Friday 5 – Best Goal Ever?

Alright guys, I know I’ve been slacking.  Between our fan mock draft and suddenly getting a job, WaB has suddenly taken a back seat.  So now that things have slowed down for the weekend, it’s time to get back in the groove and what better way to do that then with the first Friday 5 since the end of January.  Apparently we’ve both been slacking in that area.

Also, before we get started everyone needs to go to this website.  A couple of my old roommates (one is periodic contributor here) decided to start a blog about movies.  I may even give them a post or two before it’s all over.  Go read it.  Go bookmark it.

Anyway, back to today’s Friday 5.  Yesterday my friend sent me a text and asked if I had seen the goal by Tottenham’s Danny Rose, which I had.  He said something like it was “in-blooming-credible” which isn’t an expression I’d heard before, but then again, I’d never seen a goal quite like this before either.  It got me thinking, “Is this the greatest goal ever scored?”

Naturally, it lent itself to a Friday 5.  While I realize that making a list of the Top 5 soccer goals ever scored is kind of pointless, but indulge me anyway (and add your own nominees at the bottom).

First, I’ll go over some preference I have when it comes to scoring a great goal.  First, I like them from distance.  It’s nice when Diego Maradona beats England’s entire team, or when Michael Owen returns the favor some 12 years later, but give me a missile from 30 yards any day.  Also, I prefer ones that give the keeper no chance.  I don’t care if you did three backflips and two twists while shooting it, if it goes between the keeper’s legs it should have been stopped.  That also counts for goals like this when it’s really just the keeper being out of position (and in this case, being a bumbling fool).  Yeah, it’s cool looking, but come on.  That has to be stopped.  Finally, I like power.  I want to see a keeper be afraid to stop it.  I want to see it bust the net.  I want to see this.  71 miles per hour.

So without further ado, here is the list.

5) Thierry Henry

I’m not sure there’s anything I can add to this one that the announcer didn’t say.  This one is just jaw-dropping ability.

4) Roberto Carlos

Generally I prefer goals from the run of play.  Free kicks are nice, but after a while, you’ve seen them all.  Except this one.  Roberto Carlos made a habit of scoring goals that didn’t seem possible, but this one impressed me the most.

3) Clarence Seedorf

This goal has become somewhat of a legend.  I just love it.  He annihilates this ball and puts so much spin on it that the keeper is left wondering what happened.  It’s not like the goal I linked to above which is a looping shot over an out of position keeper, this one is a screamer.

2) Danny Rose

This was the goal I was talking about at the beginning of this post.  It happened three days ago in a league match versus Arsenal.  It was clocked at 70 miles per hour on the volley.  It was also 10 minutes into Rose’s first ever Premier League game.  Unfortunately it will all be downhill from here.  Enjoy this video while it lasts, Youtube has been taking them down quickly.

1) Lilian Nalis

So what goal could be better than Danny Rose’s left-foot volley?  Lilian Nalis left-foot volley.  Like Rose, this was Nalis’ first ever EPL goal.  If you don’t think this is incredibly hard, I challenge you to go outside and have your friend throw a soccer ball as high as he can and try to kick it out of the air with your left foot across your body while in full stride.  Actually, I’ll just save you the time:  You can’t do it.  This is the greatest goal I’ve ever seen.

So what say you, WaB?  Was that list acceptable?

11 Responses

  1. I like this post. It shows a perspective from somebody who has played soccer their entire life (Bryan has done that for those that don’t know) and has an appreciation for how difficult these shots are. If I were to make my top five soccer goals of all time (uh oh, do I smell a future Friday Five?) then it would be incredibly different… granted it would take a heck of a lot of research for me and watching countless youtube videos but it would still be very different BECAUSE I don’t know soccer like Bryan does, which is why I like this Friday Five so much.

