2010 Fan Mock Draft – Round 3

This is the third round of our interactive, fan mock draft where the readers make the picks. We have each team being represented by a different person and they make the picks that they think are best for their team. Each person has six hours to make their pick and then the next person is on he clock. To see the easier to read, spreadsheet version of the draft click here. To see the reasoning behind the first round picks, click here. To see the reasoning behind the second round picks, click here.

Here’s how the third round has played out:

65. St. Louis Rams – Dan LeFevour – QB – Central Michigan

I had Greg Hardy tabbed with this pick ever since I took Golden Tate in the second round. Then we cut our starting QB so the plan changed. Had I know that was going to happen, I probably would have taken Colt McCoy in the second round and still had Hardy here. Anyway, I’ve had a man-crush on LeFevour for a while now so he’s going to step right in and start until our offensive line fails and he gets blasted from the blind side and suffers a season ending injury. I’d imagine that will happen around the 2nd preseason game. Then it’s AJ Feely time! Sorry, Dan. You’re a Ram now

66. Detroit Lions – Dominique Franks – CB – Oklahoma

Wow ! The weekend sure changed a lot of things for some teams. Detroit will be not be moving Backus to LG but rather RT to replace Cherilus who has been mediocre at best. So now the Lions OL looks like Okung- Sims- Raiola -Peterman- Backus, Stafford and the running backs should enjoy quite an good offensive season. That means we have to turn to defense for the 3rd round selection. At the 34th pick I was juggling Running Back and DT. now the simple thing would be to go DT, but the guy I’m looking at could still be around in the 4th round and CB is still a huge need, The 6′ 0″ – 192 lb Dominique Franks from Oklahoma has slipped out of the second round so the Lions are going to jump on him with the 66th pick of the 2010 Draft. His speed and return abilities make him a good fit in Detroit.

67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Johnny Spevak – WR – Central Washington

Im sure many are wondering who this WR is but this is a WR to keep an eye on. Hes 6’3 200 lbs (good size) & in his 4 years at Central Washington he had 318 catches for 4426 yards (13.8 ypc.) with 54 TDs. Plus we need to dump that idiot Clayton (BUTTERFINGERS!). Bucs dumped the wrong WR. They should’ve kept Bryant & dumped clayton & they shouldve give that 5 year deal to Bryant. Right now Clayton is the Bucs #1 WR. THATS A GOOD SIGN! Clayton should be selling hot dogs & drinks at the games instead of playing in them.

68. Kansas City Chiefs – Chad Jones – S – LSU

I probably should have gone o-line but I do believe defense wins championships.We’ve added some veteran o-linemen thru free agency so the o-line should be alright.By adding Jones I will have added a good player at every level of the defense.As far as Jones goes he is big,strong ,and fast.He can play either safety position so his versitiliy may become useful later in the draft.

69. Cleveland Browns – Everson Griffen – OLB – USC

I really wanted to take Chad Jones with this pick but he was taken right before me. As there is no other safety worth taking here, I am going BPA. Griffen is an athletic freak, nicknamed “The Freak.”  Dude is 270 pounds, scary intense and runs a 4.5 40 time.  Crazy.  He is THE boom or bust prospect in the draft, and with Cleveland in desperate need of real play makers, he is worth a shot here, especially since he is graded as a 1st round pick by many.  We will have a ton of linebackers on the team now, but what we need is bigtime difference makers, and not just solid players.  This guy has the potential to be a difference maker.

The Freak

The Freak

70. Philadelphia Eagles – Chris Cook – CB – Virginia

The Eagles rep failed to get their pick in within the time constraint so their pick will be made by yours truly. I see the biggest need for them at this point in the draft as corner with defensive end, outside linebacker and an interior offensive linemen all being close behind. There aren’t any remaining outside linebackers that wouldn’t be a reach at this point in my opinion, and the same thing could be said for the offensive linemen still on the board. On the other hand, cornerback, which is the biggest need anyhow, still has Chris Cook available, who is great value at the 70th pick. So really this was an easy decision.

71. Oakland Raiders – Jamaar Chaney – LB – Mississipp State

It’s been well documented that Al likes to buy on what he saw last.  This is no different as Chaney probably could be had in the fourth round, but that blazing speed will always win over stupid things like potential, and injury risks.  His 4.54 40-time was the fastest at the combine for a linebacker, and he was also tremendous in the positional skills drills reported a few scouts.  All of that was a pretty convincing argument for Al, regardless of what he’s good or not good at.  He should fit nicely into the Raiders 4-3 scheme, especially if they end up trading Morrison like many have said they are trying to do.  Even though we need more run stopping capabilities, we went for the guy that plays coverage better, go figure…

72. Buffalo Bills – Eric Decker – WR – Minnesota

Our Bills rep missed the deadline so he gets a wide receiver that will replace T.O.  I’m a big Decker fan, so I’ve just decided that Bills fans should be, too.

