Trying to Stay True to the Rules of Being a Fan

One of the many unwritten laws of being a sports fan is that when your team wins a championship you aren’t allowed to complain about the given teams success (or lack of) for the next five years. Well this rule -like many of the other- is hard to follow, and is often broken. Some people even go as far to say that it’s ten years, but that just seems flat out impossible to me. Bryan as a Rams fan being a prime example. What shouldn’t be as hard to do is not complain about your teams lack of success, when by “lack of success” you mean not winning another championship. Unfortunately for me, that’s exactly what I’m struggling with. My team (the Colts) didn’t fall off like the Bucs, who won the Super Bowl after the 2002 season and hasn’t won a playoff game since; we didn’t slowly crumble into oblivion like the Rams (sorry, Bryan) who won the Super Bowl after the 1999 season and then three years later had a sub-.500 season and has failed to rebound; heck we didn’t even do what the Steelers did last year, failing to make the playoffs the year after winning the Super Bowl.

No, none of that has happened. My beloved Colts won the Super Bowl after the 2006 season and in the three years that have gone by since then we’ve had a 39-9 regular season record with at least three of those losses coming at the end of the regular season when we sat starters. We’ve won two more division titles in that time and another AFC Championship. Yet somehow the loss to the Saints in this year’s Super Bowl still eats at me. I can barely read an entire article without feeling a dark shadow eating at my very soul. I, who follows the NFL offseason as though it’s still November during the playoff race; I, who has posted over 20 mock drafts in the past year; I, who clinches on to every small morsel of information about the league as though increasing my knowledge will actually somehow also improve my team’s chances of winning, am unable to feed my hunger and burning desire to keep up to speed and up to date on the latest news about the NFL.

This morning, I got to school significantly earlier than necessary (I have class at noon and was here before 9) with the intent of posting about something because my internet at home has been struggling lately. I had no idea what I was going to write about so I went to with the hope of finding some inspiration. I thought about writing a post similar to the one I wrote about Hull City a couple weeks ago, but about the St. Louis Blues or Baltimore Orioles instead (don’t worry, Bryan, I still intend to). Not feeling awake enough to do any actual research, I figured I’d go back to the ol’ fall back of writing about the NFL. With this thought I went to my favorite section of ESPN’s website, Paul Kuharsky’s AFC South Blog and found this article.

I’m still trying to force myself to finish it.

Every time I start to write/read/think about the Colts my mind envelops me into a self torturing state of being with endless “what if” questions. What if Anthony Gonzalez had been able to return in time for the playoffs? What if Bob Sanders weren’t made of glass1?  What if Dwight Freeney had been 100%? What if Reggie Wayne had caught that pass on the goal line? What if Peyton hadn’t thrown that god-awful interception to Tracy Porter with just over three minutes left?

Excuse me while I go throw up.

Really though, these “what if” questions are endless, and I find myself having to get enjoyment out of reading about somebody cussing-out tim tebow. Needless to say, I have some serious issues and should probably see some sort of therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist or something. Heck, it’d probably be quicker and more efficient to just skip all that and have me chucked into the looney bin. What I’m getting at with all of this is that I’ve been trying to figure out recently why I can’t find anything to write about. Then when I tried to read that article this morning (I still haven’t gotten all the way through it) I realized that it was simply that I haven’t been able to get over the Super Bowl loss. And let’s face it, when I can’t get myself think about football, you’re gonna be hard pressed to get me to think about any other sport. So I plan on writing a post in the near future about the Colts and what we have to look forward to for next season in an attempt to convince myself that not all is lost.

1 It kills me to finally say this because Bob Sanders is easily one of my favorite players in NFL history.

8 Responses

  1. I feel your pain brother, I feel your pain. Keep writing though, it is cathartic at best. The NFL draft will be here before you know it and you’ll have new life again. Just like the Rams!

  2. I understand, Weller. I love the Colts because of Peyton Manning. When your blood runs Orange, it runs Orange forever. I look forward to your posts on the Colts.

  3. Understood as a Giants fan who went through this same sentiment in ’08.

  4. Hey Wellerman… you aren’t the only one. The Colts will bounce back. They will. I’m not a real fan of the coach that sits his starters and loses games… but the players can overcome such an imbecile and continue their streak of winning seasons. All is not lost.

    Try writing about the Orioles. It might take your mind of the pain for a bit. At worst, it won’t pour salt in your Super Bowl wounds.

  5. Is that why Colts’ GM Bill Polian is such an a_s ? He’s hoisting blame on the team’s O-line when it was a collective effort as to why the team lost in the Superbowl .

    Never mind the fact that the Saints were clearly the better team on the day.

    Alan Parkins

  6. I wish that rule existed in the UK. Instead we have
    a) teams that buy up all the better players year after year that expect to win every game and look down on all the “smaller clubs” that have just got rich as some sort of undeserving nouveau riche pond slime
    b) supporters who think that they have some divine right to win matches just because they were good in the 1970’s -and they were only good then because they applied rule (a). (Yes Liverpool, that is you)

    The draft and the salary cap system won’t work in the UK firstly as it would need to be applied world wide – and secondly because we have promotion and relegation. Nevertheless, I see promotion and relegation as a good thing. It is more fun staying up on the last day in 17th place than it is finishing 5th or 6th, quite honestly, and going up (getting promoted) feels more rewarding than winning a league over and over again when you just expect it.

    A system of promotion/relegation would not work for pro-football, but it would be fantastic for College football. 4 regional premier divisions of 10 with a play off for the top team in each instead of the BCS would stop all the annual bickering (allowing for a few additional/traditional fixtures), and the bowl system could also incorporate play-off matches between, say the 9th place side in the top divisions and the runners up in the divisions below. Meaningless end of season fixtures would be kept to a minimum, and lets face it, who wouldn’t be interested in watching Notre Dame get sent down to Division 3…….. It might also be fun working out how the league structure would initially be made up for anyone in need of some material to post about.

    The problem with the Colts loss is twofold:-
    a) They can’t blame it on anyone but themselves, really and
    b) They lost to a side that is difficult to dislike.

    When the Seahawks lost to Pittsburgh we had neither of these problems. We can just blame the officials and know that we didn’t really lose, it was stolen from us……..

  7. […] little over a week ago I wrote a post where I mentioned that I would soon be breaking down what makes next year for the Colts exciting. […]

  8. […] next year” and at that point I had an extrememly fatalistic attidtude toward everything (see this post) and now I’m basically 100% convinced that I was right, however I am now much more oprimistic […]

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