2010 NFL Draft Live Blog – Day 2

Just like we did yesterday, we will be live blogging Day 2 of the draft with Bryan taking care of the comments and keeping the flow of conversation alive while I put up each pick and provide my thoughts on each one. Though I was privately criticized by a couple of readers for not taking part in the conversation down in the comments section so I’ll try to do a better job of that this time around. I also feel the need to mention that it is highly likely that the Rams will trade out of this 33rd pick.

33. St. Louis Rams – Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana

It’s not a bad pick, but with all the rumors that were flying around about trade offers it’s a little bit of a head-scratcher. I feel like the Rams could have taken one of those offers to trade down and still gotten Saffold.

34. Minnesota Vikings (Via Detroit) – Chris Cook, CB, Virginia

This makes sense yet it doesn’t. I was sure the Vikings traded back knowing that they would still be able to get Jimmy Clausen so I thought this pick was a given especially when they picked so quickly. But at the same time the Vikings have a solid defense but they certainly need help at corner. Cook is certainly a reach here but I do think he is the best corner available so I can’t knock it too hard.

35.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Brian Price, DT, UCLA

This is a really good pick for the Bucs. He should help improve the defense, especially with Gerald McCoy in the first round. These two could make an amazing duo for years to come.

36. Kansas City Chiefs – Dexter McCluster, RB, Mississippi

Oh. Well okay, I guess. Seems like this is too early for McCluster to be coming off the board. They’ll probably use him as a change of pace back as well as a returner.

37. Philadelphia Eagles (Via Washington) – Nate Allen, S, South Florida

This is exactly who I expected the Eagles to take. Taylor Mays was a higher safety on my board but I think Allen is a better fit for Philly.

38. Cleveland Browns – T.J. Ward, S, Oregon

Um, this is a HUGE reach. I didn’t expect ward to go until early in the fourth round. Taylor Mays is still on the board along with Chad Jones and Reshad Jones, all three of which I have rated higher than Ward.

TRADE: Tampa Bay get the current pick…

39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Via Oakland) – Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois

Benn is a good, big, athletic target.

40. Miami Dolphins (Via Seattle via San Diego) – Koa Misi, OLB, Utah

This is a bit of a reach especially considering the other linebackers that are still on the board, primarily Sergio Kindle. At this point I would love to see the Colts trade up to get somebody (Everson Griffen, Sergio Kindle, Taylor Mays, Charles Brown, Bruce  Campbell, etc…)

41.  Buffalo Bills – Torell Troup, DT, Central Florida

Well this is a reach. What is it about team reaching unnecessarily for DTs in this draft (see: Jacksonville Jaguars) because I didn’t even have Troup as one of the top ten DTs in the draft. Troup can play NT for the Bills which is good, but why not take Mt. Cody?

42. New England Patriots (Via Oakland via Tampa Bay via Chicago) – Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona

Haha, what a bad pick. Bryan was saying before the draft that he thought Gronkowski was a really good TE, but I think he’s overrated and the pats certainly didn’t need to trade up to get him. This was a dumb move and I love it.

43. Baltimore Ravens (Via Miami via Denver) – Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas

Wow! This is a phenomenal pick. I thought Kindle was a top 20 player, so getting him at 43 is AMAZING. He’ll be able to learn under Ray Lewis and may develop into one of the best linebackers in the league. This is great value, and a perfect fit for both player and team. I’m jealous.

44. Oakland Raiders (Via New England via Jacksonville)  – Lamarr Houston, DT, Texas

That’s two Texas defenders going back to back, and while this is a slight reach this is a very good pick for Oakland Raiders standards.

45. Denver Broncos – Zane Beadles, OL, Utah

Beadles can play tackle and guard but this is just a stupid pick. The Broncos are by far having the worst draft. This is a HUGE reach. I didn’t expect Beadles to go until the fourth round.

46. New York Giants – Linval Joseph, DT, East Carolina

I thought Linval Joseph was an early third round pick, not mid-second. There have been tons of teams reaching for DTs.

47. Arizona Cardinals (Via New England via Tennessee) – Daryl Washington, OLB, TCU

Great pick here by the Cards. I was hoping Washington would fall to the Colts actually.

