2010 Fan Mock Draft – Round 1

This is the first round of our interactive, fan mock draft where the readers make the picks. We have each team being represented by a different person and they make the picks that they think are best for their team. Each person has six hours to make their pick and then the next person is on he clock. To see the easier to read, spreadsheet version of the draft click here. To see the picks and reasoning for round two click here.

Here’s how the first round has played out:

1. St. Louis Rams – Ndamukong Suh – DT – Nebraska

It was always Suh or Bradford for me but when I examined it closer, the choice was obvious.  Suh is the most dominate Defensive Lineman in recent history and Bradford is coming off a big shoulder injury.  That’s not exactly what you want out of a QB when you’re going to throw him behind a fragile offensive line.  It’s too big of a risk for what will certainly be a huge sum of money and a long contract.

2. Detroit Lions -Russell Okung – OT – Oklahoma State

There is no consideration for McCoy for the Lions, maybe it’s just my feelings, but I don’t like him this high.

By Detroit adding Corey Williams – DT and Kyle Vandenbosch – DE, the defensive line is strong enough to wait until later in the draft to get additional DL help. Safety is not the same priority as the Offensive Line so Detroit is going to move Backus to OLG and slide Okung into LOT spot.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Eric Berry – S – Tennessee

I know many would disagree with me here because many would take McCoy from Oklahoma but the Bucs have 2 2nd round picks & can take a DT there & there will be plenty available. Safeties like Berry don’t come around much. Plus Berry played under Monte Kiffin last year so he’d be able to step in right away & help the Bucs D being that its similar to what Kiffin taught him. Plus Tanard Jackson needs help at S because Piscitelli sucks he cant cover a high school WR & he misses too many tackles.

4. Washington Redskin – Bryan Bulaga – OT – Iowa

I was hoping to grab Okung with this pick but the Lions ruined that. Bulaga seems to be the popular pick over Williams and we have a glaring need at LT with Samuals having retired. Some would probably take McCoy here but we are expected to go 3-4 and we have the 100 million dollar DT. Bradford is another one people would expect to see but I think Campbell is good enough and Bradford does not appear to be as durable as Campbell.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Rolando McClain – LB – Alabama

I don’t believe that there is an offensive tackle left worth this high a pick.I believe that defense wins championships,so while our o-line could use some help when your defense finished like next to last,that’s the way to go. I don’t think McCoy fits in the 3-4 defense but McClain brings leadership toughness,and an aggressiveness to change the attitude of the entire defense.He will give KC a sideline to sideline run stuffer which is something we can’t do now.

6. Seattle Seahawks – Gerald McCoy – DT – Oklahoma

The Seahawks need a replacement for Walter Jones, but none are worth this pick, Trent Williams is a right tackle and one of Brown, Campbell or Davis should be left at 14, or Ducasse in the second and maybe Capers or Wang later on, i’m happy to wait in order to get Mebane some help on a defensive line which is very much lacking right now. Fellow Seahawks fans may want Bradford as he’s still on the board, but Hasselbeck still has a few good years in him, we just gotta stop him getting hit. Big fan of Spiller and will probably miss out on him now but needs must!

7. Cleveland Browns – Jimmy Clausen – QB- Notre Dame

Wow. This is so unlikely to happen in the draft I hadn’t even considered what I would do.  But when you get a chance to draft any qb you could want, you take it. Super hard choice I am sure to get ripped for, but Clausen has experience with pressure, familiarity with the west coast offense, and no injury history. Am I sure about this pick? No. But you take a potential franchise QB when one is available and you need one.  Welcome to Cleveland Jimmy.  Don’t screw us.

8. Oakland Raiders – Joe Haden – CB – Florida

Wow, I really didn’t think Haden would be here!  I feel like I had a reverse heart attack and came back to life.  The best and fastest corner out there!  Most people think we need to help out our O-Line or D-Line, but what the hell do they know?!  I’m Al Davis and I take speed over need any day, and a 4.40-forty time is better than any OT can run!  Everyone knows I love corners too, we pick one in the first round at least every two or three years (Fabian Washington, Namandi Asomugha, Phillip Buchanon, Derrick Gibson, Michael Huff).  Watching Gallery leave gaping holes in our blocking makes me never want to take an OT in the first round again.

