Big News…Again

As some of you know, I’ve been searching for a job in sports for the last year and a half.  That search has led me all sorts of places and even a different country, but earlier today I was offered a job with the Marketing Department for the St. Louis Cardinals which I will accept.  There will be plenty of details in the coming days and weeks of this new development.

Go Cards!

9 Responses

  1. Congrats, Bryan!

  2. woa! Go Bryan!

  3. Congratulations. Keep on writing.

  4. Excellent news! Congratulations to you and the Cards organization because they made an outstanding selection!


    Uncle John

  5. Pretty impressive lineage you have going here Bryan,
    Mizzou Athletics, Seattle Mariners, Vancouver Winter Olympics, St. Louis Cardinals. What’s next?
    Congratulations to you. Enjoy all the hard work that is no doubt coming your way. Now we have more reason than ever to cheer the Cardinals on through the World Series. Go Cards!

  6. I agree with Rebel! Quite an impressive resume you have going at at the ripe old age of 24!!! We couldn’t be happier for you, Bryan. Count me in as a new St. Louis Cardinals fan!

  7. Congratulations!! This is great news!

  8. […] Alright guys, I know I’ve been slacking.  Between our fan mock draft and suddenly getting a job, WaB has suddenly taken a back seat.  So now that things have slowed down for the weekend, […]

  9. […] April, we’ve been slacking again (mostly me) but I had a decent reason.  I was just hired on with the St. Louis Cardinals.  I start next […]

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