48. Carolina Panthers – Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

About time somebody grabbed Clausen. I actually feel like this is a great fit for both the Panthers and for Clausen. This is easily one of the best picks in the draft so far. Just phenomenal. Congrats to both team and player.

49. San Francisco 49ers – Taylor Mays, S, USC

This is another great pick. I’m calling it now: Niners win the NFC West this year.

50. Kansas City Chiefs (Via Atlanta) – Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama

Well that’s interesting. It’s definitely a reach but Eric Berry and Javier Arenas will get to team up on tebow, which is awesome. I really thought Arenas was worthy of a late third round selection so this is pretty early for him.

TRADE: Vikings get current pick…

51. Minnesota Vikings (Via Houston) – Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford

I don’t know what to think of this pick. It seems like a bit of a reach but he should be a great compliment to Adrian Peterson.

52. Pittsburgh Steelers – Jason Worilds, OLB, Virginia Tech

A decent pick here for the Steelers. I small reach but still a good pick. He didn’t make a whole lot of noise his senior year but should still be able to help the struggling Steelers.

53. New England Patriots – jermaine cunningham, OLB/DE, florida

FANTASTIC! I love this pick. I hate florida. I hate the patriots. It’s a match made in heaven. Plus this is a HUGE reach for the pats. They’re just throwing away picks left and right. Good stuff. He’ll be an OLB for the pats, which is odd considering Everson Griffen in still on the board and he can play outside linebacker in a 3-4 system.

54. Cincinnati Bengals – carlos dunlap, DE, florida

Well I’m glad he’s off the board. Now I don’t have to worry about him (or cunningham) falling to the Colts and having us take him instead.

55. Dallas Cowboys (Via Philadelphia) – Sean Lee, ILB, Penn State

This is a GREAT pick for the Boys. It’s about where I expected Lee to go and he should be a great fit with Dallas, and be able to make an impact straight away with the defense.

56. Green Bay Packers – Mike Neal, DL, Purdue

This is odd. I’m talking a massive reach here. He’ll be a 3-4 defensive end for the Packers, but no matter how you cut this Mike Neal should not have gone this early. I thought he was going to go in the middle of the fourth round…

57. Baltimore Ravens – Terrence Cody, DT, Alabama

Holy cow. This is huge (literally) for the Ravens. Mt. Cody should be able to make a big impact when teaming up with Haloti Ngata.

58. Houston Texans (Via New England via Arizona) – Ben Tate, RB, Auburn

Well it’s a reach, but this is scary. Ben Tate teaming up with Steve Slaton is a dangerous duo for the Colts to face twice every year.

59. Cleveland Browns (Via Philadelphia via Dallas) – Montario Hardesty, RB, Tennessee

Replace one Tennessee running back (Jamal Lewis) with another Tennessee running back? It’s a good pick. It’s about where I expected Hardesty to go, and it should be interesting to see what kind of impact he’ll make at the next level.

60. Seattle Seahawks (Via San Diego) – Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame

All of the players that Bryan wants seem to be going to other teams in the NFC West. I might be wrong about that, but this is a great pick for the Hawks.

61. New York Jets – Vladimir Ducasse, OG, UMass

I just told Bryan that Ducasse was on of the players I wanted the Colts to get. This is a really good pick for the Jets. He’ll be able to keep Mark Sanchez off the ground, which is obviously important.

62. New England Patriots (Via Minnesota) – brandon spikes, ILB, florida

YES! I love this. That TWO florida playerse the pats have picked. Perfect.

63. Indianapolis Colts – Pat Angerer, ILB, Iowa

I am not okay with this pick. This is a dreadful pick. I’d have been happy with this pick in the fourth round maybe. This might be one of the worst picks of the draft so far, and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. This pick sucks. I would have been happier with Cam Thomas, who I just told Bryan I didn’t want. I’m putting up a highlight video in an attempt to make myself feel better.

64. New Orleans Saints – Charles Brown, OT, USC

I would have been ecstatic if the Colts would have made this pick.