9. Buffalo Bills – Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma

Anyone familiar with the Bill and their decade of mediocrity will readily point out one glaring deficiency- the lack of a top flight quarterback.  That ends here and now with the selection of Sam Bradford by the Bills.  Bradford was regarded as the best player available, regardless of position, had he opted to enter the 2009 NFL Draft and is considered the best long term option at QB in this draft as well.  Bradford possesses every quality one would desire in a franchise quarterback, all the physical tools, intelligence, and leadership ability.  He is expected to completely recover from the shoulder injury which sidelined him for most of his 2009 season at Oklahoma.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dez Bryant – WR – Oklahoma State

I’m really conflicted here because the Jags need to get fans in the stadium if they want to keep the team here. I’ve heard from Gator fans and non-Gator fans that drafting Tebow would really help the team revenue wise. But that would require him playing right away, which doesn’t work with what they have now (not that that’s really working either). I don’t think I’d be ready to waste a high pick on Tebow who 1) won’t play immediately 2) probably won’t have that good of a shelf life and pay off. I feel like the offense we have now has a good framework and I’m still confident in Garrard. So, I take Dez Bryant. The Jags have not had a reliable reciever for years. He could take some of the work load off Maurice Jones-Drew and give more versitility to the team. I’m a believer in drafting players who you can use right away this high in the draft, and he fits that bill. I’m not opposed to taking Tebow or another QB later or trading for him but I think this would be the best bet.

11. Denver Broncos – Dan Williams – DT – Tennessee

Broncos need a lot of help, everywhere. Although, one thing going for the Broncos is the Brady Quinn, all reward no risk deal. However, as of today Brandon Marshall is still a Bronco, although that will not be for much longer. With drafting Knowshon Moreno early last year, Dez Bryant was an obvious choice to replace Brandon as a talented big game offensive player, but even he seemed a little too Brandon Marshall-esque(That being off field problems, head butting with McD and Pat Bowlen) to draft him. With the Marshall drama soon to pass the Broncos will realize the other problems they have, Mike Nolan has left as defensive coordinator, and the Broncos couldn’t defend the run the last two years. I think Dan Williams will instantly help the defense by being able to help stop the run, and help pressure with Elvis Dumervil.

12. Miami Dolphins – Brandon Graham – LB – Michigan

Our Dolphins guy has run out of time so we get to make this pick.  A quick scan of the Dolphins roster shows me that Linebacker is quite possibly their weakest position and Graham obviously fills that need.  Graham has been compared to LaMarr Woodley who has recorded double-digit sacks the last two years.  I think Dolphin fans would enjoy seeing him in South Florida.

13. San Francisco 49ers – Anthony Davis – OT – Rutgers

Coach Singletary has let it be known any OT he selects in the 1st rd must have LT ability.  Davis has that, so between him and Joe Staley, he has two guys who can play LT and has also re-signed Barry Sims, who did a terrific job of filling in for Staley last year when he went down with an injury. If Davis proves to be a better LT than Staley, Coach will put Joe back at RT, where he started.  Singletary will demand a lot from Davis…but has two new OL coaches that he has ultimate confidence in, Mike Solari and his assistant, former 49er OG Ray Brown.

14. Seattle Seahawks – C.J. Spiller – RB – Clemson

So my first choice Davis is gone, what to do now. The athletic Campbell to fill a need but probably just be an expensive stop gap? I could reach for Charlie Brown? Perhaps fill a need at defensive end with Derrick Morgan, this probably what i should do. But now I just think balls to it, i’ll help myself to the top running back. I cant see Jones and Forsett doing the business, as much as Forsett has shown bags of potential, if we secure ourselves a top draw running back thats a big plus for us. I don’t see Seattle making the superbowl this year, not with the holes at DE, Safety, offensive line, wide receiver, its too big of a job so i’m just going to take the best player which fills a need.
I also still want a third rounder if I have anything anyone else wants?

