Friday 5 – Review of Day 1

Last year we did a Review of Day 1 for the 2009 Draft and Bryan and I decided that we enjoyed it so much last year that we would do it again this year. The difference this year is that Day 1 only consisted of the first round rather than the first two rounds so we didn’t have quite as much to address. So this time we’re simply doing top ten players still available, the best five picks of the first round and the worst five picks of the first round. Here it is:

Top 10 Players Left

1 Jimmy Clausen, QB,Notre Dame 1 Jimmy Clausen, QB,Notre Dame
2 Taylor Mays, S, USC 2 Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas
3 Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas 3 Taylor Mays, S, USC
4 Everson Griffen, DE, USC 4 Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame
5 Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame 5 Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland
6 Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana 6 Brian Price, DT, UCLA
7 Brian Price, DT, UCLA 7 Everson Griffen, DE, USC
8 Charles Brown, OT, USC 8 Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
9 Colt McCoy, QB, Texas 9 Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana
10 Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland 10 Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama
Top 5 Best Picks

1 KC Chiefs – Eric Berry 1 KC Chiefs – Eric Berry
2 GB Packers – Bryan Bulaga 2 Sea Seahawks – Earl Thomas
3 Ari Cardinals – Dan Williams 3 GB Packers – Bryan Bulaga
4 Ten Titans – Derrick Morgan 4 Dal Cowboys – Dez Bryant
5 Dal Cowboys – Dez Bryant 5 Ari Cardinals – Dan Williams
Top 5 Worst Picks

1 Jacksonville – Tyson Alualu 1 Den Broncos – Tim Tebow
2 Den Broncos – Tim Tebow 2 Jax Jaguars – Tyson Alualu
3 Hou Texans – Kareem Jackson 3 SF 49ers – Anthony Davis
4 NY Giants – Jason Pierre-Paul 4 Phi Eagles – Brandon Graham
5 SD Chargers – Ryan Mathews 5 NY Giants – Jason Pierre-Paul

I thought I’d add a few notes at the end as well considering we both had a few honorable mentions.

  • For the top ten remaining players I feel that Daryl Washington and Nate Allen deserve to have their names mentioned. We both considered having them on our lists but both were just barely out of the top ten.
  • Bryan said there weren’t too many picks he was in love with for the best five. He did mention that he almost had Ndamukong Suh up there just because the Lions didn’t make the mistake of taking Gerald McCoy instead. He also gave Derrick Morgan and Sean Weatherspoon honorable mentions.
  • For my best five I had Kyle Wilson as my honorable mention. The Jets have absolutely no need for another corner, but in a way it makes me like this pick even more. First off, it’s great value at the 29th pick but they already have the best corner in the world with Darrelle Revis and they also have Antonio Cromartie who is good enough to be the top corner on most any team in the league. Then they add who some considered to be the best corner in the draft when they picked Wilson. If a team plans to throw against the Jets they better have FOUR high quality targets.
  • For the worst five picks, Bryan says Kareem Jackson is his honorable mention.
  • Bryan also wants it known that Anthony Davis was only on the list because the Niners actually traded up to get him AND it was a reach.
  • My honorable mention for the worst pick goes to the Broncos for taking Demaryius Thomas, especially considering the other receivers that were still on the board. This also means the Broncos had the worst first round by far. I also considered Maurkice Pouncey, Anthony Davis and Trent Williams for the list.

11 Responses

  1. I disagree with some of your worst picks. Just because the guy isn’t the best at his position does not make it a fail pick. A guy who does not fit your system is not a good pick. Look past the talent and see how the player fits in the system.

    • Most of my worst picks didn’t have to do with the actual pick itself, but more about where he was picked. If Tyson Alualu becomes the greatest DT ever was it still a good pick since they could have gotten him in the second round? Obviously that’s a stretch, but you get the idea.

      I also valued the trades that went into picking the player. The 49ers didn’t need to give up anything to get Anthony Davis. I should probably replace Brandon Graham with Ryan Mathews simply because the Chargers didn’t need to go up that far to get him.

      As far as Jason Pierre-Paul goes, I feel like he’s all workouts. That would frighten me as a Giants fan. At least he’s in New York so he can hang out with Vernon Gholston.

    • You really think Tebow is the worst pick of the draft?

    • It was close between him and Alualu but the Broncos actually traded up to get him which blows my mind. I just don’t see that one working.

    • Yes but Tebow went at what 25 and Alualu went at 10? Tebow was projected from the first to third round and Alualu I heard my creep into the first round. When I hear creep, 10th pick doesn’t come to mind. Tebow might not have the best throwing motion as a QB but he works hard and is a leader. He also does not have to be the starter right now. He has time to learn how to develop into a NFL QB, a luxury that your QB does not have unfortunately. Even if it is Kyle Orton he is learning behind, Orton has never been a QB to win games but he doesn’t t typically lose games either. I think Tebow is in a better spot than Bradford is currently.

    • Yes, everyone is in a better spot than the Rams are. That’s why we’re picking in the Top 2 year after year. Ugh.

      That said, Matt Stafford was in a worse place than Bradford is this year and he was alright. There’s hope for us.

      Tebow was all over the board for people. Personally, I wouldn’t have taken him before the third round. I would have taken Alualu in the second so it’s a worse pick. Plus the Jags didn’t trade up to take him (like they did Derrick Harvey a few years ago).

      I understand that he’s a hard worker (he only mentions it 5000 times an interview, seriously, he’s like a robot reading queue cards) but he’s not going to be able to do the things he did in college at the QB position. He’s got to re-invent his entire game. So he sits for one year or two years…it’s hard to be a leader when you’re on the bench. I don’t see him mattering at that point. He’ll make the scout team pretty good, I guess.

    • I’d like to add the the Broncos also acquired Brady Quinn this offseason. That means tebow is THIRD on the depth chart. He will not develop into a solid NFL quarterback. I give that a 0.01% chance of happening.

    • Also, I’ll add that the reason I’m not a big fan of the Colts pick of Jerry Hughes is because I believe a first round pick should be spent on a player who has a good shot of starting THIS YEAR, and Hughes won’t. Barring injury he will be behind Freeney and Mathis. I wanted a DT, OLB or OL that could compete for a starting position immediately. This is another reason the tebow pick is just dumb. He’s nowhere near ready to compete for a starting job in the NFL, ESPECIALLY considering they have Brady Quinn, who is another fresh young talent that’s ready to get the opportunity to prove himself.

    • Tebow was the worst pick yesterday by far in my book. I know McDaniels groomed Cassel, but there’s a huge difference, Cassel had Moss and Welker to throw to. Who will Timmy have to throw to? Jabar Gaffney and Damarius Thomas! Wow, that sounds like a great recieving crop… Tebow will be lucky to be as good as Orton when his rookie contract is up. He sucks at going through his progressions when he’s in the pocket, he usually stares one guy down and if he’s not open runs immediately…. That just doesn’t work in the NFL. He has other flaws too, but that will do him in…

  2. I would definitely have included Detroit’s pick of Suh in the Best Picks simply because they got lucky in the fact that the Rams needed a QB. Otherwise, he would not have been available.

    How do you think the TRADE Talks are going all day today with Clausen & McCoy still on the board?

    • I’m really hoping that one team wants to jump ahead of the Vikings and take Clausen. That way the Rams can hold out for next year’s first round pick so we’ll have a Top 3 pick plus a second first rounder.

      Wishful thinking, perhaps. Or we could just take Kindle or Tate, or Mays, or….

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