65. St. Louis Rams – Jerome Murphy, CB, South Florida

This is a reach, but I expected Murphy to go in the third round, just not quite this early in the third round. Murphy should be able to step in and compete for a starting spot right off the bat.

66. Detroit Lions – Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa

This is a pretty big reach as well. I expected Spievey to go early fourth round, not early third.

67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Myron Lewis, CB, Vanderbilt

Three corners taken in a row and all three are reaches. It’s an interesting little trend we have working here.

68. Kansas City Chiefs – Jon Asamoah, OG, Illinois

This wouldn’t be too bad of a pick if John Jerry weren’t still on the board, because Jerry is a significantly better OG, but I guess the Chiefs saw something in Asamoah that they like more.

69. Oakland Raiders – Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale

This is another good pick by the Raiders. Clearly Old Man Crazy Al Davis isn’t making the picks.

70. Baltimore Ravens (Via Seattle via Philadelphia) – Ed Dickson, TE, Oregon

This is a reach. Jimmy Graham and Anthony McCoy are both on the board still.

71. Green Bay Packers (Via Cleveland) – Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech

Another player that I would have been stoked to see the Colts pick up with their 63rd pick.

72. Buffalo Bills – Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas State

This is a good pick by the Bills. Carrington is from a small school but he seems NFL ready. The only problem I have with this pick is that there are still a bunch of DEs on the board that are better value here.

73. Miami Dolphins – John Jerry, OG, Mississippi

Great pick by the Dolphins. Good value and will help make bigger running lanes for Ronnie Brown.

74. Jacksonville Jaguars – D’Anthony Smith, DT, Louisiana Tech

Haha, the Jags make huge reaches for two DTs in the same draft. Can you say “fail”?

75. Chicago Bears – major wright, S, florida

You’d think the Bears would have learned their lesson about drafting florida players after rex grossman.

76. New York Giants – Chad Jones, S, LSU

Fantastic pick here by the Giants. Good value, Jones is the best safety available and should help the G-Men out in short order.

77. Tennessee Titans – Damian Williams, WR, USC

Unfortunately this is a great pick for the Titans. They’re getting a steal here. Williams is second round talent so getting him here is good news for the Titans.

78. Carolina Panthers – Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU

This should make Jimmy Clausen happy. It wasn’t too terribly long ago that there were people considering LaFell to be the best receiver in this year’s draft. He dropped down a bit and this is basically where I expected him to be picked, but it shows that he has the potential to be that good of a player. Him and Clausen could be hooking up for years.

79. San Diego Chargers (Via San Francisco) – Donald Butler, ILB, Washington

This isn’t a great pick or a poor pick. This is where Butler was expected to go.

80. Denver Broncos – J.D. Walton, C, Baylor

Another reach by the Broncos. This has been an unbelievably bad draft for them. It’s honestly laughable.

81. Houston Texans – Earl Mitchell, DT, Arizona

Okay, I take back what I said earlier. This has to be the worst pick in the draft. I didn’t think Mitchell would be drafted til late in the fifth or early in the sixth. This is an insane reach. “Houston, we have a problem.”

82. Pittsburgh Steelers – Emmanuel Sanders, WR, SMU

Huh, this makes me wonder if they drafted Sanders to be a return man. Either way they could have waited to take him. I didn’t think he’d go til much much later… as in late fourth round, maybe early fifth.

83. Atlanta Falcons – Corey Peters, DT, Kentucky

The only reason this isn’t the worst pick in the draft is because the Texans just took Earl Mitchell… I really can’t even comprehend the picks these teams are making for DTs. We’re talking about multiple teams making HUGE reaches for DTs, and some did so multiple times – that’s right, I’m lookin’ at you, Jacksonville.

84. Cincinnati Bengals – Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas

This is definitely a reach. I’m surprised Shipley came off the board before Mardy Gilyard… then again I’m surprised that he came off the board before the man who was throwing the ball to him, Colt McCoy.

85. Cleveland Browns (Via New England via Oakland) – Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

I am shocked McCoy came off the board this late. I think he has a very good shot at becoming the best quarterback from this class. It’ll be interesting to see how well he does with the situation in Cleveland but I think he has a good chance to succeed. He also gets to play with Montario Hardesty.