*** CJ Spiller was traded to the Bengals. See pick 21 to view the full trade ***

15. New York Giants – Sean Weatherspoon – LB – Missouri

Our New York Giants rep was out of town today but fortunately I know him and was able to get a a hold of him briefly and he said he wanted the best linebacker available.  In my opinion, it’s a logical pick.  Spoon may be a small reach here but he’s certainly capable of stepping in a starting immediately and that’s exactly what the Giants need.  Linebacker is by far their greatest position of need and Sean Weatherspoon is a great player.

16. Tennessee Titans – Derrick Morgan – DE – Georgia Tech

Derrick Morgan is an easy pick here. He has top ten talent and is a great way to replace Kyle Vanden Bosch. A few short months ago Morgan was considered one of the best players in the country but had a poor showing against Iowa in the Orange Bowl and slipped down the draft boards a little bit. He could still be a top five pick if Suh and G. McCoy go first and second and the Bucs decide to go d-line instead of d-back. I think he’s easily the best defensive end in the draft. At GT he had 12 sacks last year and has had no off the field issues. He’s great as a pass rusher and a run stopper. Should be able to step in and start immediately.

17. San Francisco 49ers – Mike Iupati – G – Idaho

OL is Coach Singletary’s single biggest off-season priority.  With Anthony Davis and Iupati, he now has two young studs to be coached-up by Mike Solari and Ray Brown.  These two young players will not only solidify SF’s OL, but along w/Joe Staley and Chilo Rachal provide the Niners with a much-improved OL for years to come.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Trent Williams – OT – Oklahoma

The Steelers allowed 50 sacks last year. FIFTY! Trent Williams should be able to staunch the bleeding of that problem. That’s over three per game, by comparison the Colts had the fewest in the league with 13 – less than one per game. The Steelers absolutely must fix their offensive line problems if they want to bounce back from an extremely underwhelming 2009 season.

19. Atlanta Falcons – Kyle Wilson – CB – Boise State

Falcons needing having secondary problems and even thou we signed Duante Robinson there is still concerns with the DB. With this pick Falcons can have one of the best tandems in the secondary.

20. Houston Texans – Earl Thomas – S – Texas

The Texans have never had a true ballhawk safety, and Thomas certainly fits that bill.  He’s great in coverage, has excellent closing speed, and has shown playmaking ability in big-time games against big-time competition.  Though I would really prefer a cornerback at this spot, I don’t think Devin McCourty is worth the 20th pick and Haden and Wilson are  off the board.  It’s been said that Thomas could convert to corner in the right system, and I wouldn’t be against that – but I’d rather play the position that he’s already excelled at.

TRADE: Seattle trades CJ Spiller to Cincinnati for the 21st overall pick and the 84th overall pick.

21. Seattle Seahawks (via Cincinnati) – Charles Brown – OT – USC

This comes down to Campbell and Brown, I pick Charles Brown as he fits our scheme better and coming from USC already knows the coach. On a different note, Julius Jones, Deon Branch and Kelly Jennings are looking for new homes, going cheap to anyone with a 3rd round pick.

22. New England Patriots – Jason Pierre-Paul – DE/OLB – South Florida

A little nervous about the one-year wonder factor, and his being able to go from putting a hand on the ground to rushing the quarterback from a standup position. But he put up big numbers, seems eager to learn, and dazzled at the combine. Too much upside to pass up at 22, and i think the Pats system and leadership would do wonders for a player who has the talent but is lacking a huge body of work at the collegiate level

23. Green Bay Packers – Bruce Campbell – OT – Maryland

It was down to a choice between Campbell and Hughes, but there is value in later rounds for a ‘rush’ linebacker  Now Campbell can develop a year behind 2 great tackles and also see quite a bit of action, as Clifton and Tauscher will not stay healthy a full season. ARod will get a break and not to run for his life, which may help him get his throws off a bit quicker.

24. Philadelphia Eagles – Taylor Mays – S – USC

Not sure if he translates better as a FS or a SS, and im a little concerned about his lack of production. But hes a workout freak and a lot of boards have him higher than Earl Thomas. He has very good range and versatile enough to drop back in coverage and get jump balls or to play in the box and lay a hit on a running back.