73. Miami Dolphins – Art Jones – DT – Syracuse

Miami is in desperate need for a big defensive tackle and at 6’3″ 300+, Jones fits the bill here.  I considered Geno Atkins from Georgia, but Jones is bigger and fits better into our scheme.

74. Jacksonville Jaguars – Major Wright – SS – Florida

The Jags need a safety and they don’t have to look very far to get one.  Wright is a hard hitter who will be able to start right away.  Plus, he may bring a a few Gator fans over to fill up the stadium for us.

75.  Chicago Bears – Danario Alexander – WR – Missouri

I’m reaching here, but the Bears need good wide receivers not made up good.  Alexander set all kinds of records at Mizzou, plus he’s 6’5″ with a 35 inch vertical.  That’s the kind of receiver the Bears need.

76. New York Giants – Selvish Capers – OT – West Virginia

This is a pick with an eye toward the future.  Diehl and McKenzie are both in their 30s, so Capers will be able to hang around a few years before being expected to contribute in a significant way.

77. Tennessee Titans – JD Walton – C – Baylor

Since Kevin Mawae won’t be back with the club, we need a true center and Walton is the best one out there.  We could slide Eugene Amano over or make Leroy Harris the starter but this will give us some competition for that position.

78. Carolina Panthers – Geno Atkins – DT – Georgia

Reason coming tomorrow…

79. San Francisco 49ers – Brandon Ghee – CB – Wake Forest

Nate Clements is arguably playing his last season in SF…his cap figures go off the charts in 2011.  Ghee provides a skilled CB who could provide depth his rookie season and compete for the starting position in 2011.

80. Denver Broncos – Mardy Gilyard – WR – Cincinnati

Mardy seems very similiar to Eddie Royal of the Broncos, who has worked out well so far playing for McDaniels, so we might as well grab a good prospect if available. Brandon Marshall is still a Bronco but that is just not likely to be, by the time the season starts. So the Broncos will reload with some speed and talent here.

81. Houston Texans – Dexter McCluster – WR – Mississippi

The two biggest needs still to be addressed for Houston are RB and DT, and
I have guys I really like at both positions still available.

But, the insanity that is the Weller and Bryan Fan Mock Draft has had a
special player fall out of the sky and into my lap.  Yes, we need a RB and
C/OG to help an anemic running game.  Yes, we need a stud DT to free up
the Texans’ talented linebacker corps – but when there’s a talent like
Dexter McCluster still on the board in the THIRD round, I’m all over that.
Houston’s offensive brain trust would go nuts with a toy like Dexter, and
he’s too talented to pass up on in the third.

I’m scratching my head looking at some of the other WRs who came off the
board before McCluster.  Crazy.

82. Pittsburgh Steelers – Carlton Mitchell – WR – South Florida

We just lost Santonio Holmes in a shocking trade to the Jets. Carlton Mitchell is good value here so three receivers come off the board in a row. The other positions I considered were outside linebacker, cornerback, a nose tackle and another offensive lineman. Nobody available at any of those positions seemed like they’d be better value than Mitchell so the decision was easy.

83. Atlanta Falcons – Jimmy Graham – TE – Miami

Reason because Falcons need to groom a heir apparent behind Tony G. and Graham is the most athletic ability.

84. Seattle Seahawks – Montario Hardesty – RB – Tennessee

My wanting of a new running back has been faily obvious all draft, I think Hardesty and Forsett together could be a great tandem, plenty of big plays to come from the back field.

85. Cleveland Browns – Jared Veldheer – OT – Hillsdale

Has all the physical tools to be a quality bookend in the NFL but played DII ball so he needs a year or two before he would be ready to start.  Probably serve as a good backup this year and compete to start at RT next year.  Also has good enough feet to back up Joe Thomas at LT.

86. Green Bay Packers – Akwasi Owusu-Ansah – CB – Indiana (PA)

The Packers rep failed to make his pick within the six hour window, and their three biggest needs coming into this draft are offensive tackle, an outside linebacker and a corner. He addressed the first two already and Owusu-Ansah is good value here. Easy pick. Only other position I considered was strong safety.

87. Philadelphia Eagles – Navorro Bowman – LB – Penn State

Great athlete from Linebacker U, Bowman will fit in very well with a team near PSU that needs LB help. 2nd round talent but a bit of a knucklehead, if Bowman can keep his head on straight his coverage skills and tackling ability will get him immediate playing time.