86. Philadelphia Eagles (Via Green Bay) – Daniel Te-o-Nesheim, DE, Washington

I feel like this is a big reach especially considering all of the other DEs available and I really can’t figure out why they felt the need to trade up for it.

87. Denver Broncos (Via Philadelphia) – Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota

I suppose this is an attempt to help tebow. It’s not going to work, it’s good value for this pick though.

88. Arizona Cardinals (Via Baltimore) – Andre Roberts, WR, Citadel

Sweet. Drafting a dude from the Citadel is awesome. You at least know he can work hard… unfortunately this is a reach.

89. Carolina Panthers (Via New England via Arizona) – Armanti Edwards, WR, Appalachian State

I am really not sold on this pick.  It’s a big reach, especially considering they traded up and the other wide receivers on the board.

90. New England Patriots (Via Dallas) – Taylor Price, WR, Ohio

Unfortunately this is a good pick. Decent value here.

91. San Francisco 49ers (Via San Diego) – Navorro Bowman, OLB, Penn State

An phenomenal pick here. Great value. Again, I fully expect the Niners to win the NFC West next year.

92. Cleveland Browns (Via NYJ) – Shawn Lauvao, OG, Arizona State

Big big reach here. I don’t see Lauvao being able to step in and start immediately. I’m betting Colt McCoy and Montario Hardesty are shaking their heads.

93. Houston Texans (Via Minnesota) – Tony Moeaki, TE, Iowa

This isn’t a bad pick… but it’s certainly not a good pick. The Texans have not had a good draft.

94. Indianapolis Colts – Kevin Thomas, CB, USC

Why in the world would we reach for Kevin Thomas when we could have grabbed Brandon Ghee and gotten AMAZING value out of the pick? I’m am horribly disappointed with the Colts so far in this draft. I’m again putting up highlights to make me feel a little better.

95. New Orleans Saints- Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami

This is a heck of a pick by the Saints. This is an amazing value out of the 95th pick.

96. Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory) – Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest

This might be the best pick of the draft so far. I’m unbelievably jealous. Great pick by the Bengals here. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win the division next year.

97. Tennessee Titans (compensatory) – Rennie Curran, OLB, Georgia

This is a pretty big reach by the Titans. I didn’t see Curran being picked til the middle of the fourth round at the earliest.

98. Atlanta Falcons (compensatory) – Mike Johnson, OG, Alabama

This is an okay pick for the Falcons. Mike Johnson was certainly the best guard available.

23 Responses

  1. Trade down, Rams!

  2. I think the Linebacker on the board from Texas. Best Player available.

  3. I’m actually happy with Saffold.

  4. I want the Chiefs to take Taylor Mays… how crazy would that be? Eric Berry and Taylor Mays together?! That would be INSANE!

  5. I think Tampa is having a very good draft.

  6. Okay Weller… is Clausen a prima donna or what? Everybody seems to think he should be gone by now, but nobody seems to want him! I know McCoy is awesome and he’s still up there, too. What’s your take?

    • Hard to say. Nobody seems to want to gamble on any quarterbacks in this draft… other than the Broncos that is (HA!) and I guess the Rams, but I wouldn’t consider their pick a gamble… at least not on the same level as the others.

  7. Panthers fans have to be ecstatic right now.

  8. Let me go ahead and throw it out there that with how quickly the teams are picking in the second round it’s been quite difficult to keep up, lol. So my apologies to anybody and everybody who has noticed.

  9. That picture kills me.

  10. OMG that picture… LOVE how his toes are pointed in like a little fat kid. Lol…

  11. Just got home from work… Do you guys know what the Raiders got for trading down?

    And I love that picture of Cody as well!

  12. I hate the Rams.

    • Jerome Murphy. Our stupidity makes me angry.

      It’s not even crazy like Al Davis, it’s just stupid.

      We literally don’t have a LDE. Good luck, Chris Long, you are the entire D-Line. Still.

  13. Problem with their pick?

  14. The Citadel? He won’t work as hard a Tebow. Just ask Tebow. He works hard because he’s a hard worker. His work ethic is higher than anyone’s. He works hard. His ability to work is greater than anyone else’s. He works hard.

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