25. Baltimore Ravens – Terrence Cody – DT – Alabama

The pick of Terrance “Tits” Cody allows the Ravens to finally restock the  trenches with enormous size and tits. Pairing Cody with H. Nagata will hopefully bring back visions of Sam Adams and Tony Siragusa type dominance that once squashed all NFL Offenses. This pic also extends Ray Lewis’ career by a few more productive RB killing years and frees him up to do what he does best. Welcome to the AFC North, CJ Spiller. Meet the guys that are gonna hurt you.

26. Arizona Cardinals – Maurkice Pouncey – OG/C – Florida

The Cardinals need to protect their QB. Pouncey can play both guard and center, but will fit as a guard for Reggie Wells. The Cards need a line to help anchor the explosive play of Fitz, Breaston, Doucet, Beanie, Stephens-Howling, and most importantly, whoever the new QB is.

27. Dallas Cowboys – On the clock – Nate Allen – S – South Florida

With the 27th pick we would like Nate Allen safety out of usf. While we would have liked an offensive lineman in the first round the team doesn’t have any glaring holes in it and with most of the top o line guys taken we had to address another issue. It’s no secret that the cowboys secondary can be suspect at best sometimes primarily in the saftey spot.  We happened to get mike Jenkins out of the same school and hope lightning can strike twice. He’s a playmaker in the backfield with good speed but is also a physical pressence to keep receivers looking over there shoulder.
28. San Diego Chargers – Ryan Matthews – RB – Fresno State

The Chargers have needs at Nose Tackle, Running Back and Right Tackle.  With Williams and Cody already off the board and being too early for Thomas or a Right Tackle; the Chargers are going to fill their need at Running Back with Ryan Matthews of Fresno State.
29. New York Jets – Carlos Dunlap – DE – Florida

You’re probably wondering why on earth I’d pick a defensive player in the first round on a team that had the #1 overall defense in the league.  We blitzed a ton and that definitely helped…but our defensive line play can be better and pass rush from the D-Line can be improved.
30. Minnesota Vikings – Devin McCourty – CB – Rutgers

The Vikings rep didn’t pick in time so I gave them McCourty. I’d say that cornerback is one of the Vikings top three needs, with quarterback and offensive tackle and/or guard being the other two. McCourty is also good value here and it was between him and Kyle Wilson from Boise State.

Alright, so the Vikings guy emailed and conveniently we pick exactly who he wanted, so here is his reasoning for the pick:

Owner Zygi Wilf, VP of Player Personnel Rick Spielman, and HC Brad Childress love dynamic players that fit well into the system and especially when they also contribute to special teams. CB Cedric Griffin tore his ACL in the final minutes of the NFC championship, rehabilitation is going great and should be back by the season opener but if he needs a little more time or gets re-injured someone will need to take his spot, add the fact CB Antoine Winfield will be turning 33 this June and could possibly start to slowly lose his Pro Bowl caliber abilities shows CB is a position the Vikings will address in this draft. With all that in mind Devin McCourty could not be a better fit for the Vikings. Very physical, quick, and a great tackler which is so very valuable in any Tampa 2 defense. Also, bringing an immediate impact to special teams, McCourty is everything the Vikings need.

31. Indianapolis Colts – Sergio Kindle – OLB/DE – Texas

This was tough. It came down between a couple of players but right now the linebackers on the Colts roster are Gary Brackett, Clint Session, Philip Wheeler, Ramon Humber, Kyle DeVan and Cody Glenn. I guess I’d be okay with having those first three as the starters but then we don’t have any solid backups and Kindle could push for a starting spot immediately and it’s always good to have some healthy competition in the offseason and preseason. Plus he can play some defensive end if Freeney or Mathis get hurt.

32. New Orleans Saints – Tim Tebow – QB – Florida

There isnt a RB, safety, or O-Lineman with the right value here. As of right now, the offense is still intact. So im trying to get valued defensive players later on and take Tebow. He can learn under Brees and Sean Payton is creative enough to find packages that enhance Tebow’s ability to succeed. He has a tremendous work ethic and wants to get better every day. Plus, he can circumsize all the Katrina refugees.

