Top 160 Undrafted Players

The first thing you might be asking yourself right now is why I picked 160 players. This is simply because if we assume that each NFL team signs five undrafted free agents then we will have 160 players. Of course the average number of undrafted free agents signed will be higher than five but I didn’t feel like making that much bigger of a list. 160 was tough enough. There have already been a very large number of players signed and I intend to update this list as more and more get signed. Right now I just have a blank column where their NFL team will be but I will fill that out in short order. Also, I’m not necessarily ranking them 1 through 160, though it is roughly in order, I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into where each player fell on the list. Either way, here it is: Continue reading

2010 NFL Draft Live Blog – Day 3 (Rnd 7)

Day 3 moves on to the seventh and final round. You can see the fourth round here, the fifth round here and the sixth round hereContinue reading

2010 NFL Draft Live Blog – Day 3 (Rnd 6)

Continuing Day 3… you can find round four here and round five here, and round seven will be here. Continue reading

2010 NFL Draft Live Blog – Day 3 (Rnd 5)

Continuing Day 3 in a separate post to keep it from getting too crowded and confusing. You can see round four by clicking here and round six will be hereContinue reading

2010 NFL Draft Live Blog – Day 3 (Rnd 4)

We’re up early this morning. I’m going to be doing each round today in a different post because thing seemed to get a bit cluttered today, so round five will be here, and round six will be here, and the seventh round here. Let’s jump right in. Continue reading

Review of Day 2

Yesterday we used the Review of Day 1 as our Friday 5. Today we’re doing a review of Day 2 just because we like making lists. We’re adding two more lists this time around. Just like yesterday we still have the five best picks of the day, the five worst picks of the day and the top ten players still available. Now we also have the five teams that are having the best and worst drafts so far (total from Day 1 and Day 2) tacked on at the end. Here they are: Continue reading

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