  2. McDonald Maringa’ goal for Inter in a Serie A game recently would top all of the five you have listed ! He merely juggled the ball on the edge of the penalty box while surrounded by defenders and let fly just outside the penalty box and beat them and the goal keeper with the shot all from a mere 30 yds

    Alan Parkins

    • Now you can’t just come here like what without a link!

      What you’ve described reminds me of Tony Yeboah from the mid-90s. He had a penchant for the wonder goal.

  3. I got to say for historical great goal that really needs to be considered is Marco Van Basten’s superb volley for the Netherlands in the 1988 European Championships (I think it was against the Soviet Union).

    • I’d forgotten that one, it’s a classic. I’m pretty partial to van Basten’s bicycle for Ajax against FC Den Bosch. He was quite a talent.

  4. classic 17

    The goal itself was exceptional !! ’til you actually have someone who’s got the insight and who’s seen the game via Serie A , La Liga EPL . Please don’t try to lecture me on the game of soccer ! We Brits invented the damn game if you hadn’t noticed !

    If you want a real insight then check out these links

    That site is written by Bobby Gee and this is by a female by the name of Vaishali Bhardwaj

    I do the odd piece from time to time. But being that I don’t always get to view as much the main European league games . I take my option via the ‘net.

    Alan Parkins

  5. classic 17

    Wait ’til the World Cup begins in South Africa in June , then you’ll be seeing goals of high quality and caliber !

    Alan Parkins

  6. classic 17

    Below is a link to several soccer related pieces I’ve written . By all means take a look and let me know what you think as to the content matter ?

    Soccer –

    In order to view just click on the link provided.

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal

  7. I didn’t notice this post as it doesn’t come under Soccer so some months after the event, here are my top 5. No pictures courtesy of my miserly bosses who won’t instal equipment that will show videos:-

    5) Dennis Law (Manchester City v Manchester United) about May 1972 or May 1973.
    Ok. It’s not a great goal as such. Balls comes over, cheeky backheel and in it slips. Not a patch on that amazing backheel goal that’s in line for the European goal of the season in the Irish league doing the rounds right now, but it RELEGATED MANCHESTER UNITED to division 2. The side that Law had won the European Cup with, and had been a darling of all those years. If someone else would please score a slightly better goal that relegates United again (or Liverpool for that matter) I will happily take this one off my list.

    4. The Roberto Carlos one. See above. See also a few gross of other free kicks that Carlos stashed in row Z over the years and you will see how good this one was (and I scored one just like it once on a school playground…)

    3. A slight cheat as these are two goals scored by Matthew Le Tissier for Southampton against Newcastle about 20 years ago. Those moments of genius most of us could not have dreamt of producing (on a school playground or otherwise). I was supporting Newcastle in those games, but oh my god, were they sweet. Like chocolate for girls.

    2. Chris Eagles for Burnley (my team) away at Coventry City 2008/9. Sometimes you don’t know when you see something live whether it really was as good as you remember or whether you really saw what you think you saw. This one was all the more awesome due to the location of the away enclosure.

    Ball comes to Eagles on the left. He runs a little bit, beats a guy or two and then wallops the ball with the outside of his left foot. First Reaction “Shit, Chris, What the F was that. It’s going over to the corner flag”. The fact that the Burnley supporters are lined up with the right hand goalpost and with Eagles makes it all the more clear that the thing was veering off in the direction of Leicester. In what appeared to be very very slow motion, the ball somehow turned with science defying spin and flew into the top corner.

    1. Marco Van Basten. Netherlands v Russia. European Championship.
    A sublime moment from the greatest striker that ever played. Every year we get to see highlights of players smacking the ball with astonishing power into the net and yes they are great to watch, but in a years highlight reel they are 2-a-penny. This one was from such an acute angle that it should not have gone in.
    It was with such power from an acute angle that it should not have gone in. It was with such power and from such an acute angle that anybody human should not have attempted a shot in the first place and just pulled it back across the goal, but van Basten was no ordinary human……

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