To continue on to round two click here.

The Seahawks need a replacement for Walter Jones, but none are worth this pick, Trent Williams is a right tackle and one of Brown, Campbell or Davis should be left at 14, or Ducasse in the second and maybe Capers or Wang later on, i’m happy to wait in order to get Mebane some help on a defensive line which is very much lacking right now. Fellow Seahawks fans may want Bradford as he’s still on the board, but Hasselbeck still has a few good years in him, we just gotta stop him getting hit. Big fan of Spiller and will probably miss out on him now but needs must!

20 Responses

  1. Throw in the 47th along with the 44 and 53 and I’ll take it for 26 and 88.

  2. Baltimore plays a 3-4 defense; picking Cody confuses me the Ravens already have a fantastic Nose Tackle in Hali Ngata. They can’t play both at the same time unless they play one out of position and I don’t think either one could really play an effective DE.

  3. Seattle here. Loving the draft, the realism of everyone is really enjoyable. Am also very pleased with my lot, 2 new linemen so far, a new 3rd round pick with potentially another on the way, already have 2 4th rounders in the bag, good times!

  4. We’re not sure what happened to all the comments here. I guess WordPress just didn’t like them and deleted them all. I’m hoping they show back up soon.

  5. Good job Seattle, picking up the 84th and the Pete Carrol loyalty pick OT. Not sure if I wouldve kept the original pick and been happy with spilller or Trent Williams. But the way this draft is shaping up or sliding back, the extra pick will yield a great prospect.

  6. Wow, i wouldn’t have taken Nate Allen in the third round. He hurt himself today for the second time just trying to run the 40. I had about 5 more safeties ranked above him. Bold pick.

  7. So weird that South Fla has two 1st round worthy prospects but “tha’ U”, the once mighty NFL farm team, has no one on the radar except a gimp OT and a gangsta hoopster turned TE, both with 3rd round grades. Times have changed. Where are the Seminoles at as well?

  8. To the Denver GM….. Would you like to make the likely real life trade of Brandon Marshall for our second round pick?


  9. Did anyone else hear that Earl Thomas ran a 4.35 40 time today? Thats fast enough that Al Davis just might have to draft another Safety.

    • If Al saw Pierre-Paul at the combine doing the back flips no one else will be his pick.

    • I don’t think enough people are talking about Thomas, he’s a stud. If the draft plays out like ours and he ends up in Houston, he’s got a chance to be great.

      As far as Al Davis, I heard he as looking into taking Brittney Griner out of Baylor just to block field goals. That may just be a rumor, though.

  10. […] 2010 Fan Mock Draft – Round 2 Posted on March 31, 2010 by colts18 This is the second round of our interactive, fan mock draft where the readers make the picks. We have each team being represented by a different person and they make the picks that they think are best for their team. Each person has six hours to make their pick and then the next person is on he clock. To see the easier to read, spreadsheet version of the draft click here. To see the reasoning behind the first round picks, click here. […]

  11. I did not see the Tebow pick coming at all.

  12. Needless to say I’m shocked at the Saints pick, didn’t in my wildest dreams see that pick.

  13. It’s a bit confusing all round. The comment starts “there isn’t a QB…….with value here right now”. So why pay a guy first round pick money to back up one of the best in the league who is neither injury prone nor getting on in years?

    Maybe he is to be a triple option alternative for trick plays as well? Rather like when Chris Leake was still QB at Florida.

    At least it means he becomes a saint without having to die first.

  14. sorry, i meant “RB” not “QB”, and even still, the Saints have Mark Brunell at backup. Tebow can learn the system and how to be successful under one of he best, there’s no pressure on him to win right away so he can hone his skills, and Sean Payton made Brees an elite QB AND was there for a lot of Romo’s development. A solide LB, safety, or OL can be found later

  15. Kindle, Pouncey, Allen, Matthews, and Dunlap were ALL guys I was looking at and they were gone right before i selected

  16. “he can circumsize all the Katrina refugees”

    What? That makes no sense at all.

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