NCAA Tournament Picks – Sweet 16

I actually forgot about the Tournament today with our mock draft going on, so forgive my tardiness.  I’m going to give my picks for all right games because I know that I’ll forget again tomorrow.

I’ll start with the two games currently going on since they’ll be over in a minute anyway.

Syracuse over Butler –  I loved Butler before, but I didn’t see this one coming.  I thought Syracuse would be too much.  Well done, Bulldogs.

West Virginia over Washington – West Virginia might be the best at boring basketball.  They’ll end the Cinderella run for the Huskies.

Kansas State over Xavier – I love the Musketeers but this one is going just like their first matchup.  Wildcats big.

Kentucky over Cornell – This won’t be close.

Michigan State over Northern Iowa – This one is close like all the games the Spartans have played, but they keep finding a way to win them.

Tennessee over Ohio State –  The Vols are the best team no one is talking about.

Duke over Purdue –  I want to pick Purdue but my fingers won’t let me.

St. Mary’s over Baylor – The Gaels are the only double digit seed to march past the Sweet 16.

Heckle me.  The picks probably deserve it.


6 Responses

  1. I think St Mary’s is done. However, stranger things have happened.

  2. Ha, I thought Baylor was the best team nobody is talking about! Who is going to score for Tennessee? Chism!?! They don’t have a good offense!

    • Everyone loves Baylor. I saw them in so many Final Fours. And they could get there pretty easily, too.

      As for who will score for UT, I submit this:

      In the victory against #1 Kentucky, JP Prince led the team with 20 points and Scotty Hopson added 15.

      In the victory against #1 kansas, Hopson led with 17 pts, followed by Bobby Maze with 16, and Renaldo Woolridge with 14.

      The scoring will come from everywhere…they don’t have to score a lot, they just have to score more than OSU. It does concern me that Ohio State doesn’t start with a K, however.

  3. I guess it’s just the people I’m playing with that don’t think Baylor has a shot… There were only two brackets that had them in the final four and mine was one of them….

    The only way I see OSU losing is if they turn it over a lot. They do like to turn the ball over, so that’s very possible… I guess I just don’t like watching Tennessee play, they seem boring to me…

    • Tennessee wins games by forcing turnovers and scoring in transition, so with Ohio St being a team that turns the ball over a lot and Tennessee being a team that forces a lot of turnovers gives the Vols a great chance in this game. We’ve proven that when we’re on we can beat any team in the country (see Kansas and Kentucky) so it really just depends which Vols team shows up. The one that beat KU and UK or the one that lost to Southern Cal and Georgia…

  4. I guess we will get to see in a few hours which one shows up! My Evan Turner mancrush could grow even more if he puts up a triple double! Hell last game he almost had a quadruple double, but the fourth category was turnovers… I think you convinced me that the Vols are going to win. Damn it! Maybe I should change my bet last minute…

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