96 Teams? Worst Idea Ever.

Just yesterday I thought my decision to go running while still feeling the effects of a cold was the worst idea ever.  Then I read a little bit more about the NCAA’s impending expansion of 65 teams to 96 teams for the National Championship Tournament.  They might as well just come out and say, “Yeah, we’re money hungry and adding teams gets us more money.  We don’t care what you think.”

I mean, yeah, who cares that the NCAA Basketball Tournament is perfect the way it is and it’s truly the only reason I watch college basketball anyway?

Under the new format, 32 of the team would get automatic byes into the second round while the other 64 would battle it out in an extra game.  So let me get this straight, since 1985 when the tournament was expanded to 64 teams, the lowest seed to ever win was #8 Villanova in 1985.  For the math challenged out there, that means only the top 32 teams even have a shot at winning this thing anyway.  Hey, sure, let’s add 31 more teams who don’t have a shot to win.  That will make it so much better!

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