

146. San Diego Chargers (Via Philadelphia via Denver via Detroit via Cleveland) – Cam Thomas, DT, North Carolina

This is an amazing pick by the Chargers. Thank goodness somebody ended the streak of big reaches.

147. New York Giants – Mitch Petrus, OG, Arkansas

A very good pick here by the Giants. Good value to take Petrus here.

148. Tennessee Titans – Robert Johnson, S, Utah

This is a slight reach by the Titans. He’s a tall safety but needs to add some more weight on to his frame.

149. St Louis Rams (Via Atlanta) – Hall Davis, DE, UL Lafayette

I think this is a decent pick. Davis is a big DE with a lot of potential.

150. New England Patriots (Via Houston) – Zoltan Mesko, P, Michigan

Go ahead, draft a punter. That’s gonna win you another Super Bowl… oh wait, the only way you could do that in the first place was by cheating.

151. Pittsburgh Steelers – Chris Scott, OG, Tennessee

Another Tennessee lineman being drafted on day three… though it is a bit of a reach.

152. Cincinnati Bengals – Otis Hudson, OT, East Illinois

I literally don’t even know who this guy is. I’ve never heard of him in my life.

153. Jacksonville Jaguars (Via Oakland via New England via Tampa Bay) – Austen Lane, DE, Murray State

Wow! The Jags actually made a good pick! In fact this is a great pick. I thought Lane was a late third round talent or early fourth so getting him here in the fifth is phenomenal. I’m shocked. The Jags had just been ridiculously bad with the draft so far and then they trade up and nab Austen Lane.

154. Green Bay Packers – Andrew Quarless, TE, Penn State

This is an okay pick here, it’s a slight reach but it’s alright.

155. Arizona Cardinals (Via Steelers via Philadelphia via NYJ) – John Skelton, QB, Fordham

A good move here by the Cardinals. Skelton will be a serviceable backup and who knows maybe he’ll end up like Joe Flacco, coming in from a small school. At the very least this is a great value pick.

156. Baltimore Ravens (Via Arizona) – David Reed, WR, Utah

Noooooo! I wanted David Reed to be a Colt so bad. Granted I had next to no reasoning behind this and had just developed a random man-crush on him. Oh well, he’ll have a good career in Baltimore… thought they did reach for him. I wanted the Colts to take him in the seventh round.

157. Baltimore Ravens (Via Jacksonville via Oakland via Dallas via New England via Denver) – Arthur Jones, DT, Syracuse

A great pick here by the Ravens. Jones is good value here and worth trading up for.

158. New Orleans Saints (Via Oakland via Dallas via New England via Denver via Jacksonville) – Matt Tennant, C, Boston College

Again, the Saints are quietly having one of the very best drafts this year, if not THE best. Tennant is phenomenal value here. Hats off to the Saints.

159. Philadelphia Eagles (Via San Diego) – riley cooper, WR, florida

As much as I hate to admit it, this is actually a pretty good pick by the Eagles. It doesn’t matter though, because he sucks.

160. Cleveland Browns (Via NYJ) – Larry Asante, S, Nebraska

This is a really good pick by the rounds. They’re getting Asante almost a whole round later than I thought he’d come off the board.

161. Minnesota Vikings – Chris DeGeare, OG, Wake Forest

Massive reach here by the Vikings.

162. Indianapolis Colts – Brody Eldridge, TE, Oklahoma

I’m praying for patience. This pick makes me want to vomit.

163. Miami Dolphins (Via Washington via New Orleans via Philadelphia via St Louis) – Reshad Jones, S, Georgia

Great great pick here by the Dolphins. Jones is certainly worth trading up for.

164. Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory pick) – Crezdon Butler, CB, Clemson

Good work, Steelers… NOT! (In Borat voice)

165. Atlanta Falcons (compensatory pick) – Kerry Meier, WR, Kansas

This shocks me. I really didn’t think Meier would get drafted at all, nonetheless in the fifth round.

166. Pittsburgh Steelers (compensatory pick) – Stevenson Sylvester, OLB, Utah

The Steelers really aren’t having a good draft… at all. This is one of the worst 5 picks in the draft.

167. Minnesota Vikings (compensatory pick) – Nathan Triplett, ILB, Minnesota

Not to be outdone the Vikings make a pick even worse than the one the Steelers just made.

168. San Diego Chargers (compensatory pick) – Jonathan Crompton, QB, Tennessee

The Chargers just got a GREAT quarterback… for their scout team.

169. Green Bay Packers (compensatory pick) – Marshall Newhouse, OG, TCU

This is an amazing pick here by the packers. Great value for the end of the fifth.

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