88.  Arizona Cardinals – Kyle Calloway – OT – Iowa

Our Cardinals rep was making these picks via text message, so it was hard to get his reasoning.

89. Arizona Cardinals – Thaddeus Gibson – OLB – Ohio State

I’m going to go ahead and provide some reasoning of my own for this one. The Cards drafted Daryl Washington in the second round and he will have a chance to start immediately at inside linebacker but the Cardinals need both, and inside linebacker and an outside linebacker. Gibson will have a chance to start immediately for them on the outside.

90. Dallas Cowboys – Riley Cooper – WR – Florida

Reason forthcoming…

91. San Diego Chargers – Mike Johnson – OG – Alabama

With the Chargers already having a Running Back and Nose Tackle in their fold, they can now turn to one of their remaining needs. They can select between RT, OG and CB.
Using BPA and the list of available players, the Chargers selected the following draftee.
He played LT, RT, and LG at Alabama. Scouts project him as a OG in the pros and I have to agree. I think his versatility will add to his stock and it will probably make him the second OG taken in the 2010 NFL draft. A lot of scouts think he could start at RG and back up RT.

Mike Johnson is probably going to go around the top of the third round. Of course, you never know. Some team could reach for him in the 2nd round because he is an NFL ready run blocker. I believe interior linemen are in high demand and Johnson is probably the 3rd best interior linemen. I could see him having a successful career. He is definitely NFL ready and would probably be ready to start on day one.

TRADE: The Browns traded the 92nd overall pick along with the 160th overall pick to the Seahawks for Red Bryant and Kelly Jennings.

92. Seattle Seahawks – Mitch Petrus – OG – Arkansas

Offensive line now reads Brown, Petrus, Spencer, Unger and Locklear which should keep Hasselbeck or Whitehurst on their feet for a while and create good holes for the Forsett/Hardesty combo.
Having also picked up Reshad Jones and Gerald McCoy I am confident in my defence. I trust Wilson at corner alot more than most Seahawks fans and think Lawrence Jackson comes good this year.
With 2 picks in the 4th and 2 in the 5th I would look for a wide receiver like Roberts, Easley or Ford, and a defensive end like Hardy or Selvie. Some depth at Saftey in Rolle and Asante, and finally a cornerback though would probably miss out on first choice Perrish Cox.
In real life I would like the Seahawks to pick up the former Cowboys duo of Flozel Adams and Ken Hamlin, which would help with the rebuilding by not forcing it to happen all at once.

93. Minnesota Vikings – John Skelton – QB – Fordham

This may be a tad high to be drafting John Skelton but he will be taken around the end of the 3rd and into the 4th round; it is too risky to let this kid out of Fordham University, who could be the next Joe Flacco, slide on by. In fact, some say he is better than Joe Flacco was at the same time and stage in life. At 6’6” and hovering around 250lbs, John Skelton has great size, a very strong arm that can make all the throws in the NFL,  nice pocket awareness, can make the throw on the run, and surprisingly can scramble pretty decent for his size when needed to. He took complete control of games in the D1-AA Patriot League, competitor coaches have even went on to say that it was nerve racking to play against him and are happy to see him leave the conference. He had four games with 400 or more yards and also had one game with 67 pass attempts without an interception, that is impressive. The only knack on Skelton is his level of competition he played against in college but Flacco coming from a small school also shows that isn’t always the biggest concern; he also has some certain technique and little terminology that needs tuning. With Brad Childress who used to be a long time QB coach, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell coaching Brett Farve in both the Packers and Vikings, and finally Kevin Rodgers, a QB coach that has been very highly renowned in the NFL for sometime just shows that the Vikings have the right tools to help develop the young QB John Skelton properly. The best part is when asked who was his all time favorite football player…… you guessed it, the “Silver Fox” a.k.a. Brett Favre. There is a 99% chance Favre will be coming back for one more season and John Skelton will learn a year behind him soaking up every word, following his every move, and simply analyzing every aspect about him only making John Skelton develop even faster and become better.

94. Indianapolis Colts – Corey Wootton – DE – Northwestern

I can’t believe this guy is still on the board. ESPN has him rated as the fifth best defensive end in the draft and DraftTek recently had him rated as the 40th best player overall so getting him with the 94th pick is quite a treat. The Colts need a defensive end who can come and learn to pass rush from Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis and will be lined up and ready to go when they retire (they’re 30 and 29 respectively) and will also be able to come in on running downs and give the two Pro Bowlers a rest. This will keep them fresh and reduce their risk of injury and in the process will be a great learning and developmental period for Wootton, while still playing enough snaps to wet his lips a bit and gain the invaluable game experience at NFL speed.

There were a few players I considered with this pick. Wootton as well as Sean Lee to grab one more linebacker. Alex Carrington for the same reasons as Wootton. Ben Tate because he would be a huge boost on third-and-short conversions which desperately need to see an improvement. Matt Tennant and Jon Asamoah because the offensive line is just one big question mark at this point. Jacoby Ford because there are rumors that we might look at taking a kick returner in this draft. Jerome Murphy to add depth at corner and because he can also return kicks. And the only other position I would have considered was a safety, but there aren’t any left that I felt would be worth taking at this point.

95. New Orleans Saints – Sean Lee – LB – Penn State

The Saints rep didn’t get his pick in on time so I’m giving him Sean Lee, who can play both inside and outside linebacker. He’s also arguably the best player left on the board. It’s great value and a position of need for the Saints. Pretty simple.

96. Cincinnati Bengals – Aaron Hernandez – TE – Florda

As I mentrioned previously, Carson Palmer needs targets, and as he still seems to be suffering from David Carr disorder after that unpleasant chop-block “hit” in 2008 it will help his confidence if he has some dependable short range targets for a quick offload.  Now he has two extra ones in Spiller and Hernandez, both of which have good hands.

The downside on Hernandez is two-fold.  Firstly, he is difficult to assess in that he has constantly been surrounded by a team and players that are better than their opposition, coming from the winningest group of players in recent college football history – and that’s quite a feat in the SEC.  Cutler always looked more promising to me than Leinart as he was performing well in much more difficult circumstances.

More importantly though, his blocking, at the moment, is pretty garbage, which is one reason why I selected Morgan Burnett over him in Round 2  – and presumably why he has dropped here, to (effectively) the first pick in Round 4 – which makes him excellent value.

Some boards are suggesting that he would project well as an H-back as well as (or rather than) a regular TE. That would do the Bengals fine as it turns out, as there is a hole on the roster in that position as well.

97. Tennessee Titans – Jerome Murphy – CB – South Florida

The Titans desperately need more help at cornerback. I’m not sure how we got this far into the draft without me picking one yet. Either way Murphy is decent value here and fills a top priority need. He should help down against the pass-happy Colts. I honestly didn’t even consider anyone else.

98. Atlanta Falcons – Daniel Te’o-nesheim – DE – Washington

With the Abe getting a year older and Anderson appear to be transitioning more to a DT Falcons need to have another rotation DE to be in the works.

With the Chargers already having a Running Back and Nose Tackle in their fold, they can now turn to one of their remaining needs. They can select between RT, OG and CB.
Using BPA and the list of available players, the Chargers selected the following draftee.
He played LT, RT, and LG at Alabama. Scouts project him as a OG in the pros and I have to agree. I think his versatility will add to his stock and it will probably make him the second OG taken in the 2010 NFL draft. A lot of scouts think he could start at RG and back up RT.

Mike Johnson is probably going to go around the top of the third round. Of course, you never know. Some team could reach for him in the 2nd round because he is an NFL ready run blocker. I believe interior linemen are in high demand and Johnson is probably the 3rd best interior linemen. I could see him having a successful career. He is definitely NFL ready and would probably be ready to start on day one.

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  2. Would the New England GM like to re-unite Branch and Brady for a 3rd round pick?

  3. Apologies, New England dont have a 3rd round. anyone else???….

  4. […] 57. Baltimore Ravens – Rob Gronkowski – TE – Arizona This is a perfect opportunity for both The Gronk and The Ravens. RGronk will begin his NFL career developing and honing his pro skills, learning the crafty 1st down making moves behind the vets before eventually taking over the reigns as the primary TE. But the kid has alot to learn before he reaches “Team Leader” status. Which he will. Hell or high water. Because as GM, I’m drafting, developing, and honing the leadership skills of my very own “JasonWittenRobot,” soon to be Flacco’s best friend and running buddy on Playoff bye week jaunts to Cabo.

  5. It’s always the Raiders who are small and blue. I can’t figure that out. You’d think it would be easy to change things like font size and color around here, but it’s not.

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  7. How many days are we waiting until we skip over San Francicsco’s pick ?

  8. I want to go ahead and apologize to everyone. Both Bryan and I were out of town this weekend and neither of us had internet access. Sorry about that delay.

  9. Hi all,

    Anyone fancy extremely talented but problem Linebacker Leroy Hill for a good Guard and a 2nd round in the 2011